Muslim Rage Is About Politics, Not Religion

  • The past two decades have seen periodic outbreaks of protest over insults to Prophet Muhammad and Islam. In each case, the protesters were not reacting to something they had seen or read in the ordinary course of life. With the exception of The Satanic Verses, none of the objects of complaint were even widely accessible until the public was whipped into a fury. The Islamists first introduced the objectionable material to their audience and then instigated the outrage by characterizing it as part of a supposed worldwide conspiracy to denigrate Islam. The emergence of social media and the swiftness of international communications have made it easier to choreograph global campaigns, and in Muslim-majority countries, Islamists tend to be among those who are most effectively organized to take advantage of technology for political ends.

  • مغرب نے ہمیشہ ممالک کے احسان کا بدلہ احسان فراموشی اور کافر نعمتی سے ، اور بھلائی کی جزا برائی سے دی ہے ، شام نے مغرب کو حضرت عیسی کی شخصیت دی جن کا پیام عفت و عصمت اور غم خواری و ورحمت ، برائی کے بدلے بھلائی ، ظلم کے مقابلے پرعفو تھا ، لیکن مغرب نے شام پر اپنے قبضہ کے دوران خمر و قمار ، بے پردگی اور آوارگی کے سوا کوئی تحفہ نہیں دیا :-

    فرنگیوں کو عطا خاک سوریا نے کیا

    بنی عفت و غم خواری و کم آزاری

    صلہ فرنگ سے آیا ہے سوریا کے لئے

    مے و قمار و ہجوم زنان بازاری!

  • اور ننے بھائی یحییٰ جن کو مغرب نے برین واش کر دیا ہے وہ بھی یہی کر رہے ہیں


  • No mischievous acts are excusable.

  • کوئی منافقت سی منافقت ہے

    کل تک بے نظیر بھٹو اور نصرت بھٹو کی جعلی برہنہ تصویر بنا کر پورے ملک میں تقسیم کرنے والے آج پی پی پی کے غمخوار اور ترجمان بنے ہوئے ہیں اور اخلاقیات کا درس دینے نکلے ہوئے ہیں

    کسی کے پاس شرم اور غیرت نام کی کوئی چیز ہی نہیں ہے

  • واہ دل کرتا ہے بندہ

  • Motram Bawajee, agar ye column Husain Haqani kai bajaey kisi merai jesai insaan nai likkha hota, to aapka riviaa kia hota?

    Nehayat ahtraam kai saath aapkai jawab ka muntazir.J.A.Khan

    Men nai aapko izzat-o-ahtram se nawaza hai aur ummeed karta hun keh aap mera shumaar korhion me nahin karen gai. Shukria

  • The founder of Jamat Islami was a shrewd opportunist. He offered his services to America for creating impediments to the rising Soviet influence. That was how JI was supported strongly by the Western side. Most the problems relevant to our religious affairs are attributable to the involvement of the foreign powers through political religious organizations.

  • This is an excellent case study.

    It is seen all islamic political parties engage in in-fighting in no time.

    Basically the professional ulema have high egos and they cant give up even an inch of their authority to accommodate others. Unfortunately the professional moulana hazrat's livelihood is based on donations therefore they are extremely possessive about their belongings.

    We have seen same happening in Pakistan.

  • Jana Bsobaid Sb., exactly is the case of these Halwa Manda People. As a matter of fact such elements are not only worst kind of parasites, but also the worst enemy of Islam and Pakistan.

  • Very nice and eye-opening column by Hussain Haqqani.

    Muslims face internal dangers more than any external danger and internal danger is our fasadi molvis and Jamat Islami is number 1 fasad in the world.

  • Tunisian Children Recite Al-Qaeda Song Extolling 9/11: "Our Terror Is Blessed"

  • مجھے تو لگتا ھے کہ اسلام کے نادان دوستوں

    اور تنگ نظر مولویوں کی گفتار اور کردار کی وجہ سے

    مسلمانوں کے گھروں میں پیدا ہونے والے مسلمانوں کی اکثریت بھی

    اسلام سے متنفر اور دور ہونے لگی ھے

  • Muslim mob vandalize St. Francis Church Karachi

    Karachi: October 12, 2012. (PCP) Saleem Khurshid Khokhar, Member Provincial Assembly Sindh, Chairman Standing Committee on Minorities Affairs Sindh and President, All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA) Sindh Chapter on Friday called for protection and security to the life and property of the people belonging to the minority communities.

    On the news of attack on St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Old Haji Camp, Karachi he immediately visit the church. The MPA strongly condemned the today’s attack on Church where cars of Father’s, holy books, doors and windows of the churches smashed to pieces.

    He urged the Government of Sindh to immediately bring the culprits to book and mete out exemplary punishment to them.

    Any mass protests on this blasphemy and attacks on Christians? Oh no its fine when Muslim mob does it. What a bunch of hypocrite Islamists are. Islamists dominated media did not even mention the incident let alone condemn it.

  • Egypt’s Brotherhood top officials face investigation over attacks on women protesters

    CAIRO: Two top Muslim Brotherhood officials are being investigated by Egypt’s Attorney General Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud over their role in allegedly inciting President Mohamed Morsi supporters to attack female protesters around Tahrir Square last Friday.

    Boy, these Islamists love to attack women everywhere.

  • Thwarting Religious Cleansing in the Muslim World

    by Farahnaz Ispahani & Nina Shea

    A crackdown on blasphemy reflects the growing influence of Salafists and other Islamist extremists whose demands to insulate Islamic symbols, leaders, beliefs, and practices from perceived insult appear implacable. A major problem with laws punishing blasphemy is that they are vague, depending as they do on a subjective interpretation of insult, and their parameters tend to be set by extremists. As former Malaysian finance minister Tengku Razaleigh commented on the move last year to adopt legal protections of Islamist sensitivities within his own, moderate country: “‘Sensitivities’ is the favored resort of the gutter politician. With it he raises a mob, fans its resentment, and helps it discover a growing list of other sensitivities.”

  • qadianiat is like wolf in the skin of sheep

    help spread the word

    save the world from qadianiat nasoors

  • Egyptian teacher 'cut hair of schoolgirls who refused to cover heads'

    A teacher in southern Egypt punished two 12-year-old schoolgirls for not wearing the Muslim headscarf by cutting their hair, the father of one girl said on Wednesday.

    The governor of Luxor province – where the incident occurred – called the teacher's actions shameful and said she had been transferred to another school. But rights groups say that some Islamic conservatives have been emboldened by the success of groups like Muslim Brotherhood and the ultraconservative Salafi trend in parliamentary and presidential elections and have been increasingly brazen about forcing their standards on other Egyptians.

    More rage against little girls. Very manly.