وزیر آعلیٰ کی بیٹی کی طرف سے غریب پاکستانی کی پٹائی

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    بدمعاش آ علیٰ کی بیٹی کی طرف سے غریب پاکستانی کی پٹائی




  • is this poor man still alive or shahbaz sharif had his blood in breakfast ?

    Shahbaz sharif used to burn labourers live in the furnace of ittefaq foundary

  • Did anyone else managed to see the face of the lady???

    where did the incident took place?

    if Geo is reluctant to release any such thing...then the brave man released this video should do little more work and provide full information...

  • جناب یہ وہی چار پانچ ہزار کا مخصوص ٹولہ ہے جو پاکستان میں اپنی بدمعاشی قائم رکھنا چاہتا ہے اور اقتدار پر امریکی ڈالرز اور بدمعاشی سے قبضہ جما لیتے ہیں پھر ریاستی ادارے ان کی رکھیل بن جاتے ہیں جو عوام ہی کے خلاف استعمال ہوتے ہیں -

    Police attacked newspaper’s office in Peshawar

    August 8th, 2011

    The office of Daily Mashriq, a leading Urdu newspaper of Khyber

    Pakhtoonkhwa, was attacked by Peshawar Police yesterday. According to

    a report published in Daily Mashriq, Peshawar police attacked the

    office and brutally tortured the security guards of the office. When

    journalists of the daily asked the reasons of beating the security

    guards, police also tortured the journalists at the behest of the SHO.

    Senior journalists Sohrab Khan, Asif Nisar Ghayasi and other were also

    injured by police torture.

    Saif-ul-Islam, the president of Peshawar Press Club told Pakistan Press Foundation that about 100 policemen from Fakirabad and Ashnghri police stations attacked the office of daily “Mashriq” and brutally tortured its security guards. When journalists of the daily asked the reasons of manhandling, the cops also started beating the journalists at the behest of their Station House Officers (SHOs).

    Journalists took out protest rally. Wearing black armbands they chanted slogans against police highhandedness. Large number of people from different walks of life joined the rally to show solidarity with media. Rallies and protest demos were also held by journalists in other towns of the province. The protestors demanded immediate action against SHO Asif Sharif of Ashnghri police station and SHO Abid-ur-Rehman of Fakirabad police station.


  • Rabia Imran - Again Imran is involved. Imran must have sended these khondas to beat the sweeper for not to open the shop for daughter of Badmash-e-Alla????

  • Please vote for Nawaz and Zardari...

  • Rabia Imran - Now Nooner may claim that this Gashti is also an ex of Sir Imran. At the moment they are behaving like ostriches, but when this shameless saga cools down they will spring up like rainy frogs with fake justifications. Maybe, they busy negotiating higher rates for defending what is undependable.

    Shame on those how wish to impose these Badnashs on a poor nation.

  • Bajwa sb


    Rabia Imran - Now Nooner may claim that this Gashti is also a ex of Sir Imran


    Who is Rabia Imran ?

    And who is "Sir" Imran ?

    I would say , pathetic ,pathetic selection of words.

  • This is a yahood and hanood conspiracy.

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    Lahore Bakery Beating – Aided by Law enforcement Agencies

    Posted 6 hours ago on 15 Oct 2012 7:54 #


    @anasyounus bahi

    Very intersting this whole thing was done by Shahbaz Sharif's daughter. Forget GEO why PTI and PPP are not taking full advantage of this video full of naked agression. Are they also afraid of Sharifs?


    Posted 2 hours ago on 15 Oct 2012 12:30 #

    Saleem Bajwa

    I am disgusted to see this high-handedness of immoral family and their touts.

    Unfortunately, there are lot of ignominious people who will overlook this injustice and still vote for these wicked thugs.

    There should be a solid action against all these culprits including this wicked female who was so desperate for a cream roll.. No one should have the right to trample over the dignity of poor people, every citizen must be given due respect without distinction.

    I may add that if Pti condone this brutatity, it has no right to claim a party of justice. This case should stand as a test for PTI and our Justice System.

    Posted 2 hours ago on 15 Oct 2012 12:38 #


    While I cannot comment on this incident without hearing the full story, Sharifs are notorious of putting their opponents into the furnaces of Itefaq Foundries.

    Posted 45 minutes ago on 15 Oct 2012 13:53 #


    Or du Nawaz sharif or Zardari ko vote.... Aaj sweeper kal tumhari bari hey

  • S Adami

    Sir Imran is one and only hero of Pakistan whose very mention burns your Mukti Bahni defiled derriere. As pathetic were they, so are you.

  • Bajwa,

    Mukti bahni made a hole in the pants and that agony is not letting u settle down after 41 years.

    Man , if u can abusive , everyone can be.

    So , better remain strick to topic.

  • hahaha..........



    asal ma leaders ki family ko famous kush tout he karta ha ase khara bana ka,..

    total fake news. If some one has time to waste sure waste on commenting on such type of link....bye bye

  • Muzzam

    Quite right attitude. NOT GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN TO BE GUILTY.

    But do u have same attitude for corruption of PPP or criminal stoires against MQM ?

  • شریف زادی کا ایک اور کارنامہ


  • Allama sahib,

    People here even deny that Malala was attacked by taliban.

    Denying all this 'CRAP' about 'KHADAM E ALA' and 'ROYAL FAMILY' is not a big deal :)

  • برطانوی حکام سے ملاقات، شہباز کا ساتھی مفرور ’قاتل‘

    لندن (صفدر عباس سید) وزیراعلیٰ پنجاب میاں محمد شہباز شریف اپنے حالیہ دورہ برطانیہ کے دوران برطانوی سیکرٹری داخلہ ٹریسا مے سے ملاقات کے لیے جس وفد کو ساتھ لے گئے اس میں پاکستان میں دوہرے قتل کا ایک اشتہاری ملزم بھی شامل تھا۔یہ شرمناک بات سامنے آنے کے بعد برطانوی وزارت داخلہ نے تحقیقات شروع کردی ہیں کہ ایسا کیسے ممکن ہوا کہ قتل جیسے گھناؤنے جرم میں مطلوب ایک شخص سیکرٹری داخلہ تک پہنچ گیا۔

    تاہم دوہرے قتل میں مطلوب اس شخص کو شہباز شریف نے برطانیہ میں اپنی پارٹی مسلم لیگ نواز کا سینئر نائب صدر مقرر کیا ہوا ہے اور انہیں ٹریسا مے سے ملاقات کے وقت نہ صرف اپنے ساتھ رکھا بلکے اس میٹنگ کے حوالے سے ان کی میڈیا ٹیم نے جو تصویر جاری کی اس میں ناصر بٹ برطانوی سیکرٹری داخلہ کے ساتھ مسکراتے ہوئے کھڑے دیکھے جا سکتے ہیں۔ اس تصویرکو بیشتر پاکستانی اخبارات اور نیوز چینلز کی ویب سائٹس پر نمایاں جگہ دی گئی۔

    اخبار ’دی سن‘ کے مطابق ٹریسا مے کو بعد میں جب پتہ چلا کہ ایک مبینہ قاتل ان کے دفتر میں ان کے ساتھ تصویر کھینچوانے میں کامیاب ہوگیا ہے تو انہوں نے اپنے ماتحت عملہ سے جواب طلبی کی ہے کہ انہیں بتایا جائے کہ یہ کیسا ممکن ہوا۔ ہوم آفس کے ایک اہلکار کا کہنا تھا کہ سیکرٹری داخلہ خاصی سیخ پا ہیں اور وہ اس Security Lapse کی مکمل تفتیش چاہتی ہیں۔ ہوم آفس کے مطابق ناصر بٹ کا نام ملاقاتیوں کی منظور شدہ فہرست میں نہیں تھا اور نہ ہی وفد میں ان کی موجودگی کے بارے میں شہباز شریف نے متعلقہ حکام کو پیشگی اطلاع کی تھی۔


  • شہباز شریف کا بیکری والے واقعے کا نوٹس.... ایک اور ٹوپی ڈرامہ

    Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has taken serious notice of an alleged incident where the CM's son in law's guards manhandled an employee of a bakery and has ordered the Police to take strict action against these guards. The issue of police and private guards beating up an employee of a bakery was brought into the Chief Minister's knowledge this morning. The Chief Minister was abroad when the incident reportedly occurred. An FIR has been lodged and orders of arrest have been issued. The CM has stated that nobody is above the law, such actions are inexcusable and the law shall take its course.


  • This is pathetic display of implementing rule of Law by respectable Chief Minister here. He should also take action against his Daughter and get her arrested too , why those guards only, why not his daughter also who actually ordered those guards to beat another poor person .

  • سوال پیدا ہوتا ہے کہ سزا کس کو ملنی چاھیے ؟

    شریف زادی کو یا غنڈوں کو جنہوں نے نوکر کی ٹھکائی کی ؟؟؟؟