NA-95 Gujranwala

  • Election Result 2002:

    Ch. Imran Ullah Advocate 28024 votes PPP

    Usman Ibrahim Ansari 26977 Votes PML N

    Mohammad Ayoub Safdar 18107 Votes MMA

    Election Result 2008:

    Usman Ibrahim Ansari 51705 Votes PML N

    Ch.Zeeshan Ilyas 44037 Votes PPP

    Ch.Imran Ullah Advocate 6852 Votes PML Q


    NA 95 consists of mostly urban areas with very few rural areas.

    in 2002 election Ch. Khalid hammou introduced Ch.Imran Ullah who joined patriot group after winning 2002 Election.

    Usman Ibrahim lost 2002 election with very low margin.

    In 2008 election Usman Ibrahim won and Ch.Zeeshan Ilyas also got good votes. Now in upcoming election N league will again field Usman Ibrahim and PPP Ch. Zeeshan Ilyas. As well as PTI will field new face or Ch. Imran Ullah Advocate from this constituency. Here again PML N has an edge as mostly vote bank is N League + Ansari brotheri factor and a lot development work done by CM Punjab here. Ch.Zeeshan Ilyas is weak due to PPP poltiical policies specially load shedding factor here. Because mostly people is having hate factor with PPP due to specially unjustic loadshedding here as compare to PPP strong Hold cities in Sindh. Thirdly, PTI definately cut votes both PPP and N League. But it is not possible to win this seat for PTI. So bottom line is this an easy win will be go to N League. (Insha ALLAH)

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  • @Shahid_Ali 1084 Bhai

    good analysis ... i agree With u on NA 95 situation... BTW Gujranwala is the Garh of PMLN...