Wickets falling Down !! My Report first step proved True !

  • one month ago after i break story that khawaja hoti will leave PTI and Join PML N. and number of other are also doing the same. Bosan from Multan will also do this and he is thinking very hard on it. Largaries are Going to leave PTI and they have told Mr.khan and Khan said to them give me a promise you will not join any one and be remain independent.

    here is the news for Khawaja Hoti


  • imran is in trouble b/c if he will not give tickets to these big wickets then these big wickets will fall,but if he give tickets to these big wickets then he doesnt stands on his own word when he was proudly announcing that any one can joing pti but tickets will be given to those who fulfill criteria.

    so now if He gives tickets to these big wickets ,those people inside party who supported him for years they will turn against him and there will be big loss to party.

    so this is the result of munafiqat.

  • My Report first step proved True !

    آپ جیت گئے ،واٹرکولر آپ کا ہوا

    Peoples come and leave not a big deal.

    We will be worried when IK step down from his agenda of justice and change.

    Bye Bye to those who r leaving.

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  • gooooddd news....

    inshALLAH bosan nd lagharies would be soon in pmln

  • PML N is leading the race in KPK. even the galup pole has proved it. soon more wickets which i have mentioned earlier will fall.

    Sheikh and PTI attad will also be down soon.

  • I dont C lagharies Joining PMLN but Bosan will join PMLN inn Sha Allah...

  • This is good news for PTI and Pakistan.... PML N may some get few thousand extra vote and seat but for most of Pakistan PPP and PML (A -Z ) are still party of choors and looter.

    Acha hey Gandey andey eik jaga hi jama ho jain...Could PML N take Mulana Fazulr rehman and his brothers as well??

  • Pti will have to make seat adjustment in Punjab in next elections .

    Whom they will prefer ?

    PML N or great Asif Ali Zardari .

  • "PML (A -Z ) are still party of choors and looter"

    but not still QATIL & BHATA KHOR

    wink wink

  • Anwer Sahib,

    Adjustment for what? Where is the danger of PTI winning any seats? Please point to something other than Sheikh Rashid's Contituency in Rawalpindi.

  • Before imran khan started taking all these lotas and ex musharaf supporters, we actually had a CHANGE! and these status quo people where insignificant. but they brought imran in the pic and bingo!! the situation changed. All of a sudden everyone, be it pmln, ppp or pti, is after people like kasuri, Amir moqam, Tareen, chattas, legharis etc etc. So there is no doubt, that imran with the help of establishment is here to only keep the status quo! shame on you imran khan, I always knew you will go to any extend, when faced with failure!!

  • People with just emotions always talk loose as did by "expakistani" . To make a party you have to steady and positive towards critisiam.

    what is the best about NZ now, he never spoke about khan or never give any sweeping statement. People knows that NZ is a great leader of Pakistan a Leader who proved Himself in Long March. If he can not come to the road then no march and then he proved to be a man who just talks.

    PPPP benefiting all parties and Khan is badly exposed if election held after a year no body will remain with khan. As khan is nothing more than a bubble established by the DJ ISI chief. Now the bubble has brust and also politians are becoming strong while ISI has lost his rapo among common masses a bit.

  • It looks Zardari played well by bringing PTI forward , PTI will give some damage to PML N

  • Here goes the efforts of Amir Muqam

    I am sure Muqam will win 2 out of 2 seats from kpk. One from Sanghala and other from Peshawer NA-4, from where lost last time with a margin of less than 10000. this time with joining of PPPP families into PML N in na-4 and votes of PML N. in a die hard 4 sided contest Muqam will win. other his home seat of sangla a pet seat of muqam.


  • while in swat PTI is broken into two factions both fighting with each other and doing nothing for the residents. Last week they announced a jalsa hardly 100 people gathered there. PML N and Muqam is very strong in shangala and Swat.

    Here goes the news for PTI for Swat


  • brother it was not zardari who played well in this case, pti is hurting more badly to PPPP . it was the Psaha the ISI chief who helped khan. after long march the popularity of NZ and PML N was at peak and PML N want to crash the establishment. establishment want their hold. thats why they first tried to put MQM in punjab to derail pml n but when they failed as mqm knows as the killer party in Punjab. Then they launched khan with massive support. PML N did well by doing efforts and then Pasha got run out.

    Now Zaradi is doing favour for pml n by not holding election. the more and more time election will took it will expose khan. and it will give time to PML N to cover their damge against establishment which they are doing.

  • shahid akran has left PTI and Joined PMLN today...

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