Good news for PPPP

  • MAHAR group from GHOTK going to going to join pppp. In Sindh interesting events are going to happen. Mehr of ghotki and sharzai of thatta going to join pppp. both group won last time as independent as they always. they both lost 0ne national assembelly seat each to pppp in 2008. pppp was in good position to fight against mehar and sharazi but now they are joining with one extra seats for them each.

    a sure defeat for Qureshi from ghotiki. pppp lost even with the favour of bb mrder. Qureshi with pti sure lost form ghotki while the winner against sharzi and mehar in 2008 and the loosers too are going to leave pppp as they will not get tickets. they are on board with pml n through mumtaz bhutto and show soon will be revealed in Ghari Kudda baksh larkana.

    very very interesting development is going in sindh.

  • Yaqeen nai ata k mehr or sherazi family ju k sindh men ppp k against honay ke waja se famous they now they are joining ppp..samjh nai ati akhir zardari ne jadu kya kea..i thnk ali mehr will join pmln the ex dist nazim of ghotki..sherazi belongs to thatta wahan per marvi contest kr rahi ha..but hard to dafeat sherazi family..but mehr or sherazi blunder kr rahay hen.

  • Money my dear, AZ has made billions last 4 yrs, now its the time to invest a few millions, to earn further more billions.