Swiss letter is no issue. Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif....

  • You have all failed us.

    Such a pathetic state of Pakistan. A known thief hold the history hostage, sends his con-man(who is also related to Khwaja Asif) to Switzerland to make sure he has wasted enough time so he's not in danger anymore.

    I'm a big supporter of Imran Khan. But if this is true then i believe that Imran Khan has also failed us in this manner. What good is a tsunami march if it can be used only on talk shows?

    CJP, you have done good, but you have also failed us.

    Army, you refused to stand by judiciary. Go defend the sarhad of India or your masters in DC.

  • 15 year bar ye wo .. Allah SwT has no swiss court limitations. Jab is kee ayee gee to no one can save him.

  • @Zoab Khan

    Be ready to have the same Zardari continue for another 5 years. It is highly likely that he will get himself re-elected from the same parliament twice as his predecessor, Musharraf did.

    Thanks to IK and his trolls for keeping PMLN busy and leveraging Zardari and co. to do whatever they want.

    If still in doubt then check out all the recent attacks on PMLN, wows and eventual U-turns of Inqalab Khan.

  • ^^^^^^^

    There is not much difference between PPP and PML N, both have been tried and tested and failed to the highest level.

    So if u vote for zardari u vote NS!!!

  • ^^^ On the money!!! Just like there is absolutely no difference between SMQ, JH, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Tareen, Yahoodi/Kasuri, Sardar Assef, Azam Swati, Zafar Warriach, Faiz Tamman, Zaheer Khokhar, Aleem Khan and Mehmood-ur-Rasheed (Land Grabbers).

    All of the above assorted cast of characters were the torch bearers of status quo in the past and are now all huddled together under the umbrella which has "Establishment" written all over it.

  • what establishment asked the likes of JH and SMQ to join Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf?

    so is there any concrete evidence for your claims?

    and if there is then maybe establishment has made the right decision this time

  • ^^^ Sir yes Sir!!! Imran Double Shah Khan doing TC of Ustad Tabla Master back in the days was also a gig performed at the behest of the establishment, purely out of lust for a few seats and political recognition. I am hoping that you would now say that that was also a very wise thing your leader did.

  • IK was musharraf biggest critic, in the days, just because sheikh rasheed and IK are in friendly terms now does not mean establishment id behind this, if shiekh rasheed had gone to noon league would u have said the same, also there are ex musharraf people in noon league camp, does this mean establishment?