Ahsan Iqbal FB Message about SH.Rasheed/Imran Alliance!!!

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    15 hours ago

    I was on umra trip therefore ignored Sh Rasheed and Imran Khan alliance. Now that back, I would like to share my thoughts on this "inqalabi development". There should be no illusion now in anyone's mind whose asset is Sh Rasheed and why PTI obliged him with a place on its deck? Just as Millat Party was cobbled up by bringing together puppets of hidden hands, likewise political orphans of the same forces have been provided a new boarding house in shape of PTI. IK said that I seek Allah's Protection from following Sh Rasheed's style of politics, now he stands shoulder to shoulder with Sh Rasheed to show yet another colour of tsunami aiming to Change Pakistani politics. I must say that a section of youth was exploited intelligently by IK to serve as a fodder for his political ambitions without realizing that the youth is educated and intelligent enough to catch up with reality. I welcome all those who have protested over IK's Grand betrayal and joined PMLN in the last one week.

  • How sweet of AI.

    There is no alliance as yet. Hes ejaculated prematurely.

    With Chori Nisar leading N league, he has the dhitai to point fingers.

    Chori Nisar who Begum Kalsoom thinks is a traitor and sided with the army to screw N league.

    .. and AI has the dhitai to point fingers. How sweet of AI. :P


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  • ^^^ Good grief!!! this paid crowed of Insaaf Social Media force has really mastered the art of bad mouthing, shifting blame and bashing others on every logical question asked or objection raised. Wonderful training by Awab Alvi I must say.

    Now that they have no answer to failed extra-marital (whatever) of Sheeda and Ilzaam urf Zakat Chore, they throw stone on everything standing or moving.

  • tsunami

    U might be very right in saying that what Kalsoom thinks of Ch.Nisar.


    Has she ever said that I won't give Sh.Rasheed even a peon's post and then that same leader goes to his jalssii .

    Tsunami bahi,

    No leader is GOD. Lets admit whats wrong and make these leaders realize that masses (us) are not fools or their 'ghulams' who follow whatever they say and do. We keep our eyes open and ready to differ.

  • ^^^What IK said about SR then was in the context of his presence in a government that was destroying Pakistan. Now and for the last 4 years, the scene is absolutely opposite - he is criticizing the corrupt goverment and the status quo parties.

    There is absolutoey nothing wrong in attending his jalsa, which was done against the government and ruling parties.

  • LOL at Ahsan Iqbal!

    He doesn't see Marvi Memon, Amir Muqman, Zahid Hamid, Liaquat Jataoi, Hamayun Akhtar, Kashmalya Tariq, a whole crop of lotas in Punjab Assembly and other Musharraf associates who joined N-league!

    And furthermore, Sheik Rasheed was with PMLN for over 20 years. If he is so bad, then why did PMLN gave him tickets and made him minister on countless occasions?

    Hypocrisy, anyone?

  • it is a baseless logic that sheikh rasheed has been criticizing government for last so many years... totally an ignorance of ignorant minds.....

    what else would they expect from sheikh rasheed when he was rejected by both ppp and pml n... he had no other option but to criticize both parties.... like a dog who runs after passing by cars and barks at them...

    by the way this is what imran khan did with musharaf..... first he supported him and then started criticizing him because he did not listen to him...

    Imran Khan and Sheikh Rasheed.... together.... they can only serve each other well....

  • ^^^Bro, it is your analysis that he was rejected by PMLN and PPP. My analysis is that after 30 Oct Tsunami of PTI, Nawaz Sharif would have personally pressed his knees to joing N-league. The iron rod in Sharifs' neck was broken that day and they started beseeching ever Tom and D!ck to join them.

    Who is Marvi Memom? What about the whole host of other lotas that joined PMLN? What about the the other people I have listed in another post?

    Sheik Rasheed is a better perosn that NS, btw. Who is NS, you tell me? This goon was a boot poolisher of Zia-ul-Haq and came into politics on dictator's shoulder. On the other hand, SHeik Rasheed joined politics as a street worker.

