Friendship With India Could Make Pakistan Safe and Strong.

  • As a student of politics and International Relations, I feel that friendly and cordial relations with India are in the best interest of Pakistan.

    Friendship with China and other neighboring countries could also help to boost Pakistan's economy.

    Pakistan and India have much common ground to get closer on economic, trade, culture, food, language, historical and literary fields.

    Both the countries could generate lot of wealth through Tourism.

    A large majority of people on both sides of the border wants to live like the USA and Canada without sacrificing the sovereignty.

  • There should be good relationships with India of course but not on the basis of religion, tradition or culture or language but because they and us being neighbors.

    But pakistan army will never let that happen.

  • Pakistans foriegn policy needs an overhaul, as every time our foriegn ploicy ended up with no dividend for Pakistaniz except something for the greedy ELITE.

    Both political & civil/military leaderships failed to deliver. This part of subcontinent was ued to feed the whole subcontinent & now even unable to feed themselves is just because of the greed in Islamabad.

    And the time for the greed of these wadairas, sarmayadars & civil/military beaurucracy is gonna be over. Globalization & innovation of technology & communication has resulted in a beneficial way.

    Street movement of lawyeres in the presence of strongest ever military dictator is just a hint of our bright future. Now even a common man knows whats the importance of supreme court's decisions at top level in their life, especially the missing person case, su moto notices to govt.

  • Pakistan and India can have good realtions ...

    but the problem is that

    india want to eat us up...

    if bigger fish have friendly ties with smaller fish than what will she eat ????

    @Dear Shiekh sahib,

    i disagree with u on the note that we shud live like US and Canada ...

    in that case soverignity of Pakistan definately got compromised....

    we shud have our lame and meak soverignity intact and trying to make it stronger.

    rather surrendering it ....

  • There are lot of wishes which should come true like...

    There should be justice in our country, law and order should be properly maintained.

    There should be no discrimination in education.

    There should be no corruptions

    There should be no dictatorship etc ........... there is a long list.

    But all of these are wishes which have nothing to do with the practical world, so my dear keep on wishing that we should have good FRIENDSHIP with india.

  • @JS

    strength and safty will not come from the frenship with india and ur not that simple.

    now u r delibrately provoking someone.

    u ask for respect because of ur age but thn u shuold deserve it also.

  • 1. To talk and wish about friendship with China, India, Afghanistan, Iran and other neighboring countries is needed to improve the economy of Pakistan.

    2. If someone is provoked by such a good productive and constructive reality, a fault lies with him not with the proposal.

    3. Did Pakistan loose its Sovereignty for having friendly relations with China?

    4. Did America lost its sovreignty for having relations with Canada or Japan?

    5. The immediate problem, Pakistan facing is economic depression. All other problems are the off shoots of economic bankruptcy.

    "muflasi bohat barda azaab hia"

  • let me put in Sahir's words

    Muflasi his-e-latafat ko mita daitee hay

    bhook aadaab kay sanchoun main nahee dhal saktee

    Any way i am all for great Indo Pak relations. Big clear example is europe. Almost every house there had a dead body not more than 50-60 years ago. Now they dont have boarders. If you travel around you will see we have come so far that you can identify who is pakistani and who is indian similar to an Austrian, German or Swiss although they all speak German but are different. So we need to grow up we have to make a south asian economic arrangement and see what benefit you can get from India and their ever growing economy. Look masters see what they are doin to world not what world is doing to them....and it all starts from thinking. I am sure people can write books like " A dummy's guide to get benefit out of india in a joint economy" so trust yourself first.

    You will watch indian movies, your families will live on indian dramas, you will wear indian dresses on weddings but will always oppose a relationship with India.

    Come on people world has gone so far...look at europe countries like Poland, Ukraine, Turkey and traditional europians like Greek, Portugese, Spanish, French, Italian, brits, Germans dont you read from History that they have all killed each other and governed each other if they can live in peace then why we have made our life hell...:)

  • @ Achoota,

    The emergence of such a knowledgeable scholar like you at the Forum is most welcome.

    By profession I am a Physician.

    Politics, literature and poetry are my urge what I achieve and satisfy from the contributions of persons like you.

    I wish your presence at the forum could help to keep this platform health, wealthy and wise.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you shikra jee. My pleasure. Will try my level best to contrbute as per my naaqis aqal.

  • @ J.S , i respect your views but here i dont agree with you. As India will never ever be our friend. You cannot trust them. When ever Pakistan tried to be friends with India, India betrayed Pakistan.

