NA 173 DG KHAN 3

  • sardar saif ud din khosa 56475

    sardar awais leghari 56074

    what are the provincial seats under this NA contituency ?

    what is the latest situation ?

  • I believe Owais Leghari will win easily. Either he is in PTI or Not. Khoosas have damaged PMln popularity here.

    Owais legahri can only loose if Jaffer legahri will contest against him. after re-joining of Khoosa. Now it is not possible that jaffer will join PMln

  • and what about the provincial assembly seats ?

  • NA173

    PP246 but some union councils of PP243 and PP242 as well.


    Sardar Saif-ul-Din Khan Khosa 56475

    Sardar Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari 56074

    Saif Ullah Khan Sadozai 18326

    Saif Khosa and Awais Leghari got their own net vote but Saif Sadozai got the PPP party or sympathy vote.

    This time if Saif Khosa contest on PML N ticket then will be good fight between him and Awais Leghari. If Maqasood Leghari's any son contest on PPP Q-League ticket then Saif Khosa surely a winner. If Maqsood Leghari help Awais then a slide edge to Awais.

    Second case if Saif Khosa contest on PPP Q-League ticket, then his position will be better on the cards but it seems very difficult that Maqsood Leghari (Q-League & and having a decent vote there) will help him against his nephew Awais Leghari. So if he get the help of Maqsood Leghari then can win easily otherwise will be better contest. anyone can win.

  • Masood@

    Jaffar has no concern on NA173, here Awais Leghari can defeated by Saif Khosa if

    1. Saif gets PPP ticket and also help of Maqsood Leghari then surely a winner

    2. If Saif stays in PML N and Maqsood Leghar's any son Hussain or Muhammad Leghari contest on PPP Q-League ticket, then Saif will be winner but if Awais contest on PTI ticket and also get the favor of Maqsood Leghari (it means the favor of PPP and Q-League) then Awais will be winner. Secondly Saif Khosa has not a bad repute.

  • thanks Xatians, very good analysis.

  • Khosas are known for their loyalty but not for winning the elections. While Legharis are known for winning but not for their loyalty.

    In 2002, Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa group didn't contest at all while Farooq Leghari group was challenged by Maqsood Leghari group.

    Sardar Awais Leghari lost by a small margin against Khosa's son in 2008. This time, Owais Leghari would win ( I think ) because he knows politics. No wonder, he is not stepping down as MNA ( after joining PTI ).

    At the end of the day ( in this materialistic world ), it's all about winning and not about loyalty.

  • @ xatians:

    Good analysis indeed.

    How does seraiki province cause play here? And what happens if Saif ud din Khosa joins PTI instead of PPP?

  • Secularists@

    Dear would you believe Saraiki province is no way an issue here, people or associated with their groups, clan and tribes, in Legharis constituencies they have a rigid vote bank, and they will get their vote whichever party they join. same is with khosas. If saraiki province would have been a issue here then saraiki nationalist parties would have been on the top for upcoming election.

    Secondly there is no chance for Saif khosa to join PTI as Awais and Jamal are in PTI, if PTI accept Saif Khosa then Leghari can quit PTI there is no doubt about it.

    Let me tell you that Saif khosa has no problem with PML N, he just want to leave this party because of his family as he has some issues with them. And he will surely join PPP because his son in law is the son of PPP Minister and MNA from Quetta Ayat Ullah Durrani, so he is playing key role in his joining to PPP.

  • Saif now want to add the PPP vote to his personal vote bank. he thinks he can win this way, but lets see what happen, as if he gets PPP ticket we will have to see how Maqsood Leghari reacts, its difficult for him to favor any khosa. But he is the part of Q-League and he has very good relation of Zardari sb. his role is very important not only in NA173 but also in NA172. if he helps Saif Khosa (because of PPP Q-League policy) then he will contest on NA172 against Awais as well.

  • @xatians Bro kindly if u can let me know that whether maqsood leghari group and farooq leghari group rivals of each other??

  • Syed@

    Brother Maqsood Leghari is Zardari kind of person :)

    i think you have understand, he is very clever and opportunist, when Farooq Leghari was alive he had many disputes with him, even he joined Zulfaqar Khosa group in 2002 and his both son contested against Farooq and Awais Leghari, in 2008 he settled his disputes with Farooq Leghari just few days before the elections. that is why Farooq Leghari was able to save his seat with a very low margin, now it seems Maqsood has no issue with Awais and Jamal but their joining to PTI and Maqsood Leghari is still in a Q-League is a question mark. it shows he will contest against Awais and Jamal Leghari, he wants NA173 for his son but Jamal and Awais are not willing for this. Jamal will contest from NA172 and Awais will cotest on NA173. Maqsood's statement or on the record that we will contest election on PPP Q-League joint ticket.