The beginnings of the end of the Universal White Imperialism?

  • Three very interesting article on what is happening to the so-called New World Order, that imperialist, neo-colonial order of systematic violence exclusively aimed at the enslavement of the non-white, "darker races" of the world and which was so arrogantly rammed down our throats 15 years ago by George Bush Sr., the father of the current redneck jackass president of US. If the anaylses in these articles are to be believed, then we must get ready to welcome a multi-polar world where there are many centers of power and not just one. Alas, the impotent, pimping and whoring elite of Pakistan (whether in wardi or otherwise), our military/political "leaders" remain totally oblivious to these tectonic shifts in global geopolitics. They, the Pakistani leaders, are more interested and, perhaps, too busy salivating and dreaming about "hugging" ignorant blonde crypto-racists (Palin and selling us, the Pakistani awaam, short and cheap to their true masters while disguised as our "ambassadors" and representatives in other lands.

    Interesting reads: