Brave Pukhtoon Girl Malala Yousafzai injured in attack by coward Takfiri Taliban

  • SWAT: The young winner of National Peace Award and children's rights activist Malala Yousafzai along with two other girls was injured when unknown opened fire on her vehicle in Swat Tuesday, Geo News reported.

    According to police, Malala along with two other schoolgirls was injured when unknown attackers opened fire on her vehicle after identifying Malala. The girls were on their way back from school.

    Sources told that Malala was hit by two bullets and is currently being operated in Sedu Sharif Hospital.

    It is important to mention that Malala had been receiving threats to her life, after which she was provided with a special car and unarmed security personnel.

    The international children's advocacy group Kids Rights Foundation included Malala among the nominees for the International Children's Peace Prize, making her the first Pakistani girl nominated for the award.

    For her courageous and outstanding services for the promotion of peace under extremely hostile conditions in Swat, she was awarded the first National Peace Award by the Pakistani government on 19 December 2011.

    Diary of a Pakistani schoolgirl (vi)

    A seventh grade schoolgirl in the north-western Pakistani district of Swat has been writing a diary after Taleban militants there ordered schools to close as part of an edict banning girls' education. The ban was lifted in February, but before it was revoked militants seeking to impose their austere interpretation of Sharia law destroyed about 150 schools within a year. This extract of her diary covers the days after the Sharia law deal between the government and the militants. The diary first appeared on BBC Urdu online.


  • لگتا ہے سچائی کی تلاش ہمیں کہیں اور ہی لے جاے گی

    مذہب اور وحشت میں فرق ہوتا ہے .

    اور یہ بات بھی درست ہے کے اکثر وحشی مذہب ہی کا لبادہ اوڑھ کر وحشت مچاتے ہیں.

    الله پاک اس بچی کو صحت کاملہ عطا کریں اور اس کو اور ہمّت اور طاقت دیں کے یہ اپنے عظیم مشن میں آگے ہی آگے جاے

    گولی چلانے والے کی !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So the newspapers have not yet managed to identify the attackers but the OP has miraculously found out their identity. Great work. This is what is called real journalism.

  • Barbaric .

    What can be expected of these animals.

  • What can be

    expected of these animals

    سنا ہے جنگلوں کا بھی کوئی دستور ہوتا ہے

  • جب ملالا چھپ کر اپنے بلاگ بی بی سی کو بھیجتی تھی اور طالبان کے ظلم سے آگاہ کرتی تھے یہ ہمارے مرد مومن اسے یہود اور نصارا کا پروپگینڈا کہتے تھے اور پاکستانی جہادی میڈیا سوات کے طالبان کی شریعت کی تحریک چلا رہا تھا

  • ajhons

    There is a conuntry whose name written in reverse in urdu results in an animal .

    This creature is worse than than animal.

  • Very unfortunate.

    So far there is no comment from the

    so-called uncles of Faith---and champions of

    Anti-Korhi School of Thought,

    about this barbaric incident.

  • TTP accepts attacking Malala Yousafzai in Swat !

    PESHAWAR: Pakistani Taliban accepts responsibility of attacking National Peace Award winner and young Pakistani rights activist Malala Yousufzai, who with another girl was injured in the attack on their school van on Tuesday, DawnNews reported.

  • ابھی طالبان خان آئینگے اور کہیں گے کہ اس کی ذمہدار خود ملالا ، حکومت اور امریکہ ہے ، یہ ڈرون کا رد عمل ہے

  • کیا اس پہ انصار عباسی کا کوئی رد عمل آیا ہے

  • Question from history

    I recall Swati Taliban used to tax people the following ways during their rule in Swat (may be they still do):

    Every household shall:

    1- Enlist a young man (boy) for combat. OR

    2- Marry a young girl with one their fighters. OR

    3- Pay Rs.10,000.

    (Unofficial purpose of these bounties are not documented)

    Invaders from North had been capturing area of pre-Sikh era India. Can someone elaborate if those invaders also had similar modalities of loot?

  • @ajhons,

    Ansar Bakwasi is investigating the case ...... soon he'll come up with an article wherein he will expose the real culprits i.e. Liberal Fascists .... who attacked Malala in order to malign holy Taliban warriors !

  • @Zalaan

    Simple condemning of such an incidence is also a cowardly act as just done by PM Raja. You will see similar statements from many other politicians. A strong statement of decimations of such elements and rallying people behind them is the real and courageous leadership, which I do not see.

  • (Reuters) - Taliban gunmen in Pakistan shot and seriously wounded on Tuesday a 14-year-old schoolgirl who rose to fame for speaking out against the militants, authorities said.

  • عمران خان آپ کو طالبان سے کیا خطرہ آپ کی بیٹی ٹیری تو امریکہ میں خیریت سے ہے

  • مذہب کے اندر خطرناک رجحانات کا صرف ووہی لوگ اندازہ کر سکتے ہیں جو مذہب کے قریب رہے ہیں ، عمران خان جیسے چول نہیں کر سکتے ہیں

  • This is unreal.

    A case of target killing.

    This is the most shameful act of this century.

    How can a 14 year old girl be of any threat to anyone????

    Chance are the culprits are Taliban but I wont rule out a family dispute or some nakaam aashiq or some ba(y)ghairat family member doing this in the name of (false) pride.

    The attackers inquired about her and identified her and then shot her.