New bill on the cards for increased minority seats

  • Non-Muslims represent 4.5 % of the country’s total population of 180 million, according to working papers of both minority leaders. Therefore, the total number of minorities’ seats will increase from 33 to around 53, out of which 16 seats will be added in the NA, 12 in the Punjab Assembly, 13 in the Sindh Assembly and six each in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan assemblies.



    State Minister for National Harmony Akram Masih Gill said there was a strong likelihood that the bill would be passed in the National Assembly and Senate in the session starting from next week.

    Seems members/ministers from minorities are quite satisfied and happy and want to have more seats to serve more.

    One wonders why don't they listen to the complaints of minorities and raise voice if they have good representation in Parliament.

  • Does that mean Ramsha and Aasia Bibi will be released soon and those responsible for Gojra massacre and abduction of Hindu girls punished?


  • I think, this is a positive thing in itself.

    But one can also say why Minority members are interested in more seats than raising voice for the poor sufferers. Why these issues are not discussed in Parliament and left to media only.

  • There shall be no reserve seats. A Pakistani is a Pakistani regardless of religion. All Pakistanis shall have equal rights. All Pakistanis should be allowed to participate in election and get elected in the same manner.

    This is the one of the better option to create harmony within the society.

  • I like the idea of minority seats.... its hard for some one like me to understand what kind of trouble our non muslim brothers/sisters have to go through....may be political parties should be encouraged to give more tickets to non muslims plus some reserved seats....