How many seats PTI would win in Sindh especially in karachi

  • I think PTI cannot win sigle seat in Sindh especially in karachi

  • Apparently, most PTI candidates will be those who won in 2002 but lost in 2008.

    Most of them happened to be allies with Musharraf. I'm talking about candidates from all over the country.

    According to a newspaper, Dr. Arif Alvi would be contesting from NA-250, Imran Ismail from NA-252 and Shah Mahmood Qureshi from NA-200 and NA-201 ( Ghotki )

  • Tsunami Samundar se Aanee Hai aur Karachi Mein koi seat Naheen.

    Kia Tsunami Karachi Shahar Ooper se urh kar guzarey gee.

  • Being a Karachite, I can say this with utmost eminence that P-00-TI ain't got no chance of glory in Karachi. There are 18 NA seats from Karachi and as rightly pointed out by eers99, Tehreek-e-Styanass has got only two potential candidates in the form Imran Ismail from NA-252 and Arif Alvi from NA-250.

    Just to give a cursory run down of both the constituencies since I was an ex-resident in NA-250 and a current resident in NA-252. NA-250 is a quintessential Burger constituency which saw a heated contest in 2008 between Mirza Ikhtiar Baig and Kushbakht Shujat. The affluent constituents of this area voted for Mirza Iktiar Baig since he is a big name in the corporate sector and business community in Karachi while Kushbakht Shujat bagged the majority votes from the Middle and upper middle class localities. In the end, the margin of defeat was too close and could have gone either way for both the candidates.

    I think that both Kushbakht and Mirza would again be the major players in this constituency while there are chances that Capt. Haleem Siddiqui might be the joint candidate of PML-N and JI. In such a scenario, Arif Alvi would surely have his work cut out and I reckon would have his "Zamanat Zabt."

    In NA-252, the outlook is tilted heavily in favour of MQM. Although Imran Ismail is a resident of this constituents but he is still an unknown entity; politically at least. Waseem Akhtar of MQM was the winner in 2008 but he has since moved to DHA and we have not seen him in our constituency since then. Word is that Akhtar might not apply for a ticket from this constituency and would prefer to contest from some other area. Irfanullah Marwat will be the candidate of PML-N supported by JI and he has a major vote bank in the lower class constituents comprising mostly of Pakhtuns and Punjabis.

  • what would happen if PTI make alliance with MQM

  • Absolutely no chance! MQM historically never shares its electoral booty with anyone. Karachi and other urban cities of Sindh are their political fortresses and there is no way that they would adjust someone else at their cost.

  • Big fish will eat small one meaning MQM wont even Burp.

  • @Zufi,

    The Change Party does not have candidates apart from the two constituencies already mentioned. So yes, MQM would swallow them alive without even batting an eye lid.

  • You are strange man mechanic man we are asking about Tsunami taking over Karach in biggest wave humans ever seen and yu depress us by saying MQM wont even share the leftover. What a Pity!

  • @Zufi,

    MQM would always loves to indulge in foreplay but would never commit to "Sharing the Bed" unless the other partner is in a position to form the federal government. Now then, P-00-TI being in a position to form a federal government....Buhahahahahahahaha!

  • Imran Ishmael is the same guy who caters for Immy Dimmys Holy nights?

  • Lollzzz.....yes he is the same dude. Doesn't live too far from where I'm. Drives a Mercedes S Class and acts like a real gangsta. But too bad for him, this area is MQM country and there can't be two gangstas manning the same territory.

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  • no imran khan 's risinf popularity in Sindh ca make any difference?

  • in karachi MQM,,PPP,JI,,ANP r very strong,,,,,both pml n and pti r not win from much seat much seat in karachi,,,,while in rural sindh,,,,we know ppp,,,pml f,,,and know some electible join pml n,,,,r strong,,,,no big name in sindh join PTI,,,so i think pti,,,not win a single seat in sindh,,,

  • ahsan379 ....u r right

  • @ahsan379,

    I beg to differ with you. The situation in Karachi is fluid at the moment and even some of MQM's seat can be put in jeopardy if right kind of alliances are formed against MQM. But still, MQM holds the aces in Karachi. As for PPP's strongholds in Karachi, they are highly vunerable and PPP can be effectively challenged and it can even loose to a PML-N, Sunni Tehreek and JI Alliance. PML-N in particular has made some very daring and frontal advances in Karachi most specifically the PPP's areas of interest which are mostly rural and lower income localities.

  • yes PML N is becoming favoutite in LYARI

  • how many seats PTI would win in Sindh especially in karachi