Uncle Judges rescue Arsalan Chdry... SC orders NAB to stop investigation !

  • Arsalan case: SC revokes NAB's investigative authority, rules commission be formed !

    ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday took back investigative authority in the financial impropriety case against Dr Arsalan Iftikhar from National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and ruled that a commission be made and the investigations be transferred to it, Express News reported.

    The court ruled that it was not satisfied with NAB’s inquiry and that only the commission will continue to probe into the scandal....


    Judicial commission to probe Arsalan-Riaz controversy, rules SC

    ISLAMABAD: Granting the appeal filed by Arsalan Iftikhar, son of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, the Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the controversy relating to allegations of a Rs342 million business deal between Arsalan and property tycoon Malik Riaz be probed by a judicial commission, DawnNews reported


  • Pity on nation where judges are like this.

  • I believe Shoaib Sadal is a competent and better person to conduct an independent inquiry.

  • Its unlike normal situation/investigation. There must be an inquiry and by a commission upon whom both parties agree.

  • Malik Riaz has already admitted (in fact claimed without being asked) that his intent was to buy the judge(s) by bribing Arsalan Iftikhar, who in turn claims innocence in this matter.

    Now Arsalan Iftikhar should for sure be probed and investigated further by any means (NAB, FIA, commission whatever), but Malik Riaz' case looks simple and he should be tried for his fraudulent acts (attempt to indirectly bribe a judge or judges) based on his own claims. Am I missing something here?

  • اے خدا میرے ابو سلامت رہیں


  • I doubt if there can be a situation where both the parties will agree on a commission to have an edge, in case inquiry go against them. This is a sort of political move. Should it mean that there should be no inquiry at all?

    It is a known fact that in the first instance, NAB was of the opinion that the said inquiry do not fall in their purview.

    Therefore, my observation is that a commission under Shoaib Sadal is an appropriate option.

  • Adnak Jee,

    It does not seem to be only Arslan, but a tussle between two powerful institutions. I doubt there would be any inquiry unless both agree (be it Sadal or else). I think, slowly but finally, Judiciary would be at loss if there is no inquiry.

  • Remember what brother judges did with reference against PCO judge Ifti Chdry i.e. only a short order issued declaring malafide intention .... no detailed judgement ever issued ... the charges in reference were never refuted !

  • Zahid Bukhari has rejected the proposed commission. So what now?

  • @adnak jee

    i think a better option will be to get help from Scotland Yard if both parties don't reach to any common point >>>


  • Sorry Bhai, difficult to guess.

    Hamid Mir has written an interesting column which is also relevant to topic.


  • "Arsalan's counsel used cctv film of SC, who provided it to a litigant, apparatus of SC being used to protect Arsalan,CJP sworn! "

  • 'If NAB is not credible to probe Arslan Iftkhar's case, how is NAB credible in Swiss case? Why these double standards Iftkhar Ch Sb Why? '

  • ""Dear son, sorry for any inconvenience the June 14 order caused caused to you. 'Blatant' errors are regretted", says the Supreme Court. "

  • The colonial style judiciary has double standards for influential and common people. These judges are all the products of the British Penal Code system.

  • Zardari & Co shouldn't be having problem with Shoaib Suddle,after all he got him bailed out of Murtaza Bhutto murder case.. had it not been him,by now Zardari would have met his fate(meeting with Tara Masih)..

  • Farooqi jee

    "The colonial style judiciary has double standards for influential and common people"

    What is other style of judiciary which has no double standards for influential and common people, and where are those found? Are you referring to judiciaries in developed countries?

  • جو ہے وہی بہتر ہو جایے تو بڑی بات ہے، اپنے طور طریقوں کے ساتھہ کسی اور نظام کی توقع رکھنی عبث ہے