• Election 2008:

    Zahid Hamid (PMLN): 62362

    Ch. Abdul Sattar (PMLQ): 56343

    Ch. Ghulam Abbas (PPP): 55797

    From PPP Malik Asad (Brother of REHMAN MALIK) is going to contest. Rehman Malik is doing everything on Federal Level to get support (New NDRA office etc..) plus FIA related matters are dealt with swift efficiency but Big problem for Rehman Malik+his brother, this is typical THANA KUTCHERY Halqa and Police is under Punjab government so very funny situation is going on in this area THANA SHO’s are like footballs between Rehman Malik & Shabaz Shrief. Local development is totally controlled by Shabaz Shrief big minus point for Rehman Malik&Co and even bigger problem for Rehman Malik &Co kicking Ch. Ghulam Abbas out of Picture had produced so much anger and disbelief amongst old-time Jiyalas that if Asad Malik got half of Ch. Ghulam Abbas’s vote that will be a miracle. Another interesting development Ch. Abdul Sattar Group a.k.a Viryokey Group through Ch. Pervez Elahi had meeting with Prez. Zardari I am told Zardari offered Punjab Ministership plus Punjab assembly seats in my view because Viryokey Group is focused on local politics they will take this offer and support Asad Malik on National seat. But then comes the problem of local PPP jiyalas disrespecting Ch. Ghulam Abbas is treated as contempt by Jiyalays plus Rehman Malik&Co were never welcomed or part of PPP in first place. Rehman Malik was very close to Benazir but Benazir never allowed Rehman Malik to have any say in party matters. Every time Benazir visited Sialkot she stayed at Ch. Ghulam Abbas’s house in short there was great respect for Jiyala’s like Ch. Ghulam Abbas from Benazir after Benazirs death those days are over.

    PML(N) is paying close attention to this seat money is spent like water on development projects here plus Zahid Hamid have very powerful friends and very powerful biradriy vote bank on hand. One to one fight between Asad Mailk & Zahid Hamid Pml (N) going to win but if Ch. Sattar or Ch. Ghulam Abbas is ppp+pmlq joint candidate Zahid Hamid going to lose. PML(N) should pray and hope Zardari give ticket to Asad Malik. If Asad Malik is candidate then this going to be an easy win for Zahid Hamid.


  • pakpower Bhai...

    Good analysis...

  • @Pak_Power Bro where did u get this news from that Viryokey Group is willing to join PPP or PML Q?? They r in PML N at this time...

  • Bro Vario group is in PML N now and i have personaly relation with them and they are willing to contest from NA 111 against Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan on PML N plate form with two to three provincal seats. They want to get PA seats under NA 114 and u know in NA 114 Zahid Hamid PML N win only some thousand votes from Vario group. As well as Mian Aktar Vario (Late) already won NA 111 constituency of Dr. Firdous Ashiq awan in past 90,s electio. It is true Dr, Firdous done a lot work in NA 111.But if vario group contest here, then definately mark my words Vario will be surely winner due to their street level links.

  • @Shahid_Ali1084

    bahi Sialkot politics nothing is hidden for me I am not going to disclose what kind of relations I have with Viryokeys or with Rana Shamim or with Kh. Asif etc…

    I just give you a hint in 1993 election when Khush Akhter Subani went to submit his nomination papers (black open Jeep) subani said جلوس is not big enough so someone told him to do something on Kutchery Road after Drumawala Chock.

    I agree if PML(N) is smart they should forget about Idrees Bajwa and give Ticket to Ch. Sattar. Viryokeys are kings of rural politics THANA KUTCHERY DERA SIYASAT. if PML(N) wants to win NA-111 seat they should give ticket to Ch. Sattar. one thing I can say 100% Dr. Ferdos cannot win from Ugoke, Chnnomom and Kotli Loharan area she will win Bahaghwal Awan because of her biradri vote Ch. Sattar have very good connections in Gondel village. Things will be more clear after election date is fixed because only then All Biradri and Group line up is decided...

  • @syed786

    bahi I heard Idrees Bajwa is making trouble about NA-111 he wants ticket, but because deal with Viryokey was NA-111 Seat plus Punjab Assembly seats. Anyway I don’t know what will happen because Zardari through Ch. Pervaz Elahi offering everything just to break PMLN strong candidates...

  • @Pak_Power But bro I don't think they will be able to win on PPP or Q Ticket.Yes, they have their personal votes which can cause damage to PML N...

  • Pak_Power bro i am 100% agree with u that vario group is king of rural politics. One thing also that Gohap Pur also comes under NA 111 and where Dr.awan also cannnot win. Last time a number of people vote her only to loose Ch.Amir Hussain (Q League). If as u said vario goes with PPP then it will be a dream for N league to win NA 111 and as well as NA 114 because Zahid Hamid cannot defeat Vario+PPP candidate either Rehman malik bros or Ghulam Abbas.

    What do u say about NA 112 political situation.? Is Rana Shamim really weak here due to his son issue or other issues.?

  • @syed786

    Sorry bro but I disagree Viryokey are very strong I agree with Shahid_ali1084 PML(N) can forget about winning NA-111 and NA-114 without Viryokey. I like to see PML(N) win both seats but I am a realistic person. I believe in current politics PML(N) is better than other parties I don’t support PML(N) because of Main Nawaz Shrief I Support PML(N) because there are some really sincere people like (Kh.Saad, Kh.Asif, Pervez Rashid, Ch.Nisar, Ahsen Iqbal etc…)

  • @Shahid_Ali1084

    No I don’t think Rana Shamims seat face any challenge. Our relation with Rana Shamim goes back to 1980s and Rana Shamims politics got to see from very close. I agree Rana Shamim’s son doesn’t have same respect as his father. but Rana Shamim’s have very strong support base and people really respect rana shamim. I don’t believe anyone can beat Rana Shamim in NA-112. Because of Degree problem his son got ticket I think this time he will himself contest from NA-112 and put his son up for Punjab Assembly. NA-112 is safe PML(N) seat.