“Triple Alliance”: The US, Turkey, Israel

  • While Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has condemned Israel for the atrocities committed in Lebanon, his government remains a staunch ally of Israel and a major military actor in the Middle East and Central Asia, with close ties to Washington, Tel Aviv and NATO headquarters in Brussels.

    “This war is unjust… The Israeli war …is simply fueling hatred… It is not difficult to see that a terrible global war and a huge disaster await us.””, said Erdogan at the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) meeting in Kuala Lumpur, in early August

    In a cruel irony, Turkey, through its military alliance with Israel and the US, is a de facto partner in the “terrible global war” alluded to by Prime Minister Erdogan.


    امريکہ اور اسرائيل کو بڑی بڑی گالياں بکنے والے مجاہدين ہی امريکہ اور اسرائيل کے بڑے ايجنٹ نکل آتے ہيں- ہے نہ کمال کی بات

    وچوں وچوں کھائی جاؤ اتوں شور پائی جاؤ

  • یحییٰ پپو ٹینشن نہ لو، ٹینشن سے کیوں اپنی زندگی خراب کر رہے ہو

    تم ڈاکٹر عبدل سلام بن سکتے لیکن تم نے اپنا ذہن پتا نہیں کہا خرچ کر دیا .

  • Yahya Bhai..

    I guess aap iss allience ka 4th partnor bhol gaye nd that is ISI nd Pak army so equation is like that ...

    USA+ Turkey+ Israeel+Pak Army Genrals.

  • Zionist got Erdogon into trouble and he is crying for help from Obama but no response.

    This is what I said at another blog:

    Turkey had zero problem policy with with all its neighbors, so what made it abandon that policy in case of Syria? There are two major factors to consider. First is the case of Libya where CIA arranged mercenaries easily overpower Qaddafi forces. Thus the same model could be applied with ease in case of Syria. The second factor was the lure of Arab money to keep the economy going. Turkey is a major member of NATO and has to follow the NATO policies in any case.

    In this day and age it is desirable to get rid of dictators but the question is how? Egyptian way or Libyan way? I think it would have been much better to let people demonstrate their desire for democracy in peaceful manner and let them build political organization to sustain revolution keeping the armed resistance as a pressure point. That did not happen and we have a civil war situation with no end in sight. Quagmire if you like.

    This is going to impose huge losses on Turkey. Let me count a few. Kurds would consider this as an opportunity to push for their demands. Other minorities would have their own ideas. Refugee problem should not be considered as minor.

    Neighbors are not going to very kind.Iran is big supplier of energy and trading partner. Russia and China would also put some pressure. Is NATO in position to offset all the losses. No way. I would suggest that you study Pakistan for cost of war in the neighborhood.

    There is also the risk that this war could spread to Iraq and Gulf states.

    It time for Turkey to take deep breath and gulp hard their pride and do what Morsi has suggested i.e. a regional contact group to formulate a transition plan. This should allow time for rebels organize apolitical front rather than depending on mercenaries.

  • chaudary801

    Why generals only ??

    Has any major , col, brid has refused plots in DHA or villa in Askhari's ?

    Then how could they be absolved ?