NA 171 DG KHAN 1

  • 2008 results

    DGK 1

    NA 171 khawaja sheraz PMLQ (amjad khosa(ind) and badshah qaisrani(pmln) were close 2nd and 3rd)

    PP 240 badshah qaisrani PMLN

    PP 241 fateh buzdar PMLQ (now forward block)

    and now amjad khosa has joined pmln too

    who will be the candidates on these seats now and what will be the results

  • It is difficult to say who will win what and where,

    1. There is IK factor to consider this time

    2. Youth factor where it seems overwhelming support is for IK

    3. Both PPP and PML N, each of them exposed each other as corrupts,

    4. Performance wise federal and provincial are as bad as each other, but it must be said PPP stands out as historically the most corrupt due to Zardari 0% performance.

    5. People have been suffering due to load shedding, lack of jobs, high crime rates, poverty etc. The overall situation in pk has hit a new low. drone attacks and terrorism has not helped either.

    So therefore it is very difficult to suss out what will happen in dg khan this time round, should not give too much emphasis into 2008 results, because performance wise both main parties have been not be able to deliver.

  • i think if amjad faroq khosa pml n canidate,,,for mna,,,and badsha qaisrani,,,,suport him,,,pml n win easily,,,,,these r rural areas,,,ik factor not importand,,,,baradri system,,,is important

  • i think if amjad faroq khosa pml n canidate,,,for mna,,,and badsha qaisrani,,,,suport him,,,pml n win easily,,,,,these r rural areas,,,ik factor not importand,,,,baradri system,,,is important

  • I agree with Ahsan 379. I believe you are from D G khan and the same area. What about Mulghanies . They are still with Amjad Khoosa or not?

    @respect, my dear brother while sitting on the desk in some foreign country , you cant know the local politics. Ik factor is no where in Pakistan except face book and some big cities.

  • @masood abbas

    could u tell me how many new voters have been listed, which are youth?

    Has not the provincial and federal performance been bad?

    What have these candidates in those areas done for the people?

    these are all factors that will lead people to make there decision. I do agree that certain areas there is baradri system, and PTI will have to some how overcome this.

  • is it possible that pmln brings some one other than amjad khosa on this seat for national assembly with qaisrani and buzdar on provincial seats ?

    can amjad khosa contest and win some other NA seat in DG Khan district ?

  • Thanks for sharing the video Respect,

    After watching this video, only a retard can support PML-N and still think they will improve the country's situation.

  • @respect, My dear brother, You will not believe this fact that SS has done a great job for us and In previous 4 years, vote Bank of PMLn has increased in this area.

    May be you dont want to listen but i will tell you the truth. There was 2 cities in South Punjab that was completely destroyed by 2010 Floods. Can you believe that SS was with us during those all the days day and night. He stayed with us helping day and night for almost 40 days without going back to Lahore. I remembered during these days he only visited lahore for one day but only for few hours. we cant pay him back what he did for us. He was giving us food, shelter , transport etc.

    Now my beloved leader, whose name is Ik, He never visited us even for a single day during 40 days of flood and even after flood, we are still waiting for him to come. He only visited Muzaffar garh for some hours that is approximately 200 Km away from the main flooded area of Jampur and Mithan Kot. Even more strange for you, Nothing was done for the rehabilitation process from Ik or his party in our area. On the otherside, SS has made thousands of houses for us and distributed among the poor people on merit. There were many works done by SS that i cant name them one by one.

    Our own MNAs left us in danger but it was SS who was there with us. He diverted the flood water direction towards the lands of our MNAs and MPAs. All of MPAs and MNAs are angry on him for this reason and due to this some of them has already joined PTI and some of them will join soon and you will be very happy that people are joining PTI and that will be the change in Pakistan.

  • PML-N has no chance in the South Punjab.

