PTI Ecnomic Policy

  • PTI has announced his economic the program leikan with sana bucha.Asad umar completely out classed the PLM(N) it was surprising for me that 40% children of punjab are not going to school.and khadme ala is distributing labtops to students its really unfear.

  • Anyone bothered analysing this policy?

  • any source/link for this 40% ?? Or asad umar is authority ??

    asad umar has learnt how to speak in talk shows, good progress but he avoided many questions in his rhetoric, for example the impractical fertilizer plant of ENGRO, that not only is lying closed but has caused huge debts to ENGRO.

  • number of ministries will be reduced to 17 from 37. Which ministries will be abolished or which ministries will be merged together ??

    secondly it was shown in same prog that PTI will abolish railway ministry. What's the alternate for railway ? Are they planning to completely privatize it ?

    thirdly PIA will be taken out from control of ministry of defence. Will it be an autonomous company or privatized or any other alternative ?

    other main points are health budget will be incresed from present 0.86% to 2.6% of GDP in years and similarly education budget will be increased from present 2% to 5% of GDP in next 5 years. I think major expenditures on health and education have already been devolved to provinces. So what exactly PTI wants to do with these budgets should be specified. Are they planning to centralize health and education again ?

  • Also have no idea how they are going to cope with the power/energy crisis??? The energy/power is core to the industrial development and everything else they are talking about!!!

  • power crisis will be resolved in 5 years and no mention of how to reduce/finish the circular debt.

    and it is interesting to note that without resolving energy crisis, they will create 10 million jobs. How ???

  • What do you mean how?

    Gambling and betting will be declared legal. Millions of jobs there.

  • Tax to GDP ratio is targetted at 15% and reduction in GST is also claimed. How will they make every body file his tax return and pay tax irrespective of the income bracket ? Any legislation/administrative action recommended for this ?

  • No need for everybody to pay taxes. GST will also be reduced. But GDP will be reduced by a much bigger amount by imposing a ban on cultivating wheat. As a result Tax to GDP ratio will become even higher than 15%.

  • Chalow lets see what PMLn and PPP come up with hopefully something better then this and there shameful past 5 years of performance in pakistan and its provinces.

  • Asad Umer gave very nice response to the stupid questions of Ahsan Iqbal. His speech about achievements of PML-N was so fake. He was saying the same sentence time and again. 'Look at the infrastructure of Narowal', lol.

    He used the tactic of letting the stupid speak and expose himself.

  • Ahsan Iqbal, the fake economic expert, of PML-N-oo-ra does not even has a quarter of the IQ of this guy. PTI rocks. Very realistic economic policy. May Allah help them implement it, and have mercy on Pakistan. (Ameen).

  • ^^^^ Perhaps in Lala Land y'all and y'alls brainless losers in the guise of politicians will get an opportunity to implement such a kiddy economic policy. Before y'all go about harping on such a plagarized piece of crap document, care to enlighten us on the following:

    • When is Imtiaz Hyderi returning the Zakat, Fitra and Chanda Money?

    • Concurrently, how long it will take Zakati Khan to muster even a modicum of courage and spine before he hauls Khawaja Asif in court?

    All the rest of your rant does not make any sense and you would just have to wait before Asad Umar runs into Mushahidullah Khan and Hanif Abbasi. Then and only then he would learn that 2+2 ain't always 4 :D

  • ^^ You forgot Shakeel Awan. PTI can do without your vote. Its your choice.

  • some one from national institute of ilzamic sciences please answer my questions that I have written above. Take help from epic lecture of prof asad umar as well.

  • Just listen to any one of the tv-shows he has participated in, in particular the following:

  • @ilzamistani_2012,

    That's quiet aight home boy....I usually don't take part in on-line polls and congeniality contests between Imran Double Shah Khan and Ustad Tabla Master on Facebook......Buhahahahahahahaha!


    Bro, Asad Umar and his brand of economic intellect is straight outta "Suit Case Carrying Technocrats." Remember Short-Cut Aziz?

  • PML-N and its supporters are in a state of paranoia. If Imran Khan and PTI is so very facebookish, why 99% of the comments are about them? Why every survey is showing them to be most popular in Pakistan? Sehar kareeb hai InshAllah. Pakistan will realize its potential InshAllah.

  • Forget popularity Homie....come to Karachi and I'll show you how popular Mussarat Shaheen still is among the certain quarters of my city. Before you start inundating the discussion boards with your pearls of wisdom, care to shed some light on the two-bit, con artist, U-Turn Specialist and his brand of Cult politics: