Breaking news from KPK. Big Wickets Down

  • Liaqat Ali Khan and Barkat Ali Khan of PTI

    • Amir Nawab of ANP

    • And General secretary of PPP Mangora city with their Thousands of Workers JOins PML N

    From Chakwal Punjab

    Sardar Gulam abbas

    Sardar Aftab Akbar

    Mansoor Taman

    From Multan

    Javaid Ali shah PML Q senator

    Mujahid Ali Shah X-PML Q PA member

    They all join PML N today.

  • PML-N should be extremely "proud" if this news is true. All the scum of the earth that had rushed in to PTI is now coming towards PML-N.

  • Using PTI's terminology?

    You are followers, you will always stay behind, bro.

    When interim setup will come, then you will wickets falling right under PMLN's nose.

  • Ameer nawab is the member of Sindh Assembly from Karachi

    Ameer Nawab ANP 36473

    Syed Muhammad Izharul Haq PML 476

    Sallahudin MQM 14134

    Muneer uddin Khattak PPPP 3613

    Wazir Khan Afridi PML (N) 2591

    HE is also labour Minister joined PML N one of the 6 provincial Assembly seats at which PML N is banking in Karachi.

  • After Pasha every one is comming in PML N

    and PML N is ready to face all pro Zardari camp and establishment came.

    PML N is confident of it.

    1st week of the march is the election date.

    January is the month for interim government.

  • Mansoor taman is from Na-61


    Kamander (R) Ayub Khan ANP 2749

    Sardar Mansoor Hayat Tamman Independent 37978

    Sardar Mumtaz Khan PML(N) 104739

    No other party in race in na-61 , more than 1 lack last time this time I.A 1 lack 50 thousand + votes will be for PML N.

  • I think you are smoking some strong stuff.

    And if the news about Mansoor Tamman and Sardar Ghulam Abbas joining PML-N is actually correct, then Nawaz Sharif is smoking some strong stuff.

    It takes an idiot to accept such losers in one's party and even a bigger idiot to award them tickets.

    Is Nawaz Sharif trying to compete with the great Imran Khan in this regard?

  • Sardar Gulam abbas district nazim of Chakwal


    for clean sweap in election you have to be mad. Last time in 1997 NZ became mad. and he swept 2/3. this time just going for simple majority

    because absolute power corrupts absolutely. as did in 1997.

  • Disappointed youth quits PTI (from Chakwal)

    CHAKWAL, Aug 26: Young leaders and workers, who joined Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) with great enthusiasm, have announced their decision to leave the party in disapproval of the policies of the political party’s high command.

    Vice President of PTI’s Labour Wing Punjab Chaudhry Mohsin Hassan Khan and District President of Labour Wing Chakwal Asad Ali Shah, are amongst the many young workers who have decided to leave the party.

    Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, Chaudhry Mohsin Hassan Khan said: “We fell for Imran Khan after the Minar-i-Pakistan show. At the time he was principled, and a man of character but as time went on Imran Khan not only backtracked from his ideology but began including characterless politicians into the party.”

    He said: “We joined PTI thinking it was a liberal party which could bring real revolution to the country, but now the party has become a right-wing party, and would never bring the change this country so badly needs.”

    He added that parties that had formed the Difa-i-Pakistan Council were being welcomed into PTI. He also claimed that the behaviour of Imran Khan and other top leaders towards the workers had been inappropriate.

    “I, along with my friends hereby declare to leave the party,” he announced.

    Khan said the party lacked discipline, and that it was divided into many smaller groups.

    “Shah Mehmood Qureshi has his group while other politicians such as Javed Hashmi, Jahangir Tareen and Arif Alvi have their own,” he claimed.

    Asad Ali Shah, while addressing the press conference, said Imran Khan had hurt the feelings and dreams of the youth. He talked about the party’s initial decision not to make alliances with other parties – due to which Asghar Khan had to merge his party with PTI – and how the policy had now been disregarded. He added that Imran Khan had once called the party of

    Sheikh Rashid Ahmed a ‘Tanga Party’, whom he has recently allied with.

    “The party, Imran Khan and his philosophy have been hijacked,” he added.

    He said politicians who were the real problem with the country have now been made an integral part of PTI.

    “We joined PTI thinking we would strain our every nerve to work for a prosperous Pakistan under Imran’s leadership, but we were naïve.”

  • Chakwal is PML N hub. Last time PML N clean sweat here. This again ready to do it.

    From the inception of Pakistan Tamman always win Na-61.

    No other ever have won from Na-61.

    PML N chakwal chapter is ready to defeat all prozardari and pro establishment camp.

  • inshaAllah in comming days lot of big wickets falling from pti and from sindh big names will joing pmln inshaAllah.

  • @muzzamil

    what is ur source of information

  • Are they really 'Big Wickets' or 'Bad Apples'?

  • ^^^Bad apples, who will cleansed off before intra party elections. Opportunists who know full well that they have no hope of securing their party positions in party elections will leave.

    Party elections are thus a process of cleansing a given party. It is a reason that no big party has ever done that because the cleansing has to start from their rotten top.

  • ^ hahahahahaha

    So, how did the qul go? In jhelum? Oh I'm not referring to raja afzal. Abrar ul haq was in jhelum for youth convention and a massive 25 people attended.

  • ^^^ Even bigger question is, did those 25 turn up to listen to the politician Abrar or the genuine Marasi in him :D

  • lolzzz @ the mechanic . I think for this reason we did not see any pictures on ilzam.ik ;-)

  • I hope tamman and sarwar news is not true!!!

    They should not be welcomed in any party

  • themechanic said"^^^ Even bigger question is, did those 25 turn up to listen to the politician Abrar or the genuine Marasi in him :D "

    well said brother!!

  • ahahaha very well said

    why is there silence on the tsunami front

    just 2 days ago they were dancing and singing praise of raja afzal lol