Biggest lie ever, Imran , ایک کروڑ نوکریاں

  • Imran today announced his so-called economic policy to male 'Nirralas' more fool . The biggest lie or promise ever made by any politician .


    ایک کروڑ نوکریاں

    I read one MILLION

    Lie in both cases

    Now come on Nirralay

    Try to prove it truth

    *News at a Pakistani news channel

  • What lie?

    Tehreek-e-Insaaf is creating jobs even before coming to power.

    Don't believe it? See the evidence:

    Lahore: Facing many allegations of running social media campaigns on state resources, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz has now decided for a all-round cyber war against Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf...

    ...“About 25 youths would be hired by district bodies of Nawaz League in Punjab province to fight against highly skilled and technically sound team of PTI,” sources said.

    Now how many districts are there in Punjab? Do the math and PTI has already created a handsome amount of roozgar. ;)

    PTI has already delivered laptops for the youth of Punjab, remember.

    By its fruits you shall know the tree!

  • So PML N is providing the jobs .

    Good news

    ^ PTI is also doing same

    From our Zakat ,Chandah ,Fitrh ,Sadqa Khairat money

    And be ready to spend more

    Eid Qurban is just close

  • Nope, you got it wrong.

    PMLN is FORCED to provide jobs by PTI, in a specific niche. ;)

    Your second part is nonsense.

  • second part is nonsense.

    If nonsense

    Go in the court against Khawaja Asif and Ch Nisar

    They have said it openly and your leader announced to go court but he went in the court of Sh Rasheed .

  • @AK,

    you think anyone can take great Khawaja Asif to court? He will kick IK's already busted back side so hard that his constipation will go away!

    Kh sahab put his foot a little bit on IK's dum and see he ran towards nalla laie and then fake maulvi amir liq...

  • You forgot the proven

    Dirtiest Tv Anchor of the world

    Mubashir Luqman

    Ik was bound to go for his program

    It was order of Malik Riaz

  • There is nothing strange about this claim. Once betting is legalized a lot of jobs will be created.

  • جا بیٹا پی ایم ایل ..میاں جی کی پارٹی میں شامل ہوجا ..بڑا فائدہ ہوگا ماں نے کمالے پتر کی آنکھوں میں سرما ڈالا اور تیل سے چپڑ چپڑ کرتے سر میں کنگھی پھیری کمالہ پتر سیدھا میاں جی کے ڈیرے میں پوھنچا وہ دن اور آج کا دن کمالے پتر نے پی ایم ایل سے بہت مال کمایا

  • Although good in papers, but if as the PTI leaders says that PPP+PML and allies have set new records of corruption and incompetency, then how come in next five years following can be achieved:

    Resolve the power problem:

    remember it is not that Pakistan is being deprived power because of they do not have much installed capacity, it is because the of the ever increasing fuel cost!!! Now what PTI is going to do about it??? build water-run power stations?? just for their info, to have a run-of-river or dam based commissioned project, it takes min of 4 to 9 years???? now if the current govt have not done anything about it, how come PTI is going to fix the issue in next five years??? or it is another hoax call??? beware people

    Next is, Tax to GDP ratio, which is at stand at 9.9% today and is being promised to take it to 15%!!! and that is my taxing the everyone!!! now i do not know the details here, but if they are going to tax everyone without removing the indirect taxation then be ready for another huge wave of inflation!!!

    and about 10 million jobs in five years!!! brother unless the energy issue is fixed and resolved, there ain't going to be any job opening in next few years!!!

    last not least, this is more like promises of PTI!!! which can be sold to the brainless youth!!! Just like Bhutto sold RoTi, KapRa aur Makan in 70s and in his same tenure snatched all three from the people!!!

  • بونگا خان ٹھیک کہتا ہے

    اس کے بقول اس کے ممبران کی تعداد ایک کروڑ ہو گئی ہے

    ان تمام انقلابیو کو ہرا چولا پہنا کر ہر گلی کی نکڑ پر زکات جمع کرنے پر لگا دیا جاۓ

    ہو گئی ایک کروڑ نوکریاں پوری

  • The business and trader mafias will strike massively against any such taxation and Imran buffoon will back off.

    These morons of PTI think that tax-to-GDP ratio can be increased to 15% BY TAXING JUST 2 PEOPLE; Nawaz and Zardari!!!!!!!!

    Good luck with that.

    By the way, I am transferring my assets abroad so that I don't have to pay taxes to this brain-dead idiot cricketer.

  • You leaguers really have no imagination. There is no need to be skeptical. Every target in PTI's economic policy can be easily achieved.

    1. It is true that hydel plants take 4-9 years to complete, but who said anything about hydel. PTI will end power crisis by converting all furnace oil plants to coal. Though by its own estimate, this will need $4 Billion, but this amount can be easily collected either through foreign donors who will be making a queue to give loans to Pakistan once PTI is in power. Alternatively, the great Imran Khan can easily make $ 4 billion by placing a few bets based on his extra-ordinary cricketing acumen.

    2. Raising Tax-to-GDP ratio to 15% is the easiest thing. No need to collect any more taxes. The only thing to do is to reduce the GDP, the tax ratio will automatically increase to 15%.

    3. As for 10 million jobs, I have already said that once PTI legalizes betting, this sector alone will bring in millions of jobs.

    Just have trust in the great Imran Khan and he will surely achieve all these targets.

  • گل او کرو جڑی پوری کر سکو.

    People in our beloved country don't bother about data, figures or any future claims.

    کہ دو بعد میں دیکھی جائے گی.

    کل کس نے دیکھا ہے؟

  • state owned enterprises are already crippling under the load of over-employment. Just take the example of PIA or steel mills which basic problem is that more people are employed than needed.

    Banks and PTCL have survivived becasue they did massive golden hand shakes during late 90's and decades after that.

    Giving employment is not the job of government.

  • @AK,

    Of course, he will be taken to court. That his allegations are nonsense, has been established already. However, he will taken to court to get the chitrol he deserves.

  • How long we shall wait .

    IK can not go to court , I assure you .

    If he opened this Pandora box

    He will for get his dirty politics .

  • Bongaa Khan is probably talking about recruiting 10 million into

    Pakistan Taliban Tehreek to solve the problem of youth unemployment.

    Oh ghaash! this Khan is genius.

  • Common between Taliban and Imran

    Qurbani ki khalain ,Fitrah , Chandah , Sadqah , Zakat and Khairat .