Why Could We Not Establish An Educational System of Our Own In 65 Years?

  • The educational system of a country plays the key role in its development. Following a surrender in the Ist. World War, the emperor of Japan accepted all the demands of the American government but remained persistent on the Japanese educational and industrial systems. He did not let the Americans abolish the two systems. Similarly, Ayotullah Khomeni abolished the European system of education in Iran and replaced it by an Iranain educational system with Persian as the medium of instructions. In our case, we could not change the system which was imposed upon us by the British with the help of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

    The system established by the British colonial power with the help of Sir Syed was meant mainly for generating clerical staff for the British government. Thereupon, started a big gap between Deoband and Aligarh University. Deobandi students were unaware of the contemporary knowledge and the Alig students were unaware of the requirements of their society. The Alig students were just like clerks for the British government. Maulana Suleman Nadvi tried to establish a balance of contemporary and traditional knowledge in the shape of Nadva Tul Ulema, but his experiment was not very successful. Lately, Osmania University of Hyderabad Daccan was successful in establishing a system of required balanced education.. However, Osmania University produced many intellectuals of international fame like Dr.Raziuddin Siddiqui and Dr. Hamidullah . Unfortunately, the fall of Hyderabad State in 1948 ended up that endeavor of the Nizam of Hyderabad

    In the 65 years history of Pakistan, we could not establish any institutions of required balanced education. On one hand, we have madrasas with obsolete system of education and on the other hand, we have the colonial style institutions which have badly failed to produce any great scholars for Pakistan.

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    Well Done for starting this thread. I just noticed and it is indeed a very good thread to discuss. Without a good and effective education system, Pakistani kids have been divided into several tier system and this is having serious implications in their future lives. A and O level kids are being preferred over other kids. Madrassa graduates are struggling to find jobs.

    In my view, there should be only single tier system approved by State and should be strictly implemented. All other systems should be abolished.

    I look forward other sensible and intelligent forum members (except nadaan nadia) to discuss this tread without political bias.

    Good education is something which can make or break a nation.

  • Hussain Farooqui Bhai

    This article was in my mind too, but due to many disappointments I did not initiate it on this forum.

    it really hurts not to find any reason to bring such things to light. Since you know my background to some extent I believe therefore that people like you would understand why I don't find any motivation to highlight any productive thing to help Pakistan.

    Believe me I'm full of lovely, productive and very conducive plans for Pakistan in my mind, but can't implement them just because of never ending fragile and uncertain situation of our Pakistan. I want to motivate the nation for so many beautiful things to live a better life quality without requiring much investment, but I can't do much about it. How can you help any country where your life, your health, your pocket and your family are not safe, and where you can't find even clean drinking water and fresh breathing oxygen either. It's a very sad and irritating fact that you are full of lovely dreams to serve the nation, but can't do anything for unlimited reasons.

    I tried it two times and spent a lot of money as well, but gave up due to my health and due to no protection from anywhere. The whole society is full of corruption and viciousness.

    Now I'm willing again to take last risk only if my health and living conditions in Pakistan allowed me.

    My program is to find some piece of land in interior Punjab or near Karachi somewhere to form a kind of hostel for some deprived or abandon orphan children where I can prepare them to be accommodated with some decent families willing to adopt them as their own children. It is very possible in Pakistan, no matter in what situation our Pakistan is today. Good thing is that many generous Pakistanis have already shown a great interest to cooperate with me generously. I can do it successfully just because I have got will power and required know how. Let's see how it develops.

  • I attended the literary sittings of Hakeem Saeed Sahab on regular basis. In the last days of his life, he started feeling frustrated over his unsuccessful struggle to reform the system. He started hurling warning signals to the responsible classes of chaos. He then started receiving death threats.

    May Allah bless him for his contribution to the education of the nation! His Hamdard University was a great project. Once, I visited the library of Hamdard University and found it to be a very great library. Thereupon, more than 150 magazines and periodicals were being subscribed on regular basis.

  • Hussain Farooqui Bhai

    It's just because our leaders are dicadents and absolute slave mentality. Look at Iran and their education system full of national pride! How can you expect from such people to have their own education system where such illiterate people translate the word 'secularist' as la-deen, whereby the most accurate meaning is in Urdu Duniadar Insaan.

    Remember my dear Brother, Pakistan will continue as a miserable Muslim country as long under the influence of miserable people. Just forget own education system.

  • Very simple answer to this question. Those who were supposed to formulate education policy were never sincere with their slogans. Education was never their priority, rather they wanted slaves to worship them and vote them in all seasons. So you see the breed which they prepared is busy defending their masters for whatever they do.


  • We are talking about developing her own Educational system from a sick society which

    Could not even, maintain the 'left over' Railways System by the British Government,

  • Well ALLAH DITA Grammar schooling is our system, Madrasas and Aitchison College type school were set up long before Pakistan.

    First we need one system for all and gradually improve things by spending money.

    elementary school level can be the best way to start, System need to produce Kids who can "think".

  • First we need steel brooms to sweep away the very old and stinky rotten eggs and dead chickens from this barn called Pakistan to start everything from fresh with. Can we do it?

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  • Politicians, top bureaucrats and wealthy business tycoons send their kids to British and American universities and they don't care about the rest of the country and its education system.

    There is one education system for Bilawal Zardari and Hamza Sharif and one system for ordinary Pakistanis.

  • First we need one system for all and gradually improve things by spending money.

    You think that will ever happen. You got there some socialist thinking, bro. To accomplish that, you need to steamrolled that elitist, feudalist and self-deserving mentality.

  • I think we had an education system and we still have one. We do require to overhaul it but we cannot say that we never had a system or we dont have one.

    I guess it is not the failure of the education system which has caused us to be where we are.

    In a society where folks have difficulties to even feed themselves or have shelter,education could take a low priority.

    The way our current system is working, the masses are being forced to think how they will get bread on their table. And as they continue to think of bread, they will not have the luxury to think of education.

  • Here is one success story,