Trader Leader Left PTI and Join PMLN...

  • @Chaudary Bhai,

    First it was Tyrian, than doing TC of Musharraf, than came giving BJ to Shuja Pasha and getting support from the agencies in return, The Beenami Scandal, Plundering of Zakat and Endowment Funds for ill advised investment through cronies and now.............Another fraud!

    I can bet the figure is more that 3 Million.

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  • Nothing wrong with ghost members.

    This proves that PTI is as popular among ghosts as it is among humans.

  • ^^^ Now the next plan of action would be to get the humans out of their houses to vote on election day and ghosts from their graves.

  • For getting humans out of their homes arrangements will be made courtesy of the great philanthropist Malik Riaz. The ghost voter business is the domain of GHQ so PTI has that in bag as well.

  • Sine everyone is in PTI's bag now, might I suggest brother Adonis that me and you also take a plunge in the holy and mystic pond of Insaf and Divinity?

  • means 30% bogus votes .. where is @respect bhai ;-)

  • Buhahahahahahaha!!!! Respect would wait until it reaches 45% :D

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  • waisy Yeh 30 million wali khabber lagta hai Nooorraa league ne phelayi hai ya iss news mein Patwaries ka hath hai ...

  • @ Sid

    What are you talking about?

    I have already realized the error of my ways and have now become a convert to the sect of Insaf.

    Believe me, once you begin to have full faith in wisdom and righteousness of the great Imran Khan, you'll discover very 'logical' justifications for everything he says or does.

  • ^^^^ Sir Yes Siirrrrrrr!! Make way, I'm taking the plunge as well :D

  • @Adonis

    Wellcome bro to the land of pure and righteous.

    I havnt seen you at PTI acedemy? ....I am still at preliminary level of the 'language' course. You must enrol at the earliest so you can 'speak' in the correct 'way' .... we have a new instructor Mr Sheikh nowadays as well.

  • ^^^ Pardon me my righteous and pious pupil and an obedient subject of Hazrat Guru Imran Zakat Walay....but I've heard that Ustad Sheikh Rasheed just could not adjust himself in such a divine envoirnment and even he was having a hard time coming to grips with the "Language" Curriculum he was being asked to impart by the "Head Master."

  • Ustad Sheikh sahib belongs to the old generation and is not in tune with the lingua-franca of net savvy, social networks hopping "tsunami". Tsunami has empowered the youth so every member of insaffed youth is an "ustad" in new age grammar and language.

  • @siddiqi @ Adonis

    yes you are right Mr Sheikh was not as good as many already trained by PTI. Although his 'vocabulaory' was considered to be good but he was not always quick enough in bringing opponents sisters and mothers into the 'discussions'.

    May be he is not affiliated with party anymore but his 'personal' link with IK gets stronger by the day as both 'need' each other in this crucial age and time.

  • No doubt about the solid personal links! They have solidified to such an extent that monstrosity named Sheeda-Zakati Bhai Bhai Slogan has given the proverbial sleepless night to the High School run by Sharif Brothers and their Ustads in Chaudhry Nisar, Hanif Abbasi and Shakil Awan :D

    Did I mention that Ustad Tully has also been granted the previlige to access the "Private Common Room" of the Insafi Elementary School in Banigala which is usually graced by such illustrious teachers in Yusuf Salli, Moby, Goldy, Ash, Dash and Faisal Wawda.

  • @ themechanic

    Dude, whats the deal with this imran ismaeel guy, is he related to Yousaf Salli!?

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