Rasme kul ; Noon league Jhelum

  • Ek aad marking ham b dain? :P

    Bhye suna hai .. agay Allah malik hai .. par sunaa hai k chabees agast, baroz itwar, Noon league, razaey Ilahi say, Jhelum say kooch farmane wali hai :P

    Sogwaraan janaze kee tyari karain :P

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  • Yes, in lahore they have already finished and now in jehlum; poor

    LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) convener Rana Muhammad Tanvir has announced to join Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) receiving a warm welcome from Nawaz group.

    Rana Muhammad Tanvir, who was the candidate for the PP-155 constituency, expressed annoyance over the behavior of senior leadership.

    He said that he had enrolled 37,000 youths in PP-155 to the PTI but the party had not repaid his hard work. He lashed out at Imran Khan, saying the PTI chief had no control over his party.

    On the other side, the PML-N happily accepted him into the party fold in a proper induction ceremony.

    Khwaja Saad Rafiq welcomed the entry of Rana Tanvir in the party and said his party was now taking the country to general elections which accounts for a great credit on its part in a situation when the rampant corruption of ‘Zardari gang’ could have invited dictators to the rule.

  • Oh yea absolutely, the same way PTI was demolished in Pindi on 13 th night

  • Aur janaza Molana Chaudry sab ya Muazzam sab parai'n gay...I guess

  • What's happening there? Raja Afzal & sons defecting? or is it Farukh Altaf's induction?

  • sohail. Either will do. Going to be an earth shattering victory for tsunami in your home town.

  • Raja Afzal defecting (with 2 sitting MNA sons) would be a major blow to PMLn. He's been with noon league forever... did Javed Hashmi play a role in his alleged defection or did he see the writing on the wall? Or was it some differences with noon leadership? Either way I'm shocked... I never saw this coming!

  • Boziz Imran vote still intact in pindi city, irrelevant but true. Han a good argument could be kay PMLn voter is very angry and now standing stead fast.

  • Raja Afzal defecting (with 2 sitting MNA sons) would be a major blow to PMLn

    Dont waste the lifelines and lock this one .. just a tip ;)


    Saad Rafique suspects PTI has dented some 45k votes in his constituency. Dedh lac k jalse main jin ko 1500 nazar atay hain unho nay kya dekha ho ga aur 45k report kia hai. Aap samjhdar hain :)

  • .....Imran vote still intact in pindi city ......

    Fantastic news. Great to hear that all the three thousand who voted for PTI candidate Jazi Khan are still 'intact' and have not been ripped to pieces by ghundas of PML-N.