Election Coverage - 2013 and Constituency Maps

  • I see that many people here are very skilled in using Photoshop and other multi-media applications.

    All of us fellows are very interested in the upcoming elections in 2013 regardless of party affiliation. Could someone (with the consent of admins) volunteer to make threads more illustrative by using the constituency maps. Something like this but more detailed:


    I have the following ideas:

    1. Show the constituency location in the province map.

    2. Show the constituency location in the district map.

    3. In each NA constituency, show the demarcation of Provinciail Halqas, along with significant areas, and landmarks etc.

    4. If all these maps can be arranged in a heirarchy selectable by mouse click, that will be great.

    5. The candidate photos and profiles, political affiliations, and previous results in a tabulated form will also be useful.


  • I like your idaes. Theses ideas should be implemented

  • Dont worry when elections come close they will do it. Pkpolitics did it in 2008. They have quite a few experts. Older links are still here , i guess.