Irfan Siddiqi's naked attack on Fakhr-u-din G Ibrahim, CEC Pakistan!


    Irfran Siddiqi, the paid columnist of Noon-league, in his yesterday column, attacked CEC Justice Fakhrudin G Ibrain on dubious attributions. So much for "PMLN appointing a neutral CEC"!

    I think this bodes well for those who want to get rid of these corrupts through an transparent elections, since if touts of status quo like Irfan Siddiqi are not happy with him, he must be doing something right! (We shoudl have been concerned if Irfan Siddiqi were satisfied him instead!)

    This also shows that these corrupts and their touts will attack anyone who might legtimately stay in their way of ey rigging elections and hijacking power. Remember, Noon-league is the only party which attacked SC physcially, and they will do that again and more if these cheap scoundrels are allowed any way near power.

  • Instead of getting naked, Irfan Siddiqi should have kept his clothes on. Otherwise he can be mistaken as the great sage and current "Voltaire" of tsunami revolution, the great Hassan Nisar.

    PML-N is indeed the only party that attacked SC. If the great Imran Khan had not been suffering from amnesia in the 2002-2009 period, he would have remembered this and would never have joined hands with PML-N.

  • I find no obnoxious material in this column as the thread starter wants us to believe.

    CEC is a neutral empire and that's how he should behave. He should not wow for a change but for free and fair elections. Change will be the end-result.

    So inciting people to bring a "change" apparently suggest that he is siding with one contestant that "he thinks" is the change agent!

    Slip of tongue Fakhroo bhai, admit it and correct it !!!

    "Bhaaaaaaaaaaiiiii aaaieeeen ko dekho."

  • P0TI Knuckle-Heads are psychologically traumatized by anyone bearing the last name "Siddiqui." As for the esteemed Irfan Siddiqi, he has got the number of Awab Alvi's paid touts ever since he called IK as "Mushtail Khan" in one of his previous columns and the Ilzami Sheep Herd has been rolling over a mound of burning charcoal ever since.

  • "Mushtail Khan" HaHaHaHaHa.......Your morphemes,,Words,, Phrases

    should be patented

  • ^^^ Siddiquis are Da Bomb little Brotha :D

  • Words turn into live animals in yr hands that bite on Ilzami Trolls

    day and night, Keep them coming Mechanic Bhai.

  • One thing still bothers me... why in the world Siddiqi had to take his cloths off to attack CEC???

    Do you reckon they were playing beach ball or something???

  • Ohh the faffing twadller is back and he fires off his first salvo of tripe... lol

  • It is sickening to see how Meem Leaguers keep on mentioning IK's sabiqa biwi in their childish political attacks.

    Just look at PPP. PPP has basically broken opposition's back and you dont get to hear any ilzami siasat by PPP. SEriously both PTI and Meem need to learn a lesson or two from senior politicians.

    IT is understandable when PTI boys indulge in childish mud sledging because PTI si a new political (ilzami) party but why on earth does Meem League reciprocate in the same childish manner, if not worse? this is just too dumb.

  • A few months ago I was watching news and some reporter asked Bara Shareef about IK's bouncer and Bara Shareef right there and then started to prove he can hit Ik a boundary on the cover. Now how stupid is that? Shareef wanted to compare him with IK as a Cricketer..This is just like that comedy show Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean always wants to compete with the next person on silly things.

  • @bsobaid

    They could learn from ANP. Apparently that's where PTI has made the biggest dent, but how often do you hear them attacking Imran Khan or run a smear campaign against him? One must laud the political maturity, grace and composure shown by ANP. On the other hand nuray have gone bonkers since oct 30th and unleashed a mega smear/sleaze campaign with Punjab bureaucracy forced to "like" facebook pages and litter all the political forums with nonsense.

  • I think Irfan Siddiqi is right on. CEC is nobody to preach what voters should vote for. It is the job of political parties to present their mantra to voters.

    CEC's job is to ensure free and fair voting arrangement. Nothing more. He should not sound like a politician.

  • Yusufzais of Charsada and Mardan are custodian of Pashtunism in NWFP. And they always vote for one of their own whether a pashtun nationalist, a local Khan or a Mulla. They dont count Niazis as Pashtuns, go and visit if yu have doubt. ANP knows this very well and that is why they are not bothered.

    PTI never going to win ANP strongholds without help from other parties or Local Khans no matter how popular Imran is.

    As far as PMLN is conerned it is Imran who is targetting it day and

    night for some time and PMLN has just started returning the favors.

  • The people of KPK love IK. This time they will vote for PTI,because they know that ANP is the same a pmnl-n. The ISF peshawer have a very strong hold in peshawer.They did alot for the IDPs,,IK himself via IKF form the model villege in bunir so simply PTI will win from KPK very easily......

    I know these all,,,,because i belong to KPK barikot swat.MY friends from china are coming back to pakistan to make more and more vote for PTI.They told me,,,,they want to be the Part of the Change.

    The people of mardan famous for ANP,,will vote for PTI,,,Because some students studying in foreign country are coming back to pakistan,,,just to work for PTI.

    So just guess,,,,,,,,what will heppend to N o o r a!!

  • PML-n have Amir muqaam in KPK,,, Amir Muqaam belong to shengla disstric...a small disstric near swat.The president of ISF kpk belong to swat kabal,,,and he gathered much more people then Amir Muqaam....

    So i think ANP,PML-N and other parties altogether are invisible infront of PTI.

  • I agree Sohail.

    lekin woh meem leaguer hee kiaa jiss ko baat time pay samajh aajaey

  • @ zufi

    You seem to be forgetting the PTI slogan in KPK:

    کہتا ہر پختون ہے

    عمران ہمارا خون ہے

  • @Adonis,

    This particular slogan would look even more attractive in color ;)