Sindh is save now

  • The new local bodies' system is in the interests of us in 02 April I wrote that

    only sepreate suba is solution of all problems. ppl are coming Karachi from all over the Pakistan. Need to stop them. Therefore, They should

    1. need registration before the enter in Karachi.

    2. report nearst police station every

    3. They can stay in Karachi no more than 3 months.

    4. They can not get any job.

    5. They can come once is a year.

    6. those came before 1970 have right to get job

    7. Those came after 2000, leave the city in on eyear

    8. Every person has special ID for Karachi

    Applying above Karachi can be peacefull city

    Now new system is one step farwared towards sobba.

    No doubt , Altaf Bhai is gr8 visonery leader

  • like Karachi is the property of bobby gang.

    If bobby gang has so many problems then they should the leader Altaf Bobby and move to bartaanya.

  • جناب زندگی صاحب

    اس کا اطلاق ١٩٧٠ سے ہی کیوں

    کیوں نا اس کا اطلاق ١٩٤٧ سے کیا جائے

    اور میرے اوپر بھی اسکا اطلاق ہو جائے گا

    ف ج

  • Whatever, V r controlling everything gradually. Pay attention on anchors who try to feed their guest and if they refused to take their feed , anchors confused them.

    You all remember one thing.

    SUbaa is only solution of Karachi peace. V muhjor never stop our struggle , v can choose the different way but MANZIL aik he hay.

    SEE how v fooled PMLN and put pressure on PPP and got what v want.

    Think about Imran Khan, he does not say against us.

    V know the politics. V get but don’t stop cry to get more

  • Karachi's biggest issue is law and order.

    BQM accepted to exclude police control over local government in the latest local government ordinance. Why?

  • I think LIfe Saab opened this thread for MQM bashing. He doesn't like the idea of local body elections in Sind.

    The bigger question is why didn't we have local bodies elections? Why now is valid question. But even more important is why just in Sind. There ought to be local bodies elections all over Pakistan not just in Sind.

  • I think even bigger question is BQM managed to get local body elections in Sindh only while rest of Pakistan is not having any and BQM managed to get them done at a heavy cost for PPP as all their allies are angry over it and yet BQM innocently gave up local body control over police and law and order which is the biggest issue of Karachi?

    kiaa ab bhi aankhein nahi khulein gee awam ki?

  • @bsobaid

    police control over local government

    v got better deal as MQM 100,000 party activists to provide security for far better than police by this v can get control of every thing more than police.


    I pointed out demands and proved by the facts so it is not bashing but showing that our dare ness

    why just in Sind

    Just 2 wanna proof than ANP/PTI/PMLN or others are just paper party and despite the propaganda against MQM

  • @bsobaid : "I think even bigger question is BQM managed to get local body elections in Sindh only while rest of Pakistan is not having any"

    Obaid chacha, This question should be asked from PMLN and ANP, why they are not proceeding with local body elections in their perspective provinces where they are governing at provincial level?

  • @Dusky bhateejay,

    yahee tou baat hai. BQM forced Zardari to give up political allies but BQM could'nt get control over law and order in Karachi?

  • Law and order has too many variables, baby steps chach, baby steps... lets regain the local bodies first.

  • کیا بات ہے کیا بات ہے........چچا بھتیجے میں اتنا پیار


  • ارے ماموں کہاں ہوتے ہیں آپ ؟ کیا باورچی کے ساتھ مصروف ہیں

  • Dusky aur Mechanic barkhurdaar..

    Which baby steps..

    You somehow convinced/forced Zardari to give up to BQM's demands you might as well take law and order control in your own hands. Is law and order not Karachi's biggest issue? Did Mustafa Bobby Kamal not whine on national TV 1000 times for not having police under his control?

    What use is local government if they cant bring law and order under control?? ohh..yes...rigging!! next elections mein lakh pati votes bhi tou laynay hein

  • So what exactly is the complain? Why local bodies elections only in Karachi? OR why local bodies election?

  • baat sirf yeh hai kay BQM will continue with its terror spree and play stupid just like it has always done in past..lekin Dusky jaisay aqalmandd bhateejoo ko baat samajh nahi aatee.

  • My complain is why police is not under city government control when law and order is the biggest issue of Karachi?

  • عبید چچا

    آپ منطقی اور صحیح قسم کے سوالات پوچھ کر کیوں کسی درزی کو زحمت دینا چاہتے ہیں اپنے ناپ کی بوری کے سینے کی

    ف ج

  • He can whine all he wants, but it does not men he get all he want. Just to give you a glimpse of law and order, can any political government order r(k)angers to get out from urban Sindh? They enjoy all the perks and handout from the Sindh government but never share the blame for the situation...

  • Growing population is one of the biggest problem of karachi... we are not creating jobs in Karachi but people are moving from all over the places .... looking for jobs and when they dont find jobs they end up with gangs etc...ofcourse not all the time but even 1 out of 100 is part of gang, its a problem

    We do need more ports, more industries in other part of Pakistan as well.... to stop unplanned population growth.

    Blaming MQM for all mess is a good free time but you are not providing "fix".

    also, there is need of community police ...police wala jab lalokheet main rehy ga, us ke bachey waheen kheleen gey tu khood wahan AMMAn ho jey ga.