    In Musharraf's era, Sheik Rasheed enjoyed the government, but this goon enjoyed luxury in Jaddah, Dubai and London. If you compare Hashmi and Sheik, I will say Hashmi hands down. But NS's touts talking ill of Sheik Rasheed?

    So on what grounds a toad like NS could reject Sheik Rasheed to begin with?

  • hehe .. ghusa nai kia kar yaar kher hai ..paani pee aur kaan khol k sun

    every logical question asked or objection raised

    There is no logic. SR is anti govt, out of parliament, suffices to our criteria. Yet, there is no alliance as of now.

    Wonderful training by Awab Alvi I must say

    I dont rate him much. Baqi paid waid .. to mere bhai ham social media pay tab say hain jab N ko spelling nai aati thi social media kee. Kuch samajh aya?

    Has she ever said that I won't give Sh.Rasheed even a peon's post and then that same leader goes to his jalssii .

    Thora munasib kar le bhai. :) She thinks Chori Nisar was responsible for the treatment her family was meted out. And now Chori is a senior party leader. Ham to jalse main gaey aap nay leader banaya hua hai.

    No leader is GOD. Lets admit whats wrong and make these leaders realize that masses (us) are not fools or their 'ghulams' who follow whatever they say and do

    Agreed. But sadly for nooners, we're on one page with IK. IK has no malafide intent. Secondly, hamari team main ek kuptaan hai, ham saray kuptaan nai hain. We trust IK is driving us to our goal. We need no other motivation.

    Baqi ye k IK hamara leader weader nai, hamara ishq hai. :)

    And thats that coz the admin doesnt rate me much, and wont allow me to post rebuttals from 'established members'.

  • LOL!!! A very interesting comment I found on Ashan Iqbal's status in reply to the above comment:

    most people go to Umrah and come back a changed man but "shetaan bhi kabhi farishta bana hay? Ahsan sahab, it feels like the fever of Imran's popularity followed you during your ummrah that's why the 1st thing you have done is start talking evil against the most honest man of Pakistan. ....

    LOL! Just go to this FB page, he is getting serious chitrol!

  • Ahsan Iqbal is blowing this alliance out of proportion. All Sheikh saab did:

    1. Requested CJ Saab to kill Zardari before he kills CJ.

    2. Requested Mullah Umar to ensure Imran's next rally is success, unlike Liaqat Bagh one.

    :) :)

  • @Insaf

    Chitrol ek nasha hai .. iski lat par jaey to jaati nai. Noono ko hamare saath kee zarurat hai .. "kaheen wo tanha na reh jaey" :P


    Requested Mullah Umar to ensure Imran's next rally is success, unlike Liaqat Bagh one.

    This wasnt Imrans rally. You dint know it or lying on purpose? :)

  • @tsuanmi,

    Bahi ye to hai. Is liye meri taraf se apni noon bhaion ke liye:

  • Bhyee wah .. garma garm kawa biryani kee plate saamne rakhi hai Insaf nay .. JazakAllah mere bhai.

    Noon wale bhaio Bismilla karo, dawat main sharmana kesa? :P

  • @tsunami bahi

    I didn't say it was Imran's rally, of course it was Sheikh Saab's and SH. Sb requested Ameer ul Momaneen to grant visa to Imran bahi ...

  • Imran's next rally is success, unlike Liaqat Bagh one.

    Shayed meri he angrezi kamzor hai

  • another shiekh rasheed thread, most of the points have all ready been addressed by ptians.

    this was PTI jalsa in liagath Park,


    the recent one was conducted by shiekh rasheed, with IK special appearance. For example if a leading actor does a special appearance in a movie, it is not necessary that all his supporters will watch that movie in cinema halls. Similarly this was shiekh rasheed jalsa not IK.

    BTW: can someone go and ask when Ahsan Iqbal party noon league planning to do a jalsa in liagath park?

  • so any feedback on nooners concrning liagath bagh jalsa?

    When will the mighty NS do one over there?

    has iqbal saab given a twitter message yet concerning this?

  • @tsunami bahi

    You are splitting the hair's. It doesn't matter whose rally was that? Now both Sheikh Saab and Imran Khan are in one team lead by Ameer ul MOmaneen Mullah Umar.