Real facts of jhelum politics

  • raja afzal is supposed to join pti. here are the actual facts behind it:

    nawabzada iqbal mehdi janjua is 4 times mna from jhelum na-63, it is his pet seat, no one could beat him on this seat. in last two elections, iqbal mehdi was disqualified due to non B.A status, so he supported raja asad, son of raja afzal who won the seat both in 2002 and 2008 even when raja afzal lost his own seat na-62 in 2002. so it shows strength of iqbal mehdi.

    now this time, mehdi decided to run thru his seat na-63 on pmln ticket. but raja afzal wants both seats for his sons. as raja afzal cannot win na-63 without mehdi, while he is also vunernable on na-62 as in 2002 election. so pmln took right decision to book mehdi for na-63, no one can beat him. while for other seat, they might consider farrukh altaf , former district nazim belonging to jat bradari and nephew of ch. shabaz husain having 60000 personal vote bank.

  • RIP PMLN Multan, no matter the excuses.

  • Very good and true analysis

  • I hope you guys have many more analysis ready when the rest of your party jumps ship. Just wait till the elections are announced and then we will see who is left in PMLN.

  • If you see seriously , Only those shall leave PML N or PPP , Who don't look a chance for their party tickets .

  • We have had sitting MNAs from both parties leaving to a party that has won one NS seat in its history and you don't think there is change coming. Even if PTI fails to come to power they have changed Pakistani politics forever.

  • Except Hashmi all were having no chance of a ticket . Corrupt dirty Lotay . Some moved as per advice of establishment and some in greed of being elected . All making the most dirty group .

  • Hashmi ke ilaawa inamullah hi gya hai aur wo 15 saal pehle election jeeta tha...even lost a by-election from lahore aur rota rokhri aur niwani ko hai jo dono independent jeet ke party mei aaye hain

    Even if raja moves all 4 mpas to remain

  • I am from D G Khan Area. But We all were very happy when we knew that Khoosa is leaving because in any case Khoosas cant win their seats in next elections. It was the good move from SS to bring his opponent Amjad Farooq in PMLn. Although Khoosas have decided to stay in PMLn but the move has been played and they have secured One NA seat in this area. As a well wisher of PMLn , i still want khoosas to leave the party so that they can induct Jafer Leghari to secure another seat.

    The same analysis i saw from Jehlum politics, I believe a person living in the area can tell better what is going on in that area.

  • Jhelum has same type of composition of population as other cities on GT Road. Castes and creeds as important in these cities as national issues and PMLN has distinct advantage when it comes to racial and social make-up of these cities.

    Raja Afzal never going to leave PMLN. He might hard bargain for NA seats but will make compromise. His political rivalry goes back for decades against chauhdry shehbaz family. His jumping over to PTI might cause PMLN to lose NA 62, Jhelum City, but he will finish off his politics.

  • N walon ko mubaarik ho Khosa ruk giya kin sharton per? kiya Dost khosa k khilaf sapna case cold storage main chala jayega? If u remember i has asked noon league-rs to plx hold on khosa PPP dont need him cause we hv Dareshak in his opposition. but noon league wale kehte the SS ne merit ko qaim rakha aur khosa ki parwah nahi ki abb NS ne mana liya kahan giya merit? hamm tau pehle hi kehte the rate bharane ka tareeqa hey n its style of PMln trade politics--bhaee thoda Raja Afzal k khilaf bhi haath hola karo us k khilaf jo Raja akhter ne complaint ki Bhatta khori ki uss ko bhi sard khane main daalo akhir woh "jeetne wala umeedwar hey' noon ko patta chala hey k iblees bhi dozakh k halqe se jeet sakta hey abb uss k paoon parne Ch Nisar n Kh asif jaa rahe hain jahnum agli flight se

  • There is a lot of Raja and chudary politics in jhelum, a lot of hard work is required by PTI to secure seats over there

  • Zulfi,

    you seem to be contradicting yourself. On the one hand you're telling us how important cast and creed in this constituency are and on the other you say his political career will be over if he ditched PMLn. Is he dependent on noon league or biradari? Biradri voting bloc tends to be very loyal, so they'll stick with him no matter where he goes.

    Jhelum is an urban-rural mix and this guy is a smart politician. He must have seen the math not working in his favor while he could rely on the biradri vote he knows the disenfranchised and disillusioned youth wouldn't vote for PMLn, so he's banking on PTI to cash in that voting bloc.

    There's no confirmed report of him jumping ship yet, but if he does the only way his opponent could come close is by PLMn+PMLq+PPP alliance.

  • @ truepakistan60,

    Please correct yourself, Dreeshaks are not in the same area of Khoosas. Dreeshak has different constituency. Infact Khoosa and legharis are rivals.

    Investigate before you post.

  • so it means afzal is not leaving pmln. it was rumour spread by chacha kuppi

  • chacha kuppi ne ye baat kee tha?


  • Raja afzal PTI ;-)


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  • @Pakistan238

    I'm from Jhelum and I'm a staunch supporter of PMLN. We the supporters of PMLN are not blind followers of the leadership like the Ilzamis. Farrukh Iltaf was a Nazim in Musharraf era and one of the most corrupt Politian who was and is the Don of all the criminals of the area. Stories of his criminal conduct are told in every home of Jhelum. If Farrukh Iltaf is taken in to PMLN, it would be a great tragedy for Jhelum, the people of Jhelum and PMLN itself.