Chakwal Youth Resigning from PTI-Video!!!

  • Just wait for the sheep herd and egg-head brigade to revert with the following baloney:

    • Ohhhh.....we have over a billion paid members and it don't matter if a few hundred thousands leave

    • Look......its all because of the intra-party elections, the biggest exercise ever undertaken since the construction of Panama Canal. The intra-party elections would ensure that such bad eggs are screened and eventually kicked-out of the party

    • The guy is a loser.....he knew that he stood no chance of getting a ticket of contesting the up coming elections, hence the rat jumped ship

  • interesting, these brothers need to understand that the tickets for the parties have not been issued, and this will be finalised after party intra elections.

    As for shiekh rasheed saab as said before he has not joined PTI, but IK has attended his jalsa, IK naziriya of change has not changed, despite shiekh saab association.

    Anyhow that is there opinion, however if this opinion is wide spread than PTI needs to look into this, before it grows, but do not see this opinion going wide spread.

    There are 2 main issues for PTI, they need to finalise this intra elections, this should be there main focus at this time. Obviously the other is wazristan, and also get this court case filed against huwaja asif.

  • "* Look......its all because of the intra-party elections, the biggest exercise ever undertaken since the construction of Panama Canal."

    I can add some more achivenent for exm Neil Armstrongs first step on Moon !!!!

  • ^^^ Or Veena Malik submitting to penitence :D

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  • چکوال یوتھ صاحب جاتے وقت دروازہ بند کر کے جانا نہیں تو ٹکلے کتے بلے تانک جھانک کرتے رہیں گے

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  • Sorry bro can't do anything for you. Contact nearest guru like aap ke uncle.

  • let them Vote for pml-n.....i feel sorry for them ,,because they will repeat this mistake!!

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  • these may be the 25 person which the N o o r a rent to fight agianst PTI eagles........Sorry for them,,,,as they will be not the part of the change if they did not change their decision and repeat the old mistake of give vote to Ppp and N o o r a.

  • سالا صاحب میری کوئی شکایت آئی ہے توبتا دیں

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  • Respect

    "As for shiekh rasheed ""saab"" "

    Very nice. Now Sh.Rasheed has become saab for PTians.

    Kutch tum he batloo kaay hum batlaain kiyaa.

  • شریف آدمی بھائی،

    آپ ان الزامی بچوں اور ٹٹو خان کے مریدوں سے اور کس بات کی توقع کر سکتے ہیں؟ ان عقل کے اندھوں اور پیپسی پینے والوں کو کل اگر زکات چور خان حکم کرے تو یہ لوگ زرداری کو بھی نیلسن منڈلا کا جانشین کہنا شورو کر دیں گے. رہ گیا شیدہ تللی، تو چپراسی سے صاحب تک کے سفر میں ایک بیان اس کے پرانے حریف اور آج کے حلیف نے کچھ ایسے دیا تھا.

    آپس کی بات ہے. ایک داغی آدمی کس منہ سے اب شیدے کو صاحب بولے گا؟

  • Imran Khan's Fake Promises: ALL TALK - NO ACTION PityForPTI

    Aug3 2011-> “PTI will have elections in three months” 12 months passed! What happened?

    June28, 2012 ->“We’ll launch a tsunami march against govt”. 2 months passed!! What happened?

    June23,2012 “A tsunami march soon in Islamabad agnst govt” 2 months passed! What happened?

    May 1, 2012 “PTI to launch tsunami march if PM refuses to step down” What happened?

    Sep 30, 2010 “Civil disobedience if new taxes levied” 24 Months Passed!! What Happened?

    Dec19, 2011 “Declare assets or face civil disobedience” 8 Months Passed! What Happened?

    May 2012 “Civil Disobedience if govt doesn't reduce Electricity Tariff” 3 Months Passed. What Happened?

    Jan 2011 “Civil Disobdience if surge in Petrol Prices wasn't withdrawn” 20 Months Passed. What Happened?

    “Altaf Hussain will be brought to justice for all the killings” Years Passed! What Happened?

    April 2011 “Stop drones in 30 Days otherwise we’ll stop nato supply” 400 Days Passed. What Happned

    Nov 2011 “We’ve established Assets Committee to check assets of politicians including those of PTI” 9 Months Passed. What Happned

    Now if this is not a PityForPTI Case....What Is!!!

  • These people left to rise the flags of PTI.....

    Enjoy it.......

  • چیل پی کے منے،

    کوئی نی چیز مارکیٹ میں لے کر او. تمہاری یہ پورانی منطق اب کس کام کی جب تللی جیسا چپراسی عمران ڈوبل شاہ خان کا چیلا بن چکا ہے اور فوجیوں کی جماعت پاکستان تحریک اسٹبلشمنٹ کا اہم رکن بن چکا ہے