Notice t o Khawaja to pay 10 Billion or Ik spared Ch Nisar for being his capt

  • Today a notice to Kawaja Asif is being given

    Notice t o Khawaja to pay 10 Billion or apologize

    Another good news

    Perhaps Ik spared Ch Nisar for being his captain at Acheson College where he used ti be a 12th man in his captaincy but never played a match .And also perhaps for enjoying parties in London together and a dinner at Sita White's home .

  • I have heard that a simple notice is sent to Khawaja Asif directly demanding a public apology. Failure to give one would result in a defamation suit filed in a competent court of law. Is it true?

  • Yes , It was all due to Internet

    He tried to stop something like this

  • Lolzzzz.....I'm sure that Khawaja Asif at this time is sitting in a dark room with gloom all around him and thinking as to how he should deal with this problem :D

  • This is sort of a joke

    Kh Asif will be very happy

  • yes, its a legal notice that khawaja asif should publicaly apologize or a case will be filed in court

  • You are right but this is the easiest way to close the matter

    Nothing will happen but a mantle relief to Nirralas

  • no mental relief till kh asif apologizes or court declares him guilty

  • The jury might still be out on this one but in my not so intelligent opinion, this is yet another U-Turn.

  • hehe .. the shughal continues :P

    looks like u people wont sigh relief unless Khwaja Asif is made to drop his pants down and bend before public :P

  • Hahahahahaaa

    Ik never said he would file the case against Kh Asif....he said that SC should take sup moto against Kh Asif....for maligning IK!!

  • but filing of petition for 10 billion is a great step by IK!

    The party and SKMH have lost a lot of money in recent past.... the 10 billion will go towards further investments and just like in the past will be invested by the renowned investor Mr Zac Goldsmith in cricketing activities......which as in past will become 100 times giving IK a share of profits making the 10 billion into 50 billion overnight!

  • IK's share of 50 billion will CHANGE the landscpae of Pakistan...

    Pakistan will actually become Jannat......Imagine a Bani Gala like beautiful palace in every city of Pakistan

  • Notice for what? Making public IK's fraud, using documents on SKMH website? This is not flying. Khawaja Asif kachi golian naheen khailta.

  • "naujawan"

    haahaa..good one kam

  • This post is deleted!

  • GT,

    Agreed! They don't call Khawaja Asif and encounter specialist for nothing.

    As for Tsunami Bhai....we leave the art of bending down and dropping the shalwars, Pugs and Patkas to none other than Holy Father Imran Double Shah Khan. Lets just pray that IK's lawyer is better than his accountants who valued P0nka Khan's land holdings @ Rs. 4 per marla which cheaper than an average Naan!!!! God forbid if Salman Akram Raja ends up with the same anomalies, Khawaja Asif would be wearing IK's pants instead :D

  • Perfect example of CHOR machai SHOR!! this is unbelieveably ridiculous!

    I have never ever before 2 august commented on this or any other forum. But after the ZAKAT scandal, I had too cuz I know, me and others have been conned in the name of zakat. Anybody who knows anything about investments, could see the irregularities and corruption right away, which was extremely sad! The corruption is clear and 100% proven. Now the most pathetic part is, that Imran khan comes on TV and tries to rubbish all the evidence and instead puts counter allegations on the one who brought up the evidence. wow! sad and shameful. Only in Pakistan.

  • N O O R A S are r etards especially the bald N O O R A S!! Lmao Khawaja Asif encounter specialist?? he is more like a suicide bomber.

  • History as we will read in 2018: ....In Sept of 2012, that's how IK and company of teenagers fell into the trap of PMLN and it's shrewd leader Khawaja Asif by serving him a notice for his allegations on SKMH zakat donations. Till this day, it is considered as one of the biggest blunder a rising party could have done that exposed it so badly in following months that it's election standing went from presumably 3rd to almost non-existent. All the people who joined the party after Oct 2011 Lahore jalsa started departing one after the other to greener pastures. The end (of PTI ;) )