NA 70 - Khushab-II

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    Resuls of 2002

    1 Dr. Ghaus Khan Niazi Pakistan Muslim League(N) 23074

    2 Mr.Riaz Ahmed Khalil Pakistan mazdoor Kissan Party 340

    3 Mr.Sher Muhammad Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians 4658

    4 Malik Muhammad Saifullah Tiwana Independent 60754

    5 Malik Muhammad Shabbir Awan Pakistan Muslim League(QA) 52983

    Valid Votes 141809

    Rejected Votes 3075

    Total Votes 144884

    Registered Voters 256511

    Percentage of Votes Polled to Registered Voters 56.48 %

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    This area consists of Khushab Tehsil and Noor pur Thal tehsil areas.

    A triangular contest is expected this time , 2 independent candidates and PMLN candidate.

    Ehsan ullah Tiwana is contesting from their tiwana goup (independent). They won this seat in 2002 also as independent candiate and later joined PMLQ and in 2005 they grabbed the district nazimship also and this made them the most powerful group in district politics.

    They demanded all 6 seats of district khushab ( 2 national and 4 provincial) to be given to their group. Other rival group within PMLQ for this area was umar aslam group on NA-69 and also sumaira group on NA-69. Initially sumaria malik was not awarded ticekt here but later due to interference by musharraf, she ws given ticket and then umar aslam group and Tiwana group decided to return PMLQ ticket from NA-70.

    They then tried to get PMLN ticket and waited till late for response but cud not succeed.

    Another independet group candiate is Maill Shujaa baloch who actually lsot his provincial seat to Tiwana gorup candidate from PMLQ ticekt. He infact left PMLQ and announced to JOin PMLn but cud not succeed to get PMLN ticket so is contestin as independet candidate.

    PLMN has awarded ticekt to malik shakir bashir awan whose close reltive was PMLQ candidate and runnnepup form this seat last time.

    mostly votes are based on clans and brotehry but in Khushab/Jauharabad city areas, there is vote bannk of pMLN (their candidate bagged about 23000 votes in 2002). so PMLN has gud chance and they are havign slight edge at the moment, but as their candidate has weak position in NoorPoor thal areas comapred to Tiwanas and Shujah baloch group, so a tough contest is expected.

  • In this constituency the real contest is between Ex-District Nazim & Naib Nazim i.e. Mr. Ehsan Ullah Tiwana and Malik Shakir Bashir Awan while Shujah Baloch is not in the seat race. Malik Shakir Bashir is contesting on PML (N) ticket while Ehsan Ullah Tiwana is an independent candidate. Its true that people of urban areas of Jauharabad and Khushab are party voters but other than that there is brarthery system in the district. At the moment Ehsan Ullah Tiwana is in a strong position and if no major change occurs in the coming days then he is firm favourite to clinch this seat.

  • MNA Shakir Bashir Awan of N will be contesting against Ehsan ullah Tiwana of PTI.

    Tiwana used to be District Nazim while Shakir used to be District Naib Nazim.

    In 2008, Shakir ( PML-N ) defeated Tiwana ( independent ) by about 7,000 votes while Sardar Shuja ( ind. ) got 29,000.

    Shakir has done a lot of work in his constituency while Tiwanas are also very powerful.

    So, tough contest is expected between PTI and N, here

  • Shakir Bashir Awan is not using his party's name in his political projection while Malik Asif Bhaa Mpa, who won as an independent and then joined Pml-n, is fully projecting Pml-n in Khushab/ Jauharabad. So future intentions of shakir awan are not 100% clear i think.