May Allah Bless Us With A Benevolent Dictator To Save Pakistan, Aameen!

  • We are obliged to acknowledge certain realities which seem to be causing death to our beloved country Pakistan:

    Justice: Every society survives on the basis of justice. Our courts of law are bazars of bribery. In our law courts, you can see serial killers being exonerated despite lucid evidences.

    Politics: Our politics is no cleaner than gutters. Most of our leading politicians are from criminal feudal class. Democracy means legal authorization of criminals to carry out their activities under the umbrella of legal protection.

    Civil: Our civil service is almost non-existent for public service. Civil Service in Pakistan means the bunches of private servants serving the elite rulers.

    Army: Our army is a consumer of more than 70% national budget with no adequate capability to defend the honour and the boundaries of the nation. All the top brass is extremely corrupt.

    In view of the above summary of the chaos we are suffering from, we feel no solution to our insufferable problems except to praying to Allah Subhanahu for a rescue through a benevolent dictator.

    We do need a benevolent dictator.

  • Hussain Farooqui Bhai

    That is also my dream. The big cracks in Pakistan structure cannot be filled by any kind of democracy. It requires a kind of material not found in anything but in an honest, competent,just and merciless dictatorship that should emerge before Pakistan collapses altogether. That's the only ray of hope in this fearful darkness of today's Pakistan. If that happens I'm sure nearly all Pakistanis living overseas would be back to Pakistan by the first available flight. In that case I'll do my best to be as the first one to be in Pakistan. I've so many dreams to fulfill for the deprived children of Pakistan. Amin

  • Wish to have comments from advocates of democracy particularly Zia Sahib, Sheep Sahib, Shirazi Sahib and alike.

  • یہ تو درست ہے کہ تین چار سو حرام خوروں سے ایک اچھا ہے ۔

    لیکن کیا ہم

    ‎ہوش کے نخن نہیں لے سکتے اور قوم کی قسمت کے فئیصلے چند افراد یا کسی ایک فرد کے بجائے خود اپنے ہاتھ میں نہیں لے سکتے ۔ او ملک کو تباہ ہونے سے بچانے کی فکر کریں ۔ نفلیں پڑھیں اور دعائیں مانگیں بلکہ گڑ گڑا کر اپنے گناہوں کی معافی مانگیں ۔

  • What about those traters politicians who frequenly lauds on many tv channels that

    Worst Democracy is better than Best Dictator-ship

    Ofcourse I don't agree....

  • Democracy is never a remedy, it never was. It is just an environment under which people dissappointed by one group of politicians choose another group for a try. The sense of participating in the formation of government and the freedom of extreme criticism by opposition is the essence of democracy. It is foolish to say since poverty is still prevailing rather increasing, law and order situation is horribly on the highest scale, therefore, we should roll back this system and let army or any other dictator take over the reins. This country needs at least three more elections before the things really get going.

  • EasyGo Bhai

    People like Ziam Saheb and many of his kind are very right in their way. But now they have to realize that Pakistan is going through a fatal disease that cannot be cured by any remedy after all sorts of remedies have been tried already. Now if this terminally ill Pakistan can be saved, then only by absolute last remedy. It's name is anti-dote. But still no guarantee of saving life. It's just only a last hope to save terminally ill Pakistan. This poor Pakistan is going through worst kind of contamination. Were all these previous Heads of State of Pakistan not dictators? Are not the same faces again in this arena of democracy to win the next election? Can any one name me any of these wonderful democratic leaders not corrupt and incompetent? We know also the real faces of the new ones. So why an anti-dote should not be tried???

    The Western democracy has proved to be the most suitable system to run the state affairs in our world. But this democracy needed hundreds of years to take this form. Believe me, where 'religion' feudal mafia system is penetrated so deeply like in Pakistan, one may may not expect any kind of successful democracy in Pakistan. Turkey is the only Muslim country where democracy is just borne and got still a very long way to go to reach the fruits of Western democracy. Further more, even Western 'civilized' democracy is full of corruption and stealing. All that glitters is not gold. Pakistan needs an honest, dynamic, dedicated, competent and bold type dictatorship for good 20 years at least to put Pakistan on right track. Yes, I'm in favor of such dictatorship in Pakistan from immediate effect. Thanks

  • Fatim92

    Those leaders on tv channels talk bulls just to keep the nation as fool as possible. 99% of such leaders are thieves only. They got their education just to manipulate and fool the uneducated class of Pakistan. Such are the worst dictator mafia mentality. Including 99% women leaders. Thieves by nature and thieves by their culture. Nothing but thieves.

    God may show mercy to our Pakistan. Amin

  • Much of the world has experimented with all forms of government and ended up with deciding that there is nothing better than democracy. A benevolent dictator is an oxymoron.

    If some geniuses think that the whole world is stupid and there is nothing to be learnt from history, then good luck to them. They can remain as long as they like in their la la land fantasy world and keep on waiting for their "benevolent dictator."

  • Adonis Bhai

    Also I'm of your opinion. But the fatal situation Pakistan is going currently through, cannot be saved by any democracy a la Pakistan. We may not expect any chickens out of rotten eggs, my brother Adonis. We live in Western democracies and believe therefore that we could have the same in Pakistan as well. That will be, of course, the most beautiful thing to experience in Pakistan, but unfortunately we are dealing with a system created by Pakistan feudal and elite mafias just to keep Pakistan in their hands as if it were their property, forever. These mafias fight among themselves for a greater booty for themselves only, and not for the nation interest. You tell me now what would you do to prevent all these mafias if their self made system is in their own hands, including the constitution and the laws of Pakistan???

    I'll wait for your detailed answer. God bless you

  • All the western democracies had much worse feudal societies than ours but they progressed by sticking with democracy. The situation that Pakistan is going through is neither unique nor it can in any way be dubbed as fatal. Most western countries have gone through worse periods of turmoil and emerged stronger due to democracy.

    The only solution to problems of democracy, is more democracy.

  • Adonis

    Thanks for prompt reply.

    If you don't mind asking me:

    1. Do you live in Pakistan?

    2. If not living in Pakistan, so when were you there last time and where and in what kind of conditions did you spend your trip there?

    3. Do you belong to any jet-set family or were borne in a kind of family where every kind of political position is reserved only for the family member?

    4. Are you in favor of western style of democracy in Pakistan? If yes, so have you asked yourself if you got all those necessary ingredients or criterion for that?


  • @Hussain Farooqui Saab

    After listing laundry list of very complex issues you should have attempted equally complex solution instead of a magic pill - the benevolent dictator. The term is loosely used for people like Mustafa Kamal which again can give you stomachache, heartache, headache and ache is every other part of the body some of few I 'd rather not even list.

    Bahi Saab, ruler is not God he drives his power from people around him. In other words he needs a political capital to make big changes even if he is from military. If Judiciary is corrupt, beaucracy is corrupt, military is corrupt will they let your imiginary character turn things upside down?

    There is no quick fix, Sir Jee. No event can turn things around it got to be an evolutionary process. I of course disagree with your prescription but if I were you and had that sort of faith in Mr. benevolent I wouldn't waste time on blogging. I 'd pray to God make our Generals benevolent and then give courrage to one of them to take over. And once that happens, which BTW is not a far fetched dream, I 'd drink a glass of Lassi and enjoy Mr. benevolent's benevolence.

    Thanks to cloning technology we don't have to worry about life after Mr. benevolent. We will clone him to make sure he remains there for us for ever, like God. But more realistic scenario is 10 years down the road Farooqui saab and co. will be leading a procession screaming out Kuta Kuta, Hai Hai and praying for different sort of benevolent dictator.


  • I live and work in Pakistan and without any political position and influence, I am alhamdolillah perfectly happy living in Pakistan. This is why the terse remarks like Pakistan being in a fatal or terminally ill position irk me as there can be nothing further from the truth. There are millions of Pakistanis like me who think that things are going in the right direction and there has been a steady improvement. therefore we take offense when people sitting thousands of miles away from Pakistan pass such snide remarks against Pakistan.

    As for western democracy, there is no such animal. Democracy is simply the right to choose one's rulers. This is the same right that was exercised in "Saqeefa Banu Saeda" in Madinah 1400 years ago and is exercised in London, Washington and Islamabad today.

  • @asif bahi

    "نفلیں پڑھیں اور دعائیں مانگیں بلکہ گڑ گڑا کر اپنے گناہوں کی معافی مانگیں "

    I am afraid you may have to do an overtime. The rumors are Imran's video with some some combination of wine and flesh is circulating in the market.

  • Shriazi bahi,

    no problem, it is my pleasure to do overtime for this!!!

  • Adonis Bhai

    Thank you again.

    I can now imagine who and what you are and which class you represent to. Though I don't live over there, yet I go and live there quite frequently just to look after some of those millions of Pakistanis who have been unjustly deprived from even clean drinking water to drink and a dry loaf to eat, far away the other most fundamental commodities to live as a human being in this wonderful system you are praising so much. I know many more of your kind in this world.

    Thank you. No more comments after this. Yet I pray for you.

  • And I have been in countries like India and Bangladesh often enough to see the miserable conditions in which people live there which are many many times worse than the condition of poorest of poor in Pakistan. Yet, I have not met many Indians and Bangladeshis who are always reciting the mantra that their countries are terminally ill and in fatal condition.

    I wonder why such narcissism is more common among Pakistanis, especially overseas Pakistanis.

  • I can now imagine who and what you are and which class you represent to.

    Perhaps one of these: related to the political leader, being a millionaire and or being a qabza group head.

  • My friends

    I believe most of bloggers of this forum, including myself, are quite well fed and well dressed and definitely live in all comforts which makes so easy to talk about how we could change our Pakistan. I believe people who believe in the continuation of Pakistani style democracy should not talk on computer, hence they should talk to the common people of Pakistan living a miserable life in Pakistan. 98% of them will vote in favor of an honest and competent dictatorship.

    Next time when I go there I'll make a video to prove my point. This is true democracy if 98% are in favor of described dictatorship v 2% in favor of this kind of democracy. In most of oil producing Arab countries where people are well looked after got no time to talk democracy or any politics. And all of those countries are full of dictatorial rule. They are doing well just because they understand what they have to lose if not looking after basic rights of their citizens. They know well what they have to face if any kind of democracy started to knock the doors of their magnificent palaces and the rest of glamor.

    Why we do not shout as Muslims against those dictators of Islamic world??? My friends, it's so easy to talk if belly is full. That's all I can say in this regard. God may bless you.