Agha Waqar Accused of Robbery

  • How is this news linked to Engineer Agha Waqar's water kit invention:

    Does anyone know if the water kit test has been proven by govt. officials?

  • پیٹنٹ کروالو جلدی سے - عبد القدیر

  • lekin abhi usski kit ki kuch zayda news nai ayi

  • PPP's infamous ochakka Khursheed Shah was patronising him..

    I knew there is something fishy.

    The part that I still dont understand is why a government scientific/industrial research organisation has not done a study and published the specifications and details of this product. This itself is telling me this man and his patrons are hoping to get money from government for this suspicious and dubious project.

  • He is now eleigible to join IK's party...fulfil all the criteria.....

    • Do nare-bazi of CHANGE & claiming running a car on water...

    • and then caught with robbery..... which is as good as stealing Zakat money

    • Get a picture with AQK as well!!

  • Dr Qadeer, did he really do it?

    The whole truth — nuclear Pakistan

    I have been associated with Pakistan’s nuclear programme and the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission since 1963 and therefore I have firsthand knowledge of the various phases of the country’s nuclear quest. However the sensitive nature of the subject requires that we should be very careful while talking about it. This is what the (late) Chairman PAEC Munir Ahmad Khan impressed upon all his team members. If some self-glorified scientists/engineers [Dr Qadeer?] have succeeded to reduce his image to the status of a villain, it is due to his modesty and not advertising his achievements in his lifetime. By awarding the posthumous Nishan-i-Imtiaz thirteen years after his death, the president has done no favour to him but has only corrected a wrong.—-nuclear-Pakistan

  • No doubt AQ Khan is fond of lime light and fame and power hungry but there is this whole history of Punjabi politics in our atomic program.

    Many able scientist had to run away because Dr. Munir and others just wont let any non-punjabi (and mahajir in many cases) rise up the ranks.

  • I knew there is something fishy.

    OBaid Sahab,

    Stick to your line sir that was the following:

    bhai jaan this does not matter..many big scientists did not have the degree..

    you seemed flip flopping eh:)

  • From the story it seems like Agha Waqar was living the

    "Sindhi Dream"

  • This post is deleted!

  • No rt,

    I never accepted his product as workable or non workable but i did not buy the argument of him being a fraud just because he comes across as a mechanic or a non technical person.

    I always maintained this matter can be easily resolved by having experts examine the product.

  • @bsobaid

    You maintained this because you don't have a clue how ridiculously and openly fraudulent this guy was.

    I mean if you actually know the science that was involved in all this water-kit episode you would find out that such claims are not even worthy of discussion at any serious level, let alone on national media.

  • @Rohail Taqi

    Salamz. So how come he was claiming that many pupil from engineering university could not prove anything wrong in the kit. Talat Hussain and Hamid Mir were promoting it as well.