Countering Intolerance - some suggestions

  • "Countering Intolerance" by Shandana Khan

    "...What takes a person from general intolerance towards others to actually killing people for their belief? I do not have an answer to that, but I do know a few things that contribute.

    It contributes when murderers like the Taliban are allowed to get away with it. Not bringing perpetrators publicly to justice in courts that speak out clearly in favour of protecting every single citizen — regardless of caste, creed and religion — contributes to making the next incident possible.

    It contributes that in attack after attack, a few of which have been on their own bases, we do not see the police or the army going after the outfits that sponsor these.

    It also contributes that in its official documents the state continues to divide us all into religious categories. What, and whose, purpose does this serve?

    It contributes when public figures do not speak out loudly and regularly in favour of minorities and against the violent crimes that they suffer.

    It contributes that electronic media is not awash with dramas, public service messages and talk shows promoting an understanding of minority cultures and beliefs, the value and beauty of diversity, and the idea that there should be no ‘us’ and ‘them’ within Pakistan.

    It certainly contributes that the career of television anchors does not suffer terribly when they publicly convert members of minority communities to Islam on their shows.

    And despite popular belief, it is not a lack of education that contributes to this, but rather, the content of our educational curricula that appears to be responsible


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  • gissa pitta western minded chamcha gurdi and the bias perspective

  • @ junaid

    did you even read the article?

  • i dont stand with the bias one way opening of this article; why would i waste reading anything further and that too from the very dawn ?

  • hang on - whats biased about discussing intolerance???

    dont you agree we suffer from that problem if innocent people are being killed just for belonging to a different sect of islam?

  • Dear gv

    whats biased about discussing intolerance???

    Practically everyone is biased.

    لوگ ٹوپک بناتے ہیں تو تعصب ان کے ذہین میں ہوتا ہے -- لوگ طالبان کو دہشت گرد کہتے ہیں تو تعصب ان کے ذہین میں ہوتا ہے -- لوگ امریکن کی چاپلوسی کرتے تو تعصب ان کے ذہن میں ہوتا ہے -- لوگ رحمدلی کی مثال دیتے ہیں تو تعصب ان کے ذہین میں ہوتا ہے --

    لوگ روشن خیال بنتے ہیں تو تعصب ان کے ذہین میں ہوتا -- یہاں تک لوگ علم حاصل بھی تعصب کی بنیاد پر کرتے ہیں

    لوگ رحم دل بنتے تو تعصب کی بنیاد پر -- فرض کروں ایک یہودی جب رحمدلی کی مثال دے تو وہ نبی کریم کو کی رحمدلی کی مثال کبی نہیں دے گا بلکے وہ ایسی مثال ڈھونڈے گا جس میں اپ کو ظالم بنا کر پیش کیا گیا ہو

  • nothing biased about discussing intolerance. and i too agree and fully agreed that they should be given equal rights and in fact more security over overwhelming majority.

    but it shouldnt bypass the law of the land or by surpassing someones belief by the use of freedom of abuse.

    this is my reply on the elemental essence of the article but again there is a sense of propaganda which is quite evident (and fear bhai is quite addressing it) from the hate mongering writing perspective; the usual musharaf wannabee remnants

  • dear junaid,

    the article above is pretty objective.. it states that it would perhaps help if our educational curriculum was more pluralistic and taught tolerance... it would help if we had a coherent and forceful state led response to intolerance

    that is all..

    As far as fear bhai's comment above that can be used in any way.. in fact using that logic one can even say that faith is about perception not truth... which would not be a very palatable comment for most of us i fear?

    ps everything is not black and white.. i may be a fan of social liberalism but i do not approve of musharraf....

    for me as long as people are not preaching and practicing hatred and violence.. they should be free to do as they please.. whether its praying in a mosque, praying in a temple or praying to the dollar...

  • Merely pointation towards intolerance and defining for that matter is neither enough nor does it bear any usefulness. Junaid is right in this perspective. Everybody knows intolerance is a curse. If someone has to pen down on this subject they should come up with some concrete remedial action. Literacy rate was same in Pakistan when this form of terrorism and killing on sectarian basis was not so common. So only saying that education would eliminate the terrorism is wishful thinking, a personal opinion.

  • @imtiaz

    i think you should read the article completely because you seem to have missed the point.

    the author is saying it is the educated who are the most intolerant and recommends changing the curriculum.

  • I did read at least the main excerpt that you have put down in this thread,gv, and agree in toto. However, my input about education was neither directed to you nor the author or the article. It was for the popular belief of education theory I was addressing to. But thanks, my first comment did not clarify this. It does now. Once again thanks gv.

  • Ethnic, linguistic and sectarian elements who really boost such negative tendencies are mostly foreign backed up. The peoples of different ethnic, linguistic and sectarian groups do have some differences. Aggravation in their relations to erupt disturbances is mostly foreign financed. There are no restrictions in our country for foreign interventions.

  • I read an article on bbc as well.

    They did not cite the hatred mongering material in textbooks.