Pen and paper event

  • The Hadith of pen and paper is a famous hadith in ISlam.its refered both in shia and sunni books.

    according to sahi bukhari

    When the time of the death of the Prophet approached while there were some men in the house, and among them was 'Omar Ibn al-Khatttab, the Prophet said: "Come near let me write for you a writing after which you will never go astray." 'Omar said: "The Prophet is seriously ill, and you have the Qur'an, so Allah's Book is sufficient for us." The people in the house differed and disputed. Some of them said, "Come near so that Allah's Apostle may write for you a writing after which you will not go astray," while the others said what 'Omar said. When they made much noise and quarreled greatly in front of the Prophet, he said to them, "Go away and leave me." Ibn `Abbas used to say: "It was a great disaster that their quarrel and noise prevented Allah's Apostle from writing a statement for them. The above tradition can also be found in Sahih Muslim, Chapter of "Kitabul- Wasiyyah" in section "Babut-Tarkil-Wasiyyah", 1980 Edition, Arabic version (Saudi Arabia), v3, p1259, Tradition (#1637/22). Sahih al-Bukhari Hadith: 5.716 Narrated Ibn Abbas: Thursday! And how tragic that Thursday was! The ailment of Allah's Apostle became worse (on Thursday) and he said "Bring me something so that I (order) to write for you something after which you will never go astray." The people (present there) quarreled in this matter, and it was not right to quarrel in front of prophet. They said, "What is wrong with him? (Do you think) he is talking no sense (delirious)?" The above tradition is also in Sahih Muslim, Chapter of "Kitabul-Wasiyyah" in section "Babut-Tarkil-Wasiyyah", 1980 Edition, Arabic version, (Saudi Arabia), v3, pp 1257-58, tradition (#1637/20).==

    my question is how sunni justify this hadith

  • here are some more references

    On the eve of his demise on Monday, when a group of companions visited the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.), he (s.a.w.a.) ordered them:

    آتُو�’نِی�’ بِدَوَاتٍ وَ قِر�’طَاسٍ اِک�’تُبُ لَکُ�…�’ کِتَابًا لَن�’ تَضِل�’ُو�’ا بَع�’دَہ اَبَدًا

    ‘Fetch me a pen and a paper so that I write a will for you so that you are not deviated after me.’

    Umar said:

    اِن�’َ الن�’َبِی�’َ غَلَبَہ ال�’وَج�’عُ وَ عِن�’دَکُ�…�’ کِتَابُ اللهِ، حَس�’بُنَا کِتَابُ اللهِ�”

    ‘Surely the Prophet is overcome by illness (suggesting that his words should not be taken seriously).The Book of Allah is with you. The Book of Allah is sufficient for us!!!”

    (Sahih Bukhari Chapter on Knowledge, v 22, Musnad-e-Ahmad b. Hanbal, Research of Ahmad Muhammad Shakir, trad 2,996, Tabaqaat of Ibn Saad v 2, p 244 Beirut Edition)

    In Tabaqaat of Ibn Saad we find another narration which reveals that a person present in the assembly declared:

    اِن�’َ الن�’َبِی�’َ اللهِ لِیَج�’ہَرَ

    ‘The Prophet is speaking in delirium.’

    (Tabaqaat of Ibn Saad v 2 p 242, Beirut Edition, Sahih Bukhari Chapter on جوائز الوفد from the Book of Jihad v 2 p 120, and the Chapter of Exodus of Jews form the Arabian Peninsula v 2 p 36 has these words

    ‘The person who said this was the one who said that the Book of Allah is sufficient for us.’ i.e. Um