No IK reaction on drone attacks?

  • Did papa kyani didn't give approval for any statement?

  • Army got its $$$s from US and its fine now. Next time there is an Army/US dispute on $$$s the usual suspects will come out in rage chanting ‘Qaumi Ghairat’ mantra until the $ rate is settled again.

  • There is a whole party policy concerning drone attacs, maybe u are unaware of it? IK and PTI will give answer to drone attacks, soon we are going to wariztan, where drone attacks take place.

    BTW any replies from noon league concerning drone attacks?

    Has NS made a press conference specifically regarding condoning drone attacks?

    Has NS made statement to foreign media concerning drone attacks like IK has done?

    Has NS done any jalsa specifically concerning drone attacks?

    Has Noon league resigned from parliament or done walk out concerning drone attacks?

  • Going where? did ameer-ul-memeneen gave him approval to come over?


  • Those who never did ONE protest against drone strikes, and not even did a drama of protest within the parliament except when it was a hot issue made by PTI's protests, for them to ask this question from PTI, makes them true Noon Goons - hypocrites and shameless.

    Who is going to Wazirstan for the march against drones? NS's daddy?

    Who conducted dharnas against drones in Peshawar and Karachi's? NS's chacha?

  • That was Pasha sponsored, moment filthy generals got what they wanted all dharns are over..

    No so-so namie is left for nala laie and fake maulan amir liaqat

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    PTI is going to the horses mouth, so who is behind that?

  • سابقہ امریکی سفیر کیمرن منٹر تو کھلے لفظوں میں کہہ گیا تھا کہ عمران خان نے امریکہ پسند حکومت لانے کا عندیہ دیا ہے

    یعنی کہ تبدیلی اسی طرح کی ہوگی جیسی کہ مصر میں آئی ہے جہاں چہرہ تو تبدیل ہوگیا لیکن باقی سب ویسا کا ویسا ہی وہی یہودی قبضے کی حمایت، وہی فلسطینی مسلمانوں کا بائیکاٹ وہی امریکی امداد و قرضے وغیرہ وغیرہ

  • These noon-goons think that since their leader grew up in the lap of Generals and was sponsored by the same, everybody has to be like them.

    If Dharnas was sponosored by Pasha, who is sponsoring Peach March to Fata? The current ISI chief?