Great Genius Of PMLN

  • Ishaaq Dar is full of himself and always portrays himself as some Genius in-waiting yet to be fully discovered. For some reasons MNS takes him as authority on all subjects. By all indicators he is just man of average intellect and knowledge. Someone needs to drive it hard into his head that He would not be in this position in PMLN if his son was not married to MNS daughter.

    It is beyond my comprehension how such man can have so much influence on MNS as this guy has. By relating himself to MNS

    does not mean he should have properiety rights in PMLN. If he were to be a man of character,as i hear so much by MNS, he would never have gotten involved into politics.

    What worries me he might be involved in both political and non political decision making in PMLN.

    He has already been responsible for many fiascos in PMLNS recent past,Take for example issue of new province in Punjab.Now most of PMLN top leadership does not want to give any concessions on new province in Punjab. He single handedly is forcing PMLN to abandon its position and secretly holding meetings with PPP(That he has done so often in past).He was involved in Hazara name change fiasco too in 18th amendment negotiations.

    Does it not tell MNS that he is not the the intellect he considers him to be.He is a spineless man who can

    hardly take any heat and he has proven it in past.

    My suggestion to MNS just keep him as much far from PMLN as possible, Dubai would be a nice destination for such a docile man.

  • Tit for tat: Assad Umer wale thread ka yeh Jawab? Come on, remove the skepticism about your leaders and answer the objections logically, as you claim to be the Govt. of the future. Satisfy the people; don't blame others.

  • جل تو جلال آئی بلا تو ٹال

  • Meet captain Safdar,One more family M$ron of nawaz Sharif.

    Pakistan and PMLN is going to pay price for one more stupid



    A political storm of significant proportions is brewing within the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) leadership in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) with a face-off between its key leaders, Captain Muhammad Safdar, Sardar Mehtab Abbasi and Pir Sabir Shah, party sources at the senior level revealed.

    “The top party leadership is looking for an appropriate opportunity to get rid of Pir Sabir Shah and Sardar Mehtab Abbasi, who threatened to resign from the party as a blackmailing tool to compel Nawaz Sharif to take disciplinary action against his son-in-law Captain Muhammad Safdar,” a source revealed to The Express Tribune.

    The source added that Nawaz was offended by Shah and Abbasi, the provincial leaders of the party in K-P, as the matter could have been resolved within the party, instead of going public and providing ammunition to PML-N’s political rivals for the upcoming general elections. They said that the two used the threat of resignation to compel Nawaz to take action against Captain Safdar.

    It has been revealed that Amir Muqam is being touted as Shah’s replacement. Muqam had left PML-Quaid to contest the elections against his former party by getting on board the PML-N train.

    Sensing their inevitable removal from the PML-N, Shah and Abbasi are looking for the right time to ditch the party before they are sacked. Sources said that the tendering of an apology by Safdar, who is the chief of the PML-N’s youth wing, had further aggravated tensions between him and Shah and Abbasi.

    Safdar was made to publicly apologise to Shah and Abbasi recently for issuing hostile statements against them over the organisational affairs of the party.

    “The chapter is not closed even though Safdar has tendered an apology. He was served a show cause notice by the central leadership which has aggrieved him further,” a source said, adding that Safdar is aggrieved by the humiliation he had to suffer at the hands of Shah and Abbasi, while the two are of the view that Safdar is merely expressing what Nawaz has been planning – to field Muqam as a potential replacement for Shah as PML-N’s chief in K-P.

    Another source stated that Shah and Abbasi were responsible for the political infighting by publicly maligning Safdar for voicing his opinion, which has now been labelled as a conspiracy against them to lobby for Muqam. In retaliation, Safdar is openly lobbying for Muqam to replace Shah, who has been called a liability for Nawaz and the party.

    On the other hand, Shah and Abbasi are also aggressively lobbying against Nawaz’s son-in-law to muster political support in their favour.

    The heated political rivalry between Shah and Abbasi in one corner and Safdar in the other is not a new phenomenon for the people of K-P, who are well aware of their tussle over the PML-N’s organisational matters. One source said that Safdar was annoyed with Shah and Abbasi for not heeding his advice on their handling of the party’s administrative affairs.

  • A very well written piece but without substance. What translates from the input is two main points. First Ishaq Dar has in-laws relations with Sharif Brothers - I don't see anything wrong in it. Secondly, he met PPP leadership on the question of new province in Southern Punjab - again nothing wrong, on the contrary talks and negotiations are the essence of democracy.

