Zulfiqar Khosa took back his resignation.

  • As per media news senior advisor to Punjab Chief Minister Zulfiqar Khosa took his resignation back, after his meeting with high PML(N) leaders. So it means that, khosa family has got the assurance of withdrawl of Sapna's murder allegations,or lingering on it, for a indefinite period as a black mailing point from both side. Secondly will the claim of Punjab govt over the issue of stolen furniture & fixture by Zulfiqar Khosa during his period of short term chief ministership of Punjab, has also been withdrawn as a settlement of assembly position. Where principles stands now for PML(N) and specially Sharif family or the actual owner of party.

  • hahahaha

    who said the case will be taken back? how can the government take the case back?

  • frustration to pti ,

    poti is based on this hope that when all the lotas will join him.

    if pti is a grass root party why they live in this hope?????

    why dont they create their own leadership.???

    why dont they play a matured politics rather than topi drama every day.

  • ahsan iqbal is ahsan iqbal because of pml-n

    khwaja saad rafiq

    ch nisar

    ishaq dar

    mehtab abbasi

    countless other political leaders

    their identity is pml-n...who are pti's own men? who are the big guns who are big guns because of pti? none. thats why they keep begging and praying for people from other parties to join.

  • so again the khosas are angels.i remember n o 0 n e r s were acting happy over the news of khosa family leaving the party. Paid bloggers were hell bent upon proving the point that this family is a curse for the meem league..anyway eat the crow now.if u had some shame !

  • which part of this thread says khosas are angels?

    what have you been eating?

  • Excuse me. Why everybody try to blame for all evils of PML(N)with PTI. First of all i am not from PTI, secondly instead of playing blame for blame politics, why the address is not being discussed on the basis of facts on ground.Thirdly all politicians are habitual of changing parties like a dress. As far as concern PML(N) what were the past parties , Ahsan Iqbal, Saad Rafique, Zafar Ali Shah, Khawaja Asif,Can anybody tell me their Ex parties. Think independently on facts @ ground.

  • saad rafiq debut at pml-n

    khwaja asif debut at pml-n

    ahsan iqbal debut of electoral politics at pml-n (student politics in jamiat)

    zafar ali shah im not sure but i doubt he was part of any other party. don't confuse him with zafar ali shah of ppp from sindh

  • This particular case very aptly describes our principled politics. At individual level, at leadership level and at party level

    Long live Pakistani principled politics

  • @ BTKhan, I am not confused about Zafar Ali Shah off PML(N) of punjab, he was in founders of PPP. About Ahsan Iqbal, he was not only in Jamiat,was also in Jamat too,