    Shahbaz Sharif repeated the norm of previous governments by not allocating sufficient funds to South Punjab. Only last year they barely gave them their due share (31%) due to fear of Imran Khan. Failed projects of Danish schools and Ashiyana scheme for few hundered people only.

    They voted for PPP last time as they had no choice. This time people of south punjab are going for PTI. PML-N is going to lose big time. This will become more apparent after the interim government is formed.

    Takht-e-Lahore has only few days left inshAllah.

  • pmln losers we won

  • bro pakistani, which constituency you belong to and where are you now a days ? Tell us the situation of that area

  • it is about change, NS and Zaradri have been tried and tested, nooners may portray than Punjab government has done really well, but on the ground it is the opposite.

    If it were the case and noon league had done a good job, IK would not be in the position he is now today. Polls show IK popularity, jalsa's also show this, people's view of IK on streets show's this.

    I am not saying that noon league does not have support, but PTI is a major threat to status quo.

  • @ ZSD: I have friends all over Pakistan. You may disagree with my opinion. I think KPK, South Punjab, Hazara, and Northern Balochistan is going to be one way in favor of PTI.

    They are also very popular in west punjab, where PML-N has no party vote, e.g., Mianwali, Bhakkar, Layyah, D.G. Khan. Urban Centers and educated people are also tilted towards them.

  • bro where are you yourself ? And which contituency you belong to ? Tell us in detail about that contituency plz

  • My name tells that, doesn't it. I do not want to post my location on this public forum, and also I think it is ir-relevant to the discussion. Anyway, I will comment on that constituency discreetly as well. I think I already deviated a lot from the topic of this thread :) My apologies.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Respect@

    Brother i know you are a PTI lover, but i think we should try to put neutral analysis with evidence. If someone says that he can win with only PTI ticket in Southern Punjab ot he will secure more votes because of PTI ticket, i think he may be just kidding. IN SP there are 2, or 3 anti clan or tribe who are contesting against each other, so its very difficult for people to vote for a person they like individually. because they think it will be useless. in NA171, Khwaja Shiraz secured more than 80,000 votes because in 2002 he had the support of Badshah Qaisrani and Fateh Buzdar who both elected PA seats under the NA171. in 2008 Badshah Qaisrani joined N League, so Khwaja Shiraz could survive with a very low margine of 3000. as he secure 39000, Amjad Farooq 36000 and Qaisrani 34000. Khwaja Shiraz had the support of Fateh Buzdar but Qaisrani and Amjad Khosa got their own net votes. Now situtation is that, Khwaja Shiraz will contest on PP Q-League joint ticket as he knows he has lost the support of Fateh Buzdar also this time, so he can't win, but with PPP help he can perform better as PPP is the only party who has some party vote bank in this area whatever we like or not. Secondly, Amjad Khosa and Qaisrani both knows they can win on this NA seat with the help both PA candidates under this constituency or with the help of at least one. Qaisrani had some disputes with Zulfiqar Khosa but after the joining of Amjad Khosa he again joined Zulfiqar khsoa camp as he knows that now Amjad Khosa can get NA ticket and he has made his mind that he can win in next election with the help of Fateh Buzdar the other MPA. Amjad Khosa also joined after some terms like, he will be awrded the NA Ticket and PA ticket on his current seat will go to his son Qadir Khosa or Mohsin Ata Khosa. Remember, Amjad Khosa has a best repute among all these. Somebody ask about Akram Mulghani, i am not sure but i have come to know that he has been seen in PPP camp last days, don't know he left Amjad Khosa or not. Javed Akhtar Lund will be the PTI candidate on PA seat which he lost to Amjad Khosa last time. So the only for PTI is only a single PA seat among all 4 (1 NA and 3 PA seats).

  • i have seen one problem on this forum, 99% people have a one strict opinion that their party will win etc, one person is talking about all 242 constituencies. I think it will be better we should try to find the local person of that constituency and ask him to give his analysis so we should come to know more about upcoming election rather than wasting time in fighting and abusing each other on this forum.