    You can have an example of exchanging the prisoners. Pakistan return their spy and in the result Pakistan got the DEAD BODIES OF OUR YOUNG CITIZENS. Other than that, there are soooo many Pakistani prisoners in India living their lives in a very bad shape without any reason.

    Another example: You can have an example of their movies, indains are the best upon manipulating the history, THEY MADE SOO MANY ANTI-PAKISTAN MOVIES EVEN DURING THIS FRIENDSHIP PERIOD. So JAVID BAHI, HOW CAN YOU CALL THEM OUR FRIEND? India is the nation which always played with the emotions of Pakistan. Any war they lost, in the movies they made their history, as they won it.

    Lets take an other example of living abroad, have you ever seen any Indian buying grocery from a Pakistani store or buying any Pakistani product?. But unfortunately our Pakistani brothers and sisters love WATCHING THEIR MOVIES AND BUYING INDIAN PRODUCTS.

    Have you ever disscussed the dignity of Pakistan with an indian muslim? I am having a very bitter experience of that. I met soo many indian muslims including people from different areas like gujrat, madras etc and found they hate Pakistan more than a hindu or sikh does. Infact, they are soo jealous with Pakistan (the Pakistan which was before Mushraf).

    The only people which i found better in Indians, is sikh girls, they are very caring and friendly though.

  • I dont understand why we consider India our enemy. We didnt take independence from India. Some people might argue it was independence 60 years but to me it was another GHULAMI.

    There is a group of people who doing their politics on Indian bashing. We need to come out of this indian Bashing Phobia and develop good relationship with our neighbours

  • Hate and jealousy will take us as a nation anywhere.

  • will not take us

  • @ latentry, There is no such thing of hatred or jealousy in Pakistani nation or talking about not to be friends with them. Its all about your defence and dignity. We are returning their spies back to them and in the return we are getting the DEAD BODIES of our inncocent citizens... How fair is it?

    Please think about the families of those people who got killed by indians after a horrible torture.

  • @ My dear Bilal647,

    I experienced the same feelings of prejudice and hatred against Pakistan and the Muslims, prevailing in certain Indians, particularly after 9/11.

    But it cannot be generalized. These are temporary phases of History.

    To some extent we have to justify such logical feeling of hatred due to three reasons:

    1. A long period of Muslim Rule over Hindustan, a living place of the Hindus.

    2. British Policy of Divide and Rule.

    3. Indo-Pak Wars on the Kashmir issue ( An issue, intentionally planted by the British Government in 1947 for certain unknown reasons.)

    Such prejudices exist in every society and state. In India itself, there is a race for dominance on the bases of regional, ethnic, linguistic and cultural prejudices.

    South Indians, Bengalis, Madrasis hesitate to accept the superiority of Central India.

    In Pakistan, I experienced the same feelings of hatred on the bases of religious, provincial, racial, local and muhajar differences. Still certain regions are dominated by the evil of Baradari-ism. We have to fight back and overcome an evil with the help of new ideology and direction.

    Hatred is a disease, what should be killed or controlled for the survival. of future generations.

    During the II World War, Americans, Japanese and Germans experience and passed through the same phase of history.

    There was a time when no product from China was allowed to cross through the American Borders.

    (Americans still hesitate to buy Cuban Cigars, the best in the world.)

    Now most of the Super Stores are stuffed with products Made in China.

    Japanese Autos and Electronics are # 1 sellers in America now. .

    Diplomatic wisdom wipes out all such negative feeling, where the economic needs dominate the scenario.

    Growing population and limited resources are pushing the whole World towards to a New World Order and Diplomatic Adjustments.

    Imagine how much wealth could be generated, just from Tourism, if Pakistan and India get closer to friendly and normal diplomatic relations?

  • Of course, friendship with india will make us "safe and strong" ....... WE WILL BECOME ANOTHER BHUTAN.....

  • Things would be much better for this region, if we manage to end the enimosity planted in the minds of people. No one is our enemy until we make them so.

    Their are extremists on the both sides, who really hate each other. But in my opinion they are only in minority but as every bad thing has great temptation, this view too is dominated over majority.

    If India is willing too befriend with us, none should have any problem. And we should always look forward to befriend our neighbours.

  • i dont think....

    strategic planners for south asia ,sitting in Washington...will ever let us do that.

  • If animosity with india is our fault, then how come india has uneasy relationships with all of its other neighbours including bangladesh, sri lanka, nepal and china? Or maybe thats Pakistan's fault too......