Religious intolerance: Ahmadi graves vandalised in posh Lahore neighbourhood

  • Over 100 tombstones were vandalised by masked men at a graveyard of the Ahmadiyya community in an upscale neighbourhood of the city Monday morning.

    Twelve to 15 men, carrying arms and digging tolls, entered the graveyard in Model Town, Q Block, between 1:30am and 1:45am and smashed tombstones of the graves, according to witnesses.

    The vandals told the caretakers that Ahmadis, being non-Muslims, were not allowed to write the Kalima or Bismillah on their tombstones.

    “I was about to take a nap when I heard someone jumping into the graveyard. As I stepped out to inquire, armed men pounced on me. They snatched my gun and roughed me up,” Muhammad Younis, a guard at the graveyard, told The Express Tribune.

    The armed men tied around 20 people – including visitors and families of the caretakers and the guard – with ropes and locked them up in the living quarters of the graveyard before starting vandalism.

    They were speaking Punjabi and Urdu. However, their “leader”, a long-haired and bearded man, had traces of Pashto in his accent, witnesses said. They told the caretakers and guards that they belonged to a banned organisation and the Taliban.

    According to witnesses, the whole vandalism episode lasted for about 35 minutes. The vandals ran away when a policeman from the Ahmadiyya community and a guard at one of their worship places arrived and fired gunshots into the air. The community members said they would file a case

  • @shrazi

    Even graveyards are not safe from these religious lunatics.

    Pakistan have reached to the heights of intolerance.

    This is due to Religion and State affairs functioning together. In a decent civilized society, religion should not be involved in State affairs.

  • KARACHI: The Military Estate Office, which assisted a private builder in the demolition of a Hindu temple and houses in Karachi’s Soldier Bazaar, on Saturday continue to deny that the pre-partition house of worship was razed in the operation.

    Despite debris lying all over the compound, the president’s notice and the angered Hindu community’s protests, Director of Military Lands and Cantonment Zeenat Ahmed insisted that the Shri Rama Pir Mandir has not been damaged.

    “Of what I have been told by my people, the temple is still standing and is untouched,” she said. The director said that the deities were all in sound condition. “The people who had deities in their homes had deliberately put them in front of the debris of the damaged houses. This was done to present a wrong picture that the temple was destroyed.”

    She said that the houses were encroachments and they were removed when a builder approached them to assist him in removing illegal occupants from his land. “The temple was already in a bad condition. The encroachers were asked to vacate the land but when they did not, action was taken against them. But the temple, which was already in bad shape, was not touched.”

    Meanwhile, enraged members of the Hindu community said such statements only went further in hurting the sentiments of the minority. A resident of the area, Ashok Kumar, said that it was a joke that the police and some people were denying the demolition of the temple. “Our temple has been damaged but we are getting blamed for staging a drama.”

  • Our sympathies with Qadianis

  • @shirazi

    This is shameful; razing minorities worship places and attacking them are an act of utmost insult to minorities living in Pakistan.

    Tolerance is the key to maintain harmony in a civilized society.

  • Pak Army's robery and looting culture was inline with Mehmood Ghaznavi's adventures. Now with demolition of temples they are even closer to their ideal.


  • @Sweettruth Sb

    We are very tolerant when it comes to religious hardliners. Where else likes of Hafiz Saeed and Hakeem Ullah can roam around and flourish like they do in Pakistan? Didn't we offer fundoos from all over the globe to be our guests in Waziristan? They are blowing our schools, markets, check posts and we are cool with that. Only time our tollerance level jumps down when Qadiyanis right Quranic verses on their graves, or Shias mourns in public or Hindus practice their faith. I am curious if Jinnah wasn't born on 25th how we would have celeberated Christmas?


  • @shirazi

    Intolerance and Pakistan are now two sides of a coin.

