Mian Sahb the best? jo dekha jo suna....

  • well......

    Nawaz Sharif has looted money from awam, there are documentaries and book written concerning these looting from awam. Also there are cases pending which have been pending for centuries.

    Performance wise he is known for motorway, which also there is allegations of backhands. Also how can we forget the historical nuclear tests.

    The last 5 years of governence in Punjab, have been highlighted by laptops and peeli taxies. Apart from that on other points such as police, health service, education is more or less near enough zero. As for opposition role they have been labeled as "friendly opposition.


    what can be said by him, he has broken all records of corruption, and is known as Mr10%. Performance wise is even worse than his corruption. The only factor that he will be remembered by is the way he has made the rest dance on his tunes.

    Imran Khan

    Corruption wise he is clean. Performance wise he has not had the chance to govern as leader of country so has not been tried and tested. However he is known for his work in shaukuat khanum and namal university, and who can forget the historical world cup. Apart from this he does a lot of charity work as well when it comes to sailaab etc.

    His present policies concerning pakistan if he becomes premier of pk, stands out different from other parties whether internally or foreign. His biggest plus point is that he is not corrupt, the other plus point is that he has not been tried and tested where as the other two have been.