Cheapest Land in the world for sale-Excellent oppertunity Dont Miss

  • Imran Khan showed 530 Kanal & 15 Marlas of Mian Channu just 50,000 Pak Rupees! Means TOTAL 10,615 Marlas for 50,000 Means 1 Marla for about 4.71 (About 4 rupees & 71 paisas)

    Please dont miss an excellent oppertunity to buy this land as this is the cheapest land in the world you can have..

    Any body interested can send their posts to bani gala.

  • You leaguers can never realize how much the people of Pakistan love the great Imran Khan. This is why they are ready to sell him prime land for virtually nothing.

    After all, if some patriotic supporter of tsunami can "gift" the great Imran Khan the 300 Kanal land on which his Bani Gala Palace has been built, whats wrong with another supporter giving him 530 kanal in Mian Channu for only 50 thousand?

  • @ adonis

    poti khan first said that he bought that 300 kanal after selling london flate

    then when he was checked and he took u turn and said it was a gift from jemima and again when he was caught on benami transaction.

    shame on you for lying for some body and spoiling your grave.

  • Why you guys think that every political statement has to be Quran or Hadith that can not change?

    Imran Khan's statement that he paid Jemima for Bani Gala land by selling his london flat was a political statement. Now, forget it. What really matters is what the great Imran Khan has declared now which is that Bani Gala land was a gift.

    Just because no one gives such gifts to your leaders does not mean that supporters of the great Imran Khan can not give such gifts to him.

  • اپنی ہی پارٹی کے لیٹر ہیڈ پر اثاثہ جات کی تفصیل۔ اپنے ہاتھ سے بنا کر جو مرضی لکھ لو۔

    اثاثہ جات ہمیشہ سرکاری کاغذات میں ظاہر کئے جاتے ہیں۔

    اور زمین کی قیمت موجودہ مالیت کے ساتھ ظاہر کی گئی ہے۔ جب اس پر سوال اٹھایا جائے تو کہا جاتا ہے۔

    یہ قیمت 1950 کی ہے۔ ہاہاہاہا۔

    جھوٹ پر جھوٹ

    شرم تم مگر نہی آتی

  • Also from PTI own economic policy, both mian chunnu and bani gala properties can be bought by govt for their declared price. I guess PTI has a great opportunity to implement its policy right away. It will increase their credibility manifold by offering govt to buy these assets for the declared price. I hope now IK will not have another u-turn on his own policy now.

  • If some one will go in the history of this land and allotment of plot in Zaman Park , He will see a more interesting story .

  • Shah Mehmood Qureshi sahib apna dubai wala ghar tu assets mai declare karna bhool gaey ya wo khairaat mai de deea shoukat khanum hospital ko......?

  • Shah Mahnood himself lives on charity money of the great 'Wali' of Multan .


    In 2010 IK Said that Bani Gala was Purchased at .145 mn per Canal but In the published Assets he declared the Bani Gala Palace as "Gift"

    So the Journy of Bani Gala is Very confusing

    It was Gift 2 Years Back, When Ch. Nisaar Questioned It became a Purchased Property which Was purchased by Selling the UK Flat Meanwhile just a Day Before Yesterday Bani Gala Palace is again a Gift ...

    Ya Allah ... IS banday Ko Kabhi To Aik Baat Par Qayam RAkh :(