    All terrorists and their gang leaders can freely roam in Pakistan. During Afghan fasad of the 1980's and in the last 10 years, Pakistani tribal areas have become safe sanctuaries for hiding and carrying out acts of terrorism.

  • قدم بڑھاو مرزاییو - شیرازی تمھارے ساتھ ہے


  • @Bawa Jee

    Were you among the masked men messing with graves to find a better real estate in havens? The jihad on forum ensured Bani Gala estate in havens but perhaps you are not satisfied you want Raiwind estate in havens and that lead you to dig some graves. Please keep your ambitions in check, don't dream of Surrey Palace in havens else you will be deported for pulling something crazy on Canadian soil.

    If I were you I will find some local Ahmedi and just mess with his name plate or license tag to keep my emaan refreshed. Any thing beyond that can bring some legal complications. It will be hard for your Lawyer to explain Canadian Judge how his clients religious needs are fulfilled.


  • Declare Pakistan as People Democratic Country , and state should not involve in Religious affairs. GOD will decide our

    fate HIMSELF . This is only solution.

  • Sweettruth + Shirazi Bhai

    It's so sad to see that the home is being set on fire by home owner himself. No, my friends this cannot be Islam. It's something very peculiar and self destructive.

    Hopes are surely good, but never fake illusions after creating so much hatred and insult to humanity. God damn, is it really Jinnah's Pakistan? Just forget it. Next two months are very crucial for Pakistan. I remember when Qaim Ali Shah saying challengingly to Nawaz Sharif in Nawabshah Jalsa that "Imagine when 5 karorh Sindhis will be marching towards Panjab!" I see that, unfortunarely, coming as reality to all of us. It will be so sad.

  • What is this posh Lahore neigborhood. Do we have elite class even after death? This shows the ignorance.

    Whoever claims to follow Islam must know that the Muslim burial is simplest and most ecologically and enviromentally acceptable in the world. Problems start when the graves are "built and decorated". There is no need for gravestone let alone any structure on graves. The pagan customs have encrouched in Muslim burial. Once you stop these pagan burials half of the problems will disappear. If there is no grave itself there is no question of vandalism.

    I was in a Muslim country and happened to be at graveyard where a young Pakistani doctor was being buried after heart attack. The relatives and friends got some incense, sandalwood powder, flowers, rose water, zam zam etc and start pouring on top of the shroud. The grave digger shouted in Arabic: stop this non sense. The only thing that goes along with the deceased is his Amaal-good deeds and rest are all waste. He requested the relatives to donate the money to the poor than spend on useless things which has nothing to do with Islam. The donated money for just cause on behalf of the deceased will help the deceased in the grave by elevating his or her position in after life.

  • d@AR

    Apart from building and decorating graves, sandalwood powder, flowers, rose water, zam zam etc. do you condemn this act of vandalsim and religious intolerance in Lahore?

  • ST,

    Pagan acts invite pagan response. Having said that Islam does NOT sanction mutilation of dead whether on ground or in grave.

  • Sweettruth

    Just take easy and keep smiling. You have no chance with this kind of creed. :):)

  • I have lived with your kind of creed most of my life and know these creatures bottoms up and can handle them and put them in their right place.

  • Oh! Khan jee

    Beware, make a call of SOS, Talib has become angry.

  • طالب کبی مالشی نہیں ہوتا یہ اس کی پیچاں ہے . امریکا میں بھی رہتا ہے لیکن کبی مالش نہیں کرتا .

  • ادناک بھائی

    اپ مرے مرنے کے بعد میری قبر کو ملیا میٹ کر کے یہاں پہ ٹوپک پوسٹ کر دینا کے میں آج احمدیوں کا بدلہ لے لیا ہے .. قبرستان کچھ عرصے بعد ویسے ہی ختم ہو جاتے ہیں . نۓ لوگ ان کی جگا ا جاتے ہیں.

    شیرازی بھائی صاحب پتا نہیں کیا بتانا چاہا رہے ہیں