Ideology Based Political Parties

  • Do we have any true ideology based main stream political party in Pakistan or are they all the same.

    Based on the regular movement of so called winning candidates from one party to another, the warm welcome accorded to such candidates by the parties, to me it seems that we dont have any differentiation between any true main stream party. If my assumption is correct then why do I consider the party which I support, better than any other.

    We may have few small ideology based political parties but then they are not capable of winning more than few seats.

  • I feel religouos parties are still largely ideology based such as jamat and jui

  • Obaid bhai

    But JUI and JI win only few seats and that too in certain pockets of the country. But then I really dont know if current JUI has any ideology? Or perhaps in Maulana sahib it has its ideology

  • Since the fall of USSR definition of ideology base politics is changed. Left and right have drawn new lines. In our case we did not get the memo. So is the ideology based parties are becoming history. Give political parties and process few more years, they may emerge with new agendas.

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  • Religious political parties are hypocrisy based parties rather than ideology based.

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  • Ideology without the support of technology will remain a weak ideology. Some of the academia people regard Pakistan and Israel as ideological countries. Israel knew it well if their ideology was to survive they would have to make progress in technology. Today they are not only strong they have made inroads into world economy through dominating IMF, World Bank, on the one hand, and also attained dominating status in world media,on the other.

    Our ideology is much better than Jews idology, our ideology is much better than Hindu Ideology, our ideology is much better than Christian's ideology, BUT, we Muslims as a whole have become lazy and fools. It is the followers behind the ideology that make it strong or weak. The day, Pakistan attains more than 70% literacy rate we would say "We are the World".