Alamdad Laleka joins pml-n

  • more problems for pml-n in bahawalnagar as Matyana who was elected MNA in 2002 n later resigned to become district nazim has not only joined pml-n but also held a huge jalsa in chishtian. His opponents Laleka's (one group) were already in pml-n, now the other group has also joined. Alamdad's mother (wife of former fed min late Abdul Sattar Laleka) contested in 2008 n got 40k or so votes, even dr laleka had a similar number while ppp candidate backed by matyana won. Now all three are in pml-n and awarding tickets will be a tough job for the leadership. I reckon one of these three may leave the party because not everyone can be adjusted.

  • what "tabdeeli ka nishan" and family will do now?

  • he has no presence in this constituency what so ever and an umpteen number of other constituencies in the country. I have a feeling that Akhtar Laleka n co may be forced to join pti if they are not accommodated but it will still be safe for pml-n because Matyana beat Laleka by getting twice the number of votes, became district nazim, again his candidate won in 2008 so as long as matyana and one laleka group remains its safe. It will be a very tough decision for Akhtar Laleka as he is a party loyalist.


    How can you say that he has no presence here? But its really interesting, all 3 candidaes(except PPP) of this constituency have joined PMLN may be Alamdad adjusted in PP seat, as Asghar Shah former MNA joined PML N and his rival Khadim Watto current MNA has already joined PMLN. both are from Bahawal Nagar.

  • Yaar pti has no presence in so many constituencies of punjab that it is ridiculous...if you don't believe me pls visit n read discussion on constituency threads...'Unbiased' opinion of die-hard pti supporters about their constituencies.