Blasphemy case: Pressure got to the maulanas

  • The international condemnation and pressure on the religion of pieces over the persecution and incarceration of 11 years old Christian girl has finally got to the maulanas and even these terrorists are now forced to distance themselves from this issue.

    ISLAMBAD: As the country remains torn over minority persecution in the name of blasphemy, Islamic groups including Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC) and Khatm-e-Nabuwwat, in an unprecedented and surprising move, came out on Monday and publicly denunciated the arrest of a young girl for allegedly burning a Noorani Quaida, reports

    A small victory for the humanity. A small defeat for the religion of pieces.

    Work is not over. Only continued external pressure and condemnation of this ideology will eventually force these maulanas to abandon barbaric blasphemy law altogether.

  • @yahya

    If you don't like this "religion of pieces" why you keep cursing it.YOu better ignore it and focus on subjects you LIKE most.You are focusing on what you Dislike most.

    If you are Convince that your ideas of religion are correct then be it what it is. You cannot make your case by insulting other ideas instead of reasoning your own thoughts.

  • حضرت یحییٰ صاحب اس وقت عمر کی اس حد کو چھو رہے ہیں جہاں پہ بندہ فل تیار ہوتا ہے -- اس سٹیج سے واپس بہت کم لوگ اتے ہیں

  • @Yaha

    Did you read Dr. Fautus by Christopher Marlowe.

    My humble request don't wait for LAST HOUR

  • If you don't like this "religion of pieces" why you keep cursing it

    ajhons, as a human being you should speak on human rights issues too instead of criticising those who do. Or did religion of pieces get to you?

  • Human rights issues are only in Islamic world,right?

  • Did you read Dr. Fautus by Christopher Marlowe.

    ajhons, if you believe in blasphemy law then you haven’t been reading the correct books.

  • Human rights issues are only in Islamic world,right? "

    See that's where your problem is. You will use any excuse, even the most absurd ones, to justify your continued human rights violations. Among other things it takes away your right to complain of others as you have no moral standing to do so. Fix your side regardless of what others do, and God knows you need a lot of fixing. It’s not easy to come to 21st century from dark ages.

  • Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov is yet another master piece.

    BTW Breivik gets 21-year prison term for killing 72 people.

    Since their law hold 21 years as maximum panishment.On ABC news a I saw a diappointed mother of victum saying this moron should be beheaded.

  • یحییٰ بھائی

    اپ کے امریکن جو کچھ مسلمان علاقوں میں کر رہے ہیں کیا وہ ٹھیک ہے - پہلے عراق پہ ڈرامہ بنا کر حملہ کیا اور اس کے بعد افغانستان -- دنیا میں ایک دن میں اتنے لوگ ختم ہو جاتے ہیں -- اپ جن قوانین کی بات کر رہے ان کی زد میں تو سالوں بعد کوئی بندہ اتا ہے

  • to justify your continued human rights violations

    Tell me my one word where I justify these violations.

    I 100% agreed that I should fix my side.

    But what Im saying is Bias analysis never give you any fruitful result , instead you get more angry and frustrated no matter how just you are in your thoughts

  • اپ کو چاہے اپنی توپ کا رخ امریکا کی طرف جو اصل ظالم ہے -- ویسے اپ جن قوانین کی بات کر رہے ہیں وہ اگر دیکھا جائے تو انگریز لے کر ایے تھے ان علاقوں میں -- برطانیہ کی جو پرانی کالونیاں تھیں ان پر یہ گھستاخی والے قانون لگایے گے تھے -- بہتر یہی ہو گا کے اپ مسلمانو ن کو برا بھلا کہنے کی بجانے ملکہ برطانیہ کو گالیاں دیں -- پر یہ کیسے ہو سکتا ہے

    "My father was a well-known landlord in this country and he enjoyed great eminence in the Government's offices. He was a true devotee and well wisher of the British Government. In the mutiny of 1857 (the Muslim independence movement against colonialism is called 'mutiny' by Mirza), my father supplied fifty horses and riders to aid the British Government. For this favor to the Government, he was very popular among the officials."

    (Izala-e-Auham, P. 58, footnote)

  • Uncle Tom's Cabin and The Roots are my all time fav.

    BTW,that too was human righ violation.I cannot see that but yes I don't forget to yell Mughabee a bad guy.

    And Opimum wars are totally justified, no iota of Human right violation.

    Either muslims or chinese and north koreans do the human right violation.

    Ohhh "The King Rat" is just another worth reading.

  • Even hard core liberals like TYT who normally ignore such adventures of the religion of pieces couldn't let this one go by;

  • Are you against the Law or the morons who misuse it.Do you beleive that freedom to ridicule Prophets should be allowed as freedom of speech.

  • Just to remind you after Salman Taseer's murder I condemned Qadri and all those who support him.

  • I am against the law and against the morons who try to fool others into thinking that the law might be OK.

    Any religion that needs terrorism to get respect needs to be spit upon, not respected! Just like it’s happening with the religion of pieces right now. The number of people with any respect left for it and its followers is running awfully low these days. Respect is earned by doing good deeds not by committing terrorism.

    I was referring to you religion of pieces followers in general, not you specifically. Listen to the TYT video above. Better than any book that you have read.

  • The where I stand.?I condemn All those who terrorize people in the name of religion, any religion.I condemn those who try to impose their will on the weak segment of society.

    I hate those who justify their atrocities in the name of holy war.

    Yet I'm true beleiver.I love my religion.I love my connections.

    The where I stand?

  • You can not see beyond the Individuality of a Group.You mistakenly generalize it.You think that this is the majority, this is the real idea.

    No it is not.

    You are very learned man, you do have sensible logic but still when it comes to religion specially Islam, you limit your horizen and shorthen your thoughts.

  • It’s the other way round; when it comes to your religion you are unwilling to consider the possibility that it could be wrong so you become defensive and close your mind, eyes and ears.