Is Gen Musharraf welcome in PML-N?

  • With so many lotay even cabinet members of Gen Musharraf era are joining PML-N, I was wondering if Gen Musharraf himself joins PML-N. What Nawaz Sharif will do?

    I bet (in order to get into power) Nawaz chor will even welcome Gen Musharraf in his Lota party.

  • Sweettruth

    You strict yourself to blessing America only because:

    جس نے کسی بھی ملک کا نمک کھایا یا کھا رہا ہے اور اسکی بد خواہی کرتا ہے تو وہ 'نمک حرامی' کے زمرے میں آئے گا

  • Let's see if supporters of Nawaz badmash can answer this simple question.

    Is Gen Musharraf welcome in PML-N?

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  • میں شریف خاندان کو سپورٹ نہیں کرتا لیکن ۔

    اگر بھٹو کی پھانسی پر مٹھائی بانٹنے والا پی پی کا نائب صدر ہو سکتا ہے ۔

    ضیاء کا ساتھی منظور وٹو پی پی پنجاب کا صدر ہو سکتا ہے تو

    یہ بھی ہو سکتا ہے ۔

  • @cheema sahab

    Do you call this politics?

    Imagine Pakistan's politics is run by be-zameer people who change their parties and loyalties like their underwear.

    Imagine baqiat of Gen Zia are now on senior positions in PPP and similarly baqiat of Gen Musharraf are welcome with open hands in PML-N.

    Can such be-iman, be-zameer and mafad parast be eligible to run a country?

    Why people carry on such mafad parast politicians on their shoulders?

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  • Do you call this politics?

    آپ نے اپنی بات کا جواب خود ہی دے دیا ہے ۔

    پاکستان کی مشکلات کا حل مسلسل الیکشن ہیں آج تک اگر مسلسل الیکشن ہوتے رہتے تو اب حالات کچھ بہتر ہوتے ۔

    طاہر القادری جیسے شارٹ کٹ پہلے بھی دیکھے گئے ہیں جو مرضی کر لیں پاکستان کی مشکلات کا حل مسلسل الیکشن میں ہی ہے ۔

    فوج نے ہیمشہ بےغیرتی کی ہے اور مذہبی جماعتوں نے ہیمشہ ان کو کندھا فراہم کیا ہے ۔

    طاہر القادری جو کر رہا ہے وہ سیاست ہے ۔

  • @Cheema sahab

    Who would you vote in next election?

    Please answer this question:

    Can a nurse or truck driver or local veg seller ever become a Parliament member in any Pakistani Parliament.

    You are talking about a fraud/ineffective election system which is designed for wealthy corrupt people to win seats. Only waderay, sardars, choudris win seats in rural Pakistan and rich businessmen win seats from urban Pakistan.

  • "Gen Musharraf welcome in PML-N" yes, if he can brings a seat or two Nawaz Sharif will even give him one of his daughter in Nikkah. Just to make PML N strong family political league.

  • Yup, if Mush can guarantee NA seat from Chitral. Besides, all his close associates are already in N.

    Not to mention, NS himself was once a close associate of Mush and thats why Mush got his out of turn promotion. :p

  • I think PMLN is late

    Musharraf signals alliance with PTI

    By: INP | November 19, 2012 . 0

    NEW DELHI - Former President Pervez Musharraf has hinted at an alliance with Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), and refused a possible patch-up with PPP and Nawaz Sharif.

    “I don’t wish to work with those parties who have been tested by the people of Pakistan. The two parties have been tested time and again so an alliance with a fresh political force is on the cards,” he said in a interview to an Indian newspaper.

    He said that he has founded a party to contest general elections in Pakistan, “but few quarters don’t want it. They are putting hurdles in my return to Pakistan.”

    Musharraf said nuclear-armed India and Pakistan need to “bury the hatchet” and settle their differences to reduce poverty and ease tensions in the region.

    He said that Kashmir issue is “root cause of disputes”, which must be resolved as it provides fuel to extremism in his country.

    “It is high time we open our eyes to reality,” said Musharraf, who has lived in exile in Dubai and London since stepping down in 2008. “We need to bury the hatchet,”he added.

  • @ST

    You got yourself a stalker. Why is that?

    And answer to your question is

    Yes Ganj sharif will accept any one even Zardari if PPP kick him out.

  • Musharraf was a dictator and Shariff Bros. are the political offspring of another dictator Zia ul Haq. This is how both are related to dictatorship.

  • Where are PML-N Internet media team members to answer this simple question?

    Is Gen Mushrraf acceptable to PML-N?

  • Gen Musharaf a chronic failure like Yahya Khan, will not be allowed to join any party except by PML Q and MQM, these two parties are great beneficiary of Musharaf era .

  • Dictators kay bachay bari achi tarhan accommodate hotay hain PMLN main.

    Bright prospects for mushis off springs in politics ab sirf aik musharaf ka bacha baqi hay pir PMLN kay pass pura set mukamal hojay ga.

    PMLN keeps these generals insured, all they have to do is martial law in pakistan and there off spring will have a promising career in politics curtsey of shariff kingdom of punjab.

  • Where are PML-N Internet media team members to answer this simple question?

    Is Gen Mushrraf acceptable to PML-N?

    Obama wants you back in his lap.

  • @ nadaan

    Is Gen Mushrraf acceptable to PML-N?



    جناب ، ہم آج فورم پے ہی ہیں ، اس لیے گھبرائیں نہ آج ہم آپ کو آپ کے تمام سوالوں کے جواب دیگیں ..

    آپ کے سادہ سے سوال کا سادہ سا جواب "نہیں "

  • @ nadaan

    اب آپ پوچھیں گے "کیوں نہیں " باقی لوٹے جو مشرف کے ساتھ تھے وو تو آرہیں ہیں نون لیگ میں

    تو اس کا جواب ہے "جو واپس لیے جا رہیں ہیں وو نون لیگ ہی میں پہلے ہوتے تھے " اس لیے ان کو واپسی کی اجازت ہے لیکن کیوں کے مشرف پہلے نون لیگ میں نہیں تھا اس لیے نہیں لیا جا سکتا