Im the Dim !

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    By Jugnu Mohsin

    I'm sure you've all read the recent story about me in the New York Times, in which I've diagnosed an illness amongst Pakistani intellectuals called "Westoxification". This illness is highly contagious and the infection was deliberately spread by my ex-in laws the British during the Raj. Only I can cure it.

    I've drawn up a questionnaire to determine the levels of Westoxification in the blood and all those who are in the PTI have to answer it:

    1. Do you speak English?

    2. Have you ever been to the West?

    3. Have you ever watched a Hollywood film?

    4. Have you ever been married to a person from the West?

    5. Have you ever been divorced from a person from the West?

    6. Have you ever had children with a person from the West?

    7. Do these children live in the West?

    8. Do they go to school in the West?

    9. Do you go to the West every now and then to see them?

    10. Is your best friend the Duchess of Cornwall's brother Mark Shand?

    11. Have you ever been on an aircraft?

    12. Have you ever used a computer?

    13. Are you on email, Facebook, Twitter?

    14. Have you ever eaten a burger, pizza, cake, pastry etc?

    15. Have you ever had an anti-biotic?

    16. Have you ever had Coke, 7-Up, Pepsi?

    17. Have you ever made a nuclear bomb?

    18. Do you use a telephone?

    19. Do you use a kettle?

    20. Do you use a toaster?

    21. Do you use a blender?

    22. Do you use a razor to shave?

    23. Do you shave?

    24. Is your beard in your tummy or on your face?

    25. Have you ever sat on a toilet?

    If you get an 'A' in this test, then you get First Prize which is a Five Year Multiple Entry Visa to the US. If you get a 'B', then you get Second Prize which is a PIA return ticket to London (Economy Class). If you get a 'C' then you should be ashamed of yourself and you don't deserve to be in the PTI.

    Im the Dim

  • LOL

    Very nice

    great research and questionnaire

  • I got F-

    I m i di ot

    your questionnaire failed U have to re do it