Beware: Angels of Death are planning to Wreck Havoc Again

  • These perfidious pests who qualified to be medical practitioners out of Chinese, Uzbekestani, Tajkistani and Azerbajani med schools, are threatening to commence a new round of genocide in September.

    Down with these butchers who are being instigated upon casting a pall of death and despondency upon the people of Punjab by none other than the two known haters of Punjab Government and PML-N - Paija Elahi and Zakat Chor Khan!

  • themechanic:

    On the point that medical profession is a noble one and doctors are supposed to serve the humanity rains or storms, I totally agree with you. If my memory is not that bad there had been quite a negotiations between the Punjab government and these young doctors and if not all many of their demands were resolved. If this educated class does not consider the economic constraints this country is gripped in then who else will do. In fact, this profession be brought under Essential Services Act that bars any strike.

    However, your pointation the above as evil design of PTI and Chaudhries without cogent proofs was not called for. I regard you a highly talented guy in the arena of debate. You should not slip.

  • کرتوت اپنے اچھے نہیں اور الزام تحریک انصاف کو

    چلو بھر پانی میں ڈوب مرو .......................اگر تھوڑی سی شرم بھی باقی ہے

    دوسری بات جو بھی اس وقت جب ڈینگی کی وبا پھیلنے کا خطرہ ہے ہڑتال کا نام بھی لے اس کو الٹا لٹکا دو

    ساتھ میں ٹکلو اعلیٰ کو لٹکا دو کیونکے اسی کی وجہ سے یہ سب کچھ ہو رہا ہے

    انکل آپ اپنے ٹکلو اعلیٰ کا ساتھ دینا چاہیں تو ہمیں کو اعتراض نہیں

  • @imtiazahmed,

    This might not come across as an iron-clad pointation but when a wannabe politician goes on national TV and grinds his axe against his rival politicians by openly siding with these Gestapo Doctors; one can't help but wonder that these roadside quacks are mere puppets in the hands of politicians:

  • No provincial government as opposition in Federal has for Healthcare in 5 yrs than how much SS government did in Punjab. 5 new hospitals on the brink of completion. 2 in Rawalpindi,1 in Lahore, 1 Bahawalpur. 2 new medical colleges. Upgradation of medical facilities and equipment. CCU of Services hospitals has the most expensive and sophisticated equipment like Draeger Ventilators etc. These moroons who each month think of striking crying knew very well the salaries when they decided to pursue Medical education in Government expense. A doctors first choice even for their children is always to pursue medical eductation, thats why you find families with multiple doctors. If medical profession was so unfruitful why will a parent choose a wrong line for their beloved children?

  • @IP,

    This time I hope that these Servants of mankind are conned into travelling to Sialkot for negotiations with Punjab Government who in turn should feed them to the same mob for a mother of all chitrols.

  • I think this is about time the government maintain its writ and ensure that poor babies do not die due to denied treatment by these YDA butchers.

    The best way to cope with this is to FIRE EVERYONE who goes on strike, cancel their registration and put a permanent ban on their practice in Pakistan and abroad.

  • @Imtiaz,

    A smart fella like you I'm sure would tie the loose ends here:

  • @ssmpk: Hope this can happen, but its not possible to fire everyone because till now all the junior and seniors are in unity. Pnjab government should have tried to break this but failed.

  • themechanic:

    Yes I agree with you. The problem with PTI is the dream is so high they are not going to accept the ground realities. Tsunami song that was hitting No.1 on the Billboard is going down fast and thick. My brotherly advice to them, put together your heads down and think new strategy, it is never too late.

  • @imtiaz,

    What could be the new strategy? The mantra of CHANGE being envisaged to bring about on the back of the same old faces who were/are the angles of Status quo, has already suffered a blow-back. Incessant and illogical ramblings without proof against opponents has also almost ceased once P0nka Khan was made to go on the back foot by Khawaja Asif and Chaudhry Nissar. The strategy of holding NS responsible for everything under the sun and then something and at the same time mentioning the names of Zardari and his corrupt allies as a passing remark, has gone on to solidify the obscure fact that PTI is nothing but a cheap B-Team of Zardari and his cabal.

    Not to mention that numerous U-Turns Zakati Khan has taken over the last one year to along with his hypocricy and lies, I can't really put my finger on a new strategy that IK can come up with. Besides, his main strategist in Pasha has already been given the boot, thanks to Chaudhry Nissar.

  • 21 of the 25 demands of the Gestapo Doctors Association has been approved by Punjab Government. If they still insist on the other 4, burn em in hell:

  • کرتوت اپنے اچھے نہیں اور الزام تحریک انصاف کو

    چلو بھر پانی میں ڈوب مرو .......................اگر تھوڑی سی شرم بھی باقی ہے

    دوسری بات جو بھی اس وقت جب ڈینگی کی وبا پھیلنے کا خطرہ ہے ہڑتال کا نام بھی لے اس کو الٹا لٹکا دو

    ساتھ میں ٹکلو اعلیٰ کو لٹکا دو کیونکے اسی کی وجہ سے یہ سب کچھ ہو رہا ہے

    انکل آپ اپنے ٹکلو اعلیٰ کا ساتھ دینا چاہیں تو ہمیں کو اعتراض نہی

  • Your post above is enough to prove that these butchers are dancing on the command of a puppeteer.

    Dialogue is always the best course and any fair demands that can be supported given the economic condition of the country should be facilitated but I doubt that their demands will be reasonable as they are obviously politically motivated.

    Although it would not be possible to revoke the licences of all but at least those who are in command and leading this strike should be removed from the medical profession. However, since this is a political strike then it should be tackled politically, meaning that the connection between the puppets and puppeteers should be exposed on the media so that these butchers have no moral support. Once isolated, their leadership should be decapitated. Leadership can do nothing if it does not have a following. If the demands of the leadership are unrealistic and can't be met, may be those who they represent will settle for less. So if their reasonable demands were met, even temporarily, that might leave them no cause to come out on the streets leaving the leadership hung to dry.