  • If i remember correctly , the average intellect man , Ishaq Dar is a gold meadlist from Punjab University (B-Com , 1970 batch )

    And then he did CA from uk.

    Please correct me if wrong.

  • There are many gold medalist from Hailey college of commerce and many have done better than Ishaaq Dar in their career. Many who were not even gold medalist have outperformed this guy in professional career.

    Leave Sartaj Aziz on side(Dar cannot touch even his dust), just Compare him to seconed tier of Intellectuals or professionals like Ahsan Iqbal, Khawja Asif,Shahid Haqan etc in PMLN ,he sounds more empty headed but regarded as great mind by NS(I hear myself multiple times).

    On top of it he is such a self projector , always braggs about how he can change everything , always insert himself in all important intellectual debate whether energy , Amendments, political talking etc. Question is why not rest mentioned above

    who are much better qualified than his two bit accounting trickery. People Who been through best schooling available in Pak and abroad.

    But what made him the ultimate deal maker in PMLN has at least to do with his qualifications , more with personal relations with sharifs. Again he is been involved in 18th amendment, that proved a disaster for Hazarawals and energy issues.

  • Zufi,

    I m not also admirer of PML-N or Ishaq Dar but can't see

    " By all indicators he is just man of average intellect and knowledge"

    If he is given authority to represent PML-N at any level , this reflects the political ability of PML-N leadership not Ishaq Dar.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I believe the issue is why Ishaq Dar is being given such importance. What are his services for the party? How long has he been in politics and what has he done? He is a loose cannon who does more harm to PML-N than good. Had he not been father of Nawaz Sharif's son in law, he would have been a back-bencher at most in PML-N. It is a shame that he has been made parliamentary party leader of PML-N in senate in the presence of such stalwarts like Raja Zafar ul Haq and Zafar Ali Shah.

    He was heading the PML-M committee negotiating on 18th amendment and made a royal mess of it. Previously, he also negotiated the Charter of Democracy and capitulated on all demands of PPP. The man has acquired a reputation of being a weak kneed sissy negotiator who has no alignment with the ideology of Muslim League and concedes much more than what he gets in return.

    If Nawaz Sharif does not get rid of him, he'll end up costing the party and Nawaz Sharif dearly, even more than he already has.

  • Adonis bahi,

    Honestly speaking whats ML's idealogy :)

    Bahi jee, Ishaq Dar intial qualification was that he is a kashmiri and accounting wizard. He was made LCCI president in late 80's / early 90's and then BOI chairmain in first tenure of NS.

    I think he is loyal enoguh to Sharifs and thats the reason for his 'success' in ML.

  • The Muslim League ideology is Pakistani nationalist, right of center liberal Muslim, and respectful of Islamic ethos.

    It is true that Dar's prominence in PML_N owes everything to his relationship with Nawaz Sharif and I think the OP was also lamenting the same thing. He is a technocrat and should be utilized in his field. He has never displayed any talent for leading the party and therefore should not be imposed.

  • Adonis bahi

    I think u r talking of some 'Mehrooma' ML :)

    Just kidding , i respect your opinion.

    Quite agreed what u r saying about Dar . My difference was that we should not write him off as 'man of average intellect and knowledge' . He is definitely expert in his domain. U have quite rightly pointed that he is a technocrat not a politician.

  • Mian Saab

    KHawja Asif cannot manage his Pants..... how he can manage Wapda,it

    is two yr now yu didnt feel it yet.

    Also remove this Desi khucher, abid ali, he just speaks bhaaan...bhaaan.

  • Ishaq dar imposed a tax on banking transaction. Anyone who taken

    even a introductory course on macroeconomics knows how it is gonna

    effect liquidity in banking system. But again yu can expect this from a personal munshi of Marhoom Wadey Mian Jee.

  • Wordings of MOU and terms of reference (TOR) ample to prove genius on part of Ishaq dar and JAHALAT on part of Jehingir Tareen and company.

    Hamid Khan (Senior Vice President Pasha Party) comments are enough to prove intelligence and genius approach of PML N. Pappu Burgers must also listen his program on CAPITAL TV tonight. Must also listen to veteran Pasha Party HAROON RASHEED views also.

    Danyal Aziz rightly said, it is unique in history. Where helicopter/plane owner has hijacked a party. Otherwise it is listen somebody hijacked a helicopter or plane.

  • There is a big difference between being a Cunning person and a Genius.

    Danyal Aziz??? Who once was pithu of ......???