Does Death Exist?

  • A scientific discovery read it as its worth reading.

  • Read it once. I think I got the main idea and the conclusion he drew but the theory and experiment he presented was incomprehensible in the first read. I'll have to read it again.

    One new thing I learnt from this is the power required to keep brain alive and operating is 20 watts and as he said energy can only transform, may be that is what we know as rooh.

  • USA PBS (Public Broadcasting)'s NOVA series ran a program about Multiverse few weeks ago. This video trys of explain a part of the question in the title.

    Click the picture "The Fabric of the Cosmos" to watch the video.

    Found a better link:

  • Amazing thing is that the idea of Multiverse came out of the Particle Physics backed by mathematical models and equations of "Eternal Inflation, Dark Energy and String Theory".

    The other day I heard someone on the 'Mimber' that the Big Bang is equivalent to 'Kun (كن)'

    Kun Fyakun - کن فیکون

    I suppose the pulpit will soon claim that Multiverse is a manifestation of seven heavens.

  • Dekho about kun fuakoon....this shows the power of god but not the process that brings into being.

    God orders kunn and then it takes six heavenly days to fayakoon.

    So although only possible outcome of kunn is fayakoon but the process is governed by laws of physics and other sciences as god himself says the universe was created and being run by a marvellous system and laws and invites us all to explore and find any errors.

  • Quantum mumbo-jumbo often used by pseudo scientists to justify their stupid theories.

    Note how the "Death does not exist" article lacks references and citations and rely only on sounding smart.

    For Azizi

    Amazing thing is that the idea of Multiverse came out of the Particle Physics backed by mathematical models and equations of "Eternal Inflation".

    Performing a simple google search would have let you know that idea of multiverse is not a established theory lacking evidence of any sort and have found great criticism from inside scientific community.

    Parallel universes is an idea most probably coined and propagated by atheists so as to prove themselves right against creationists.

  • @Rohail Taqi

    I totally agree with you. But for a moment, let’s look at it the other way around. It is quite possible that these "atheists" had the concepts of heavens and after life in the back of their minds. These ideas that were given to this world by Ibrahim (AS), subconsciously led them to such bizarre theories.

    Just a foot note: I once asked my Jewish friend who was the first Jew. Prophet Abraham, he replied.

  • Lenin at his death bed was reciting hymns

  • This post is deleted!

  • What a waste of time and money for something which was already shown in Star Wars thirty years back.

    May the Force be with you!

  • I think the topic is "Does death exist?"

    Kullin Nafsun Minal Zaiqatul Maut - Koran 3:185

    This is the only reality that every breathing soul has to taste. Non-existance does not inflict anything on existing thing. So, in all fairness, Death does exist.

    Some of my friends in here are discussing Particle Physics. This is also very interesing matter. Very recently, the discovery of "Boson particle" or "God Particle" in the LHC (Large Hadron Collider)of Cern Laboratory. This strengthened the "Standard Model Particle" theory of Peter Higgs 1964. This has opened a gateway for the physicists of the world to solve the mystery of fundamental particle that permeats the whole universe (negating the vacuum theory in space)and that is responsible to give mass to energy and protons. The also cements the scientific explanation of Big Bang theory.

    Some other time, this "God particle" requires chapters.