Is Nawaz Sharif a leader?

  • Nawaz Sharif never leads front, always reacting on situations.

    He never takes part in any debate

    he never takes live questions from journalist

    he does only arranged interviews

    He has moderate education, his only asset is assembeled whealth.... is that criteria fo leadership?

  • Mr. Nawaz Sharif has many good qualities as a Human being----but in politics he lacks some basic diplomatic characteristics.

    He could be a better leader at Provincial level but to achieve the status at National or International arena, he needs more experience and skill.

  • you are absolutely right...Nawaz sharif lacks leadership skills

  • Still Nawaz Sharif is much better than the ex "Gambling Adviser" IK.

  • Given his qualification, as jikram has noted he needs experience and skills, he should restart his political career either with newly coming province of South Punjab or if he still adamant and persistent he can lead a country, export him to a small country with lots of problems and limited resources such as Macau or Bhutan.

  • why you want to destroy macau and bhutan?

  • At least he would he would be off of our fate for long time: his government tenure would be followed by jail term for ensuing corruption and money laundering.

  • I don't see him as a good leader because of his limited thinking and not apprehending changing political developments. Yet I appreciate his achievements during his short tenures of his governments. His younger brother is a better politician.

  • i think IK is much better leader than NS.i saw the interviews of both.

  • Dr Gul kahn ....

    What nawaz Done on 15th march 2009 is a prove that he is a leador becoz on that day sone Well educated leadores were Hidden in GHQ , I guess they were Busy licking the toes of Pasha .....

    Nawaz shows his leador hsip when Us prisidant called 5 times in one night to stop him to do explosion but he didnt listen to usa prisidant nawaz faught with 6 Army Genrals including Aslam baig, Asif nawaz , Waheed kaker , Jhangir karamat , Kiyani , Musharf nd Pasha .....yes he started his politics with Zia But After thathe nevor sit with Army ... BTW Bhutto also supported Army and then become leador while Our Gr8 Ik Firstly licked toes of Mushaf nd then Kiyani nd Then Pasha ...

  • @ Rizwan Bhi...

    But Ik dad Musharf didnt Run corruptin cases against sharifs instead he used Plane hijacking case to punish Nawaz .. taht means k Nawaz didnt do nay thing wrong .... BTW Ik was also with Musharf at that time ....

  • Nawaz Shareef is not only a leader but he is "GREAT LEADER"..

  • This post is deleted!

  • Nawaz Shareef is not a leader,,,he is a confuse person due to PTI phobia.

  • Leaders are not created but emerge.

  • “Whenever I briefed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif about a summary or a policy and presented a file for his signature, he always took the document home and said that he would sign it the next day” – A Secretariat Bureaucrat

    “I have spent few years under the subordination of Nawaz Sharif. I never saw him in his office reading a document or writing with a pen.” – Ex Pakistani Dictator General (retd) Pervez Musharraf.

  • chaudhry801 jee

    " nawaz faught with 6 Army Genrals including Aslam baig, Asif nawaz , Waheed kaker , Jhangir karamat , Kiyani , Musharf nd Pasha ....."

    Is it a criteria to be called as a good leader? What were the consequences of those fights? A good political leader avoid fights and resolved issues politically.

  • جس کا جو لیڈر ہے سو ہے، کسی ایک پر سب کا اتفاق تو یہاں نبیوں پر مشکل ہوا ہوا ہے

  • NS is a confuse leader and have confuse suppoters....hahah

  • In Pakistan history, only two leaders stood against military establishment (biggest problem of Pakistan), Nawas Sharif is one of them. Although he is not a great spreaker or intellectual but he has ability to move this country forward.