Tsunami khan Fake Promises for Publicity Stunts!!!

  • Imran Khan's Fake Promises: ALL TALK - NO ACTION PityForPTI

    Aug3 2011-> “PTI will have elections in three months” 12 months passed! What happened?

    June28, 2012 ->“We’ll launch a tsunami march against govt”. 2 months passed!! What happened?

    June23,2012 “A tsunami march soon in Islamabad agnst govt” 2 months passed! What happened?

    May 1, 2012 “PTI to launch tsunami march if PM refuses to step down” What happened?

    Sep 30, 2010 “Civil disobedience if new taxes levied” 24 Months Passed!! What Happened?

    Dec19, 2011 “Declare assets or face civil disobedience” 8 Months Passed! What Happened?

    May 2012 “Civil Disobedience if govt doesn't reduce Electricity Tariff” 3 Months Passed. What Happened?

    Jan 2011 “Civil Disobdience if surge in Petrol Prices wasn't withdrawn” 20 Months Passed. What Happened?

    “Altaf Hussain will be brought to justice for all the killings” Years Passed! What Happened?

    April 2011 “Stop drones in 30 Days otherwise we’ll stop nato supply” 400 Days Passed. What Happned

    Nov 2011 “We’ve established Assets Committee to check assets of politicians including those of PTI” 9 Months Passed. What Happned

    Now if this is not a PityForPTI Case....What Is!!!

  • Thanks Mansif bro, but this list is so incomplete, there are tens of other obvious U-turns by this fake politician.

  • Too many of them. Up until now he was a fake, phony and a joke of a politician. Now he has added another feather in his cap which he dons to cover his empty upper deck devoid of a mass called "Brain;" A ZAKAT CHOR!

  • Very good . I believe still list is incomplete

  • @Masood Bhai,

    You would need about a 1000 fingers on which you would need to count the number of U-Turns Rabble-Rouser Khan has taken.

  • i feel sorry for Laptops.......it did not work.We are still in love with PTI,,,,,becuase we know the reality of these Topi-Drama.

  • Excellent and to the point reply by @eagle_pk to the uncountable U-turns of tsunami khan; i think IK lost it well before time; have shown all his cards well before time; nothing to do; nothing to say

  • IK did not lost anything,,,,,,He is much more honest than anyother politician in pakistan.In my preivous coments i mention the Topi-Drama of N o o r a leg....and the n o o r a leg should know that,,,,,Day Dreaming is allowed but day dreaming should not affect our power of action...So be active for the race...you are so weak these days that you need to rent 25 persons for fight against PTI.

  • eagle_pk,

    On a serious note. I'm rather compelled to ask this question after discerning that your mental condition entails you being shoved through a straitjacket and interned at a mental asylum; what exactly is the probable cause for you to "LOVE PTI?" Besides of course the Ilzami Sheep Herd's proclivity to look up to Zakat Chor Khan as the reincarnation of Lord Krishna.

  • Thanks once again to your excellent answer; i am really convinced now; Since my single vote will not matter much considering 18 crores votes that tsunami khan will get in the next election so pardon me from NOT voting Mr. U-turn Khan;

  • @Brother Mango,

    You are wrong!! Those 18 crore votes supposedly cast in favour of Soo-Soonami, would go a long way in ensuring:


  • OH,,,so illetrated people in PML-N,,,they are still using the word of zakat chor.These things were explian very clearly.But i think we should not complain about this issue as they don't have the brain to understant.

    For your kind information:

    Endowment Fund :An investment fund set up by an institution in which regular withdrawals from the invested capital are used for ongoing operations or other specified purposes

  • ^^^^ Brother, thanks for showering and overwhelming us with your pearls of wisdom by copy pasting the meaning of an Endowment Fund. However, going by the diatribe of your leader, Khawaja Asif is still waiting for a court summon.

  • Brother!

    Khawaja Asif should not only wait but also do practice of eating Daal......because he will eat it later in the jail.

  • ^^^^^ If wishes were horses.....beggars would ride. Just hope that IK does not end up in the same jail for plundering money meant for the poor patients of Short-Cut Khanum Memorial Hospital.

  • This post is deleted!