God Bless America

  • This blog is full of US haters and bashers. Narrow minded people blame everything on US Govt. Even some are trying to link Malala case with conspiracy theories that it is an internal act of USA and Pak army to justify attack on North Waziristan and with Malala’s departure to UK will give birth to lots of conspiracy theories. This is utterly shameful and unacceptable. Some forum members continuously spread false propaganda against America by stating threads like ‘Death of Dollar’, etc. US Govt has been helping Pak Govt with billions of aid dollars for the last 60 years and some of the form members are unthankful to USA for her financial, economic and military support to Pakistan and continue their negative campaign against America. Some of the members act and write like third class journalist Ansar Abbasi.

    United States is my country and I will support my country at every forum. I have taken oath to protect America from internal and external threat. Fair criticism of USA is welcome but hateful and false propaganda is unacceptable. Everyone has the right of freedom of speech but this right should not be misused to spread lies, mis-information and baseless propaganda against a country.

    God Bless America

  • ST,

    They are in need for cannon fodder for their illegal wars. Why dont you enlist to go to Afghaistan? You can really show your patriotism and also take care of Taliban. And if you become a martyr you will surely get burial at Arlington Cemetery.

    BTW my slogan is May God Bless the World and humanity. Also dissent is the best form of patriotism especially when the country takes your tax dollar and wages illegal and unjust wars for looting resources and devouring the planet in order to give "luxurious" life to likes of ST.

  • America doesn't need any blessing from God......'As you sow so shall you reap'

  • Thank god Malala has reached UK, safe from savages of the Islamic Republic. At demo of Muslims in UK against Google, people of UK would be flabbergasted as to what they are demanding the respect for? For the savagery such as against Malala, who in the end is safe only in kafir UK?

  • @ST

    God Bless America



  • God Bless Humanity including Pakistan and Shirazi and ST

  • I wonder why America need this,

    bunch of Jokers


  • People all over the world wish and seek migration to America and other developed countries, which suggests that God has already blessed America and other developed countries.

    Therefore I shall pray that God bless Pakistan.

  • Dear Sweeth Truth, I admire your loyalty and devotion to duty and American as well but stop deluding yourself. If you really are loyal to american people then tell them the truth. Now Jews are controling every sphere of America’s infrastructure. The areas are Banking, Politics and Education. If you look upon Media, Jews totally dominate the film industry. Dear Sweet truth for God sake loyal to American and tell them the truth.

  • @Fear bahi

    I applaud your insight but here in America different religions live peacefully. Jews are our bothers and so are Christians, Hindus and Atheists.


  • adnakji,

    Take a sample survey. Most immigrants have their American dream shattered and are "stuck". Can't go back and cannot live American dream. Sometimes looking at the hordes of immigrants, I really sympathize with them. Only small percentage have made it. Rest are doomed.The glitter and glamor of America is like a mirage. The reason they are given immigration is to oil the economy and get loyal customers to buy their cars, gadgets and other material goods.

  • Dear Shrizai

    They might be living peacefully but people aren't living peacufly because of their government which is totally under the dominence of Jews. NOT A SINGLE NEWS ITEM will reach the public without control of Jews.Strange are yours brothers, brother sherzi.

  • @AR bahi

    If I may, what is stopping immigrants who are unhappy to go to their parent countries?

  • @Fear bahi

    I 'd beg to differ on the basis of first amendment ...

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    And let's not forget in this day and age of social media traditional media hubs have lost some grip on their control on news items. Thank God there are many conspiracy theorists in this land of freedom that can embarass even you and AR bahi.


  • @AR

    i disagree - i have spent time in the US and Canada and if you are willing to work hard as an immirgrant- you will at least attain middle class hood (house, car, average standard of living) in your lifetime regardless of race colour creed.

    There are not many societies where this advancement is possible purely on merit.

    to really succeed you need to embrace american culture and values which i personally have an issue with but i am sure is acceptable to many others and rightly so for them.

  • Shirazi Bhai,

    They have so much loans, mortgages, and in most cases the kids refuse to go back even if they are 5, 6 year olds as they are attracted by "luxuries". The kids have no clue how much their parents work hard to get those luxuries. In most cases husband wife are working to meet ends and most have no families left in their original countries. Some have sold all their properties to migrate and have no one to fend for them.

    I am not saying you cannot live the American dream but you need to have system under your control rather than being at the mercy of the system. This requires immense sacrifices and a live a modest life. But most fall into the trap and are knee deep in debts, mortgages etc due to rat race and competition.

  • Saudi Arabia should give asylum to those who feel persecuted in west. Let’s see how many would avail this opportunity.

    Has anyone noticed, maulanas on this forum are much cooler today after the Malala incident? What has changed?

  • The Arab world is its own worst enemy

    If I were to argue that the real enemy of the Arab world is not Israel, but the Arab world itself, what would people say? If I suggested it is the Arab states’ own endemic corruption, poor healthcare, inadequate education system, lack of respect for human rights, and disregard for human life and freedom of speech that is the real problem? If I said that many Arab states actually cause their own people far greater suffering than Israel does? That in attacking Israel in 1948 and 1967, and intermittently thereafter, the Arab world only harmed itself? That Israel offers a far better standard of living to Palestinians than many Arab states offer their citizens? If I argued all of this, wouldn’t the response be a tsunami of animosity?

    I think so. For that reason, I won’t. I’ll leave it to Abdulateef al-Mulhim, the former commodore of the Saudi Navy.

    In an article that first appeared in the Arab News and has been widely cited since, al-Mulhim made all these points.


  • @ST

    God Bless America



    Shirazi Sahib,

    You may need to be careful. Calling for God's help looks like a weakened belief